• Published 4th Jul 2012
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Cinnamon in a Silver Spoon - Catrlgirl

Two Ponies you wouldn't expect become friends and change. Who knew how they would help eachother.

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Boiling Point

The popular Canterlot club was loud and exciting... and nothing like Silver Spoon had seen before. It was also not exactly where she had been expecting to end up. The pair could hear the music before they even made it inside.

“Are you sure I should be here? I mean I don’t think....”

“Oh, hush, Hun,” Fleur de Lis said as she gracefully strutted right past the line of ponies waiting to get in. Silver Spoon looked a great deal older than she actually was courtesy of the very bold makeup Fleur had done emphasizing her features. She followed the older unicorn mare to the door where she blew a kiss at the big clydesdale earthpony stallion. “Remember me, Steel Shield?”

“Of course,” the black coated stallion said in a deep heavily accented voice. “Nopony could forget you.” Fleur de Lis laughed flicking her tail.

“Think you can do me and my friend here a solid? This is a really long line and we have to be home before sunrise you know.”

“Oh, really? I think I can help you ladies out,” he said. He unclipped the red velvet rope to the club. “Tell Lemon Twist I sent you.” There was a parade of annoyed groans. Fleur gave the big stallion a sweet nuzzle before pulling Silver Spoon into the club. The noise was deafening and it was hot and smelled like sweat.

“Come on this place has great drinks, Hun.” Silver Spoon was jostled by ponies in the crowd as they headed or the bar. “Hi, Lemon Twist, Steel Shield sent me and he told me to get two lemon drops.” The handsome bartender with the fiery red mane and very large powerful white wings smiled at the pair.

“Alright two on the VIP tab.”

“Extra lemon in one.”

“No problem, Beautiful. I love giving drinks to pretty fillies.” A delicate little glass filled with glowing yellow liquid floated in front of Silver Spoon’s nose. It had a perfect spear of lemon candy on the bottom. Fleur de Lis knocked back the shot with practiced ease, catching the candy to melt on her tongue.

“Try it, Silver, it’s so good.”

“I don’t want it. I…”

“Aww and here I was thinking you were the type of pony who knew how to have a good time, Silver Spoon.” Silver spoon flushed at the jibe and knocked back the drink. It tasted like slightly sour lemonade and she coughed after she swallowed it. The drink wasn't bad. She hadn't been expecting the bitter aftertaste of the alcohol though. She smiled a bit as Floor stamped her hoovesi n approval. “That a girl. You're a bit too precious for Ponyville, Silver Spoon. Another round, please, Lemon Twist.”

“Gimme’ a kiss, Beautiful, you know I deserve a tip. Maybe just for old times sake?” Fleur de Lis gladly leaned over the marble bartop to give Lemon Twist a rather steamy kiss. “Mmm,” he groaned. “I miss having you around, Fleur,” he said as he readily made the second round of tangy drinks. “No other pony in Canterlot is quite like you.”

“Make sure you say that when the tabloids show up asking about my night out.”
After the pair downed their second round of drinks Fleur de Lis led her friend towards the crowded dance floor. The drinks and the few minutes in the noisy club had left Silver Spoon slightly dazed. The music no longer made her head pound and she kind of liked it now.
A husky female voice reverberated on the speakers

“Drop your it like I'm about to drop this beat.” There was a brutal shift in the music as the bass dropped and the overbeat went quiet.” The voice sounded vaguely familiar to Silver Spoon as Fleur de Lis grabbed her, hoisting her up to stand on her back hooves to dance.

“Loosen up, Hun, just move with the music. With me.” Silver Spoon awkwardly swayed with her friend her balance wasn't very good on two hooves and the music was fast and hard for her to move to. But Fleur de Lis was there pulling her body smoothly, keeping her in beat with the thumping rhythm. She laughed as she shimmied and gyrated with her friend to the music. Hooves stamped as the long song ended and the DJs husky smoky laugh rang out. The lights flashed and a panel moved revealing the clear plexiglass enclosure of the DJ booth.

“I see I need to turn up the bass.” Smoke drifted from the cigarette in the DJ’s mouth and her shades reflected the dizzying light, changing colors as another song began. She bobbed her electric blue maned head as the music shifted again. This time a stallion tapped Fleur de Lis on the shoulder with a big hoof.

“Can I cut in?”

“Hmm?” The unicorn gave the stallion an apprising look and nodded stepping away from her friend. “Yes, I’d love to dance with you.” Silver Spoon took the chance to sneak away to rest in a corner while Fleur got close to her new friend. After a while she relaxed and enjoyed the music and a server even brought her another drink this time with a little snack bowl too. When Fleur came back the stallion leaning against her she said, “You all tired out, hmm?”

“Kind of,” Silver Spoon admitted. “This was kind of fun though. I really like them usic she came and played in POnyville a while back.”

“Let’s get you home, Hun.” Fleur de Lis let her magic flow over her long elegant horn and it fluttered in sprinkles over Silver Spoon. “I'll see you tomorrow.” Silver Spoon was shifted and the next thing she knew she was sanding in her room again. Her clock said four in the morning. She yawned and collapsed on her bed with her clothes and makeup still on. She woke up groggy, irritable, and with a horrible headache as somepony knocked on her bedroom door.

“Silver Spoon,” Twist said coming in cautiously. “Are you okay? We were…” Twist eyed the barely awake young mare. “You’re sleeping in your clothes?”

“Ughhhhh, Yeah. Just sort of collapsed a little when I got back in last night. Guess I didn't even bother taking the dress or shoes off. This dress will need to go to the laundry,” she said a little testily.

“Where did you go? You've got makeup all over your pillows and blankets.” Silver Spoon pulled the soiled blankets tighter to her body.

“I went out with Fleur,” Silver Spoon said looking at her sweetheart from under the covers with bleary eyes. “It was different. She teleported is to this club in Canterlot. I had fun. I asked if she wanted you and the others but she said she wanted it to just be me and her.”

“You what? Do you know how much trouble you could have gotten into? What if someone had carded you? What if something had happened?”

“It was fine. No one knows me and it was pretty dark in the club.” Silver Spoon yawned and crawled out of her bed. She kicked off the hoof shoes. “What are you even doing here this early, Twist?” The pretty silver filly straightened her crooked glasses, which she had also worn to bed. Twist hated to admit it but it hurt her when Silver Spoon didn't call her sweetheart.

“Early,” she said ignoring the stab to her heart. “I’m not early. You were late; so late in fact that the girls sent me to find you. Remember you were supposed to meet us in the park with your uppity friend this morning. It's almost noon. We waited over an hour.”

“Uppity? She’s not uppity! Fleur is really sweet and exciting. She took me out and we had fun. I've never done anything like that. Actually,” Silver Spoon said after a moment. I don't think she’d want to come hang out at the park with us anyway. When she sent me home she was all nuzzled up with a colt. Well a stallion he looked a bit older.”

“So she ditched you? Let me get this straight, she hit on your very special some pony, took you out somewhere without your dad's permission you aren’t even legally allowed to go, left you to go rut with a stallion she just met, but yeah she's too good to hang out with us?”

“I never said that! I said she probably wouldn't want to. Look, I'm sorry I overslept and,” then suddenly Silver Spoon stopped. “You know what,” she said in her most acidic snide tone. “No I’m not. You think you’re so perfect and friendly and lovable but you aren't. You’re just petty and jealous that I have a friend who is more exciting, fun, and prettier than yours. You can’t stand that I’m friends with Fleur de Lis. You’ve never liked anyone I’ve liked. I get that Diamond Tiara was about as good a friend as the back end of a cow but, you couldn’t approve of one pony I liked?”

“They were all money grubbing brown nosers.”

“THEY WERE NICE TO ME!! And now I’m sure you made up what you said about Fleur hitting on you. She was only interested in stallions last night and she never even mentioned you. So stop flattering yourself. You just don’t like her because she likes me and doesn't like you!” Silver Spoon gave a throaty falsetto laugh that sounded crooked. “Well I’m going to need you to get over yourself, Twist. You aren't perfect and not everypony is going to be tripping over themselves for you, Sweetheart. In fact without me you’d be a bucktoothed dork who couldn't even brush her own mane and coat and no way someone like Fleur would ever look at you.”

“I shouldn’t have worried about you. I’m sorry you think so poorly of me and my friends. I never should have tried to be friends or anything more with you at all. You belong with ponies like her and Diamond Tiara. I hope you have fun having fake friends who backstab you and don’t care about you!! Go have fun with Fleur de Lis.” Twist stalked off slamming Silver Spoon’s door behind her. As she ran out past Filigree the hot tears stained her face and she could barely breathe from the heartache.

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