• Published 4th Jul 2012
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Cinnamon in a Silver Spoon - Catrlgirl

Two Ponies you wouldn't expect become friends and change. Who knew how they would help eachother.

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Party! party?

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should all start making sense soon.

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Twist looked down at her friend nervously. The little yellow earthpony’s mouth hung open in shock still from the sight of her new cutie mark. “That doeshn’t mean we can’t shtill go to the party together,” Twist said to Applebloom. “You’re shtill gonna’ go to the party, aren’t you?”

“Of course she will,” Diamond Tiara said. Twist saw her friend flush in shame at the sneering tone of the pink earth pony passing by.

“It’s not, like, being the only pony there without a cutie mark would be, like,” Silver Spoon paused and stared directly at Applebloom with a little curved smile. “The most embarrassing thing ever.” Both of them went on their way laughing as Applebloom ran from Twist’s doorstep. Twist almost ran after her friend but she had a batch of lollipops she had to finish and she didn’t really know what to say anyway. She never did. Twist snorted, scuffing her hoof in the dirt before she went back in to tend to her candy mixture. Why did Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara have to be so mean? How did they get such pretty cutie marks but act so ugly? What was it that made them special? She carefully pulled her wooden spoon out of the still hot sticky sugar mixture in the metal bowl with her mouth. The wax paper was already ready and so were the sticks. They couldn’t be ugly on the inside, could they? Especially when so pretty outside.

“Why are you making so many of the lollipops, dear,” Twist heard he mother ask. The pretty smiling mare grabbed a spoon from a drawer and started spreading the sugar mixture around over the sticks. Twist wish she was that deft with her hooves as her mom. She would be one day, maybe, but she doubted it. She was clumsy. Her legs were too long and she was always tripping.

“I want to share them at Diamond Tiara’s cutesheañera .” Twist spread more of the mixture over another plastic stick. These were one of her favorite treats to make. They always made a pony feel special. They made ever little filly and colt she knew smile. Maybe they would help Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Maybe they just needed to get to know other ponies. If you didn’t know any different you wouldn’t act any different. Like the candy. If she only made chocolate she’d never have learned to make cinnamon twists. If she only made cinnamon twists she wouldn’t be making lollipops right now.

“Oh aren’t you a sweetheart, Twist. I’m sure these will make everypony at the party very happy.”
Her mom was right. She wasn’t nice when she wasn’t happy. When she was sad, lonely, or angry, she wasn’t nice. She didn’t have a good time making friends when she was unhappy. Maybe that was the problem they weren’t happy.

“Mama you think I can make friendsh with somepony if I make them happy?”

“Oh, that is a good place to start. If you make them happy it makes them happy to be around you.”
The lollipops cooled, sparkling on the wax paper. They would be perfect to make Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon happy. That might make them happier and maybe they could be friends then. And maybe then they would stop bothering Applebloom.
The music was loud and happy several ponies were dancing under the colorful lights strung up in Sugar Cube Corner.

“Oh, Diamond, this party is amazing,” Silver spoon said. The pale silver filly took a sip of the sweet punch, careful not to spill it on her dress. Silver Spoon swayed with her best friend as more and more and more ponies came in. She looked amazing in the gown. It was wonderful, especially since it came from the chintzy Carousel Boutique. The presents piled up on the table when Diamond nudged her with her nose. “Look over there; can you believe she dared to show up? And look at what she’s wearing.” Diamond laughed haughtily as Apple Bloom darted behind a decorative pillar. Twist came in, carrying the bag of homemade lollipops in a saddlebag. She smiled as she saw ponies dancing. She placed the bag of candy on the table loaded with presents. The candy was going to be perfect. She hoped it made everypony smile. When she turned towards the punch bowl she saw, Applebloom cowering in a corner and Diamond Tiara holding the sheet Applebloom had been wearing in her mouth. She spat it out and laughed. “Blank flank. I knew she was lying. She’s not special at all.”

“And what’s wrong with being a blank flank,” A young pegasus filly, asked. Her coat was burnt orange and she had a purple mane. Her wings fluttered in irritation. “She’s plenty special.”

“Yeah,” a young unicorn filly said. “It means we were full of potential. There’s no telling what we could be.” She snorted angrily making her split color mane flutter around her horn. The orange pegasus filly lent Applebloom a hoof up and smiled.

“They’re right,” Applebloom said. She narrowed her eyes with her friends behind her. “We’re not stuck being snotty, stuck up, jerks like you.” The sound of clattering hooves rose from all the other ponies in salute and Applejack ran to give her little sister a hug.

“I’m so proud of you, sugarcube. And you made some great new friends. I told ya’ these things have a way of working themselves out.”
After that minor scandal the party went great. The guest of honor and her best friends ran off and Pinky Pie kept the party lively. Twist got to dance with Applebloom and her new friends Scootaloo and Sweetie Bell. They were super funny and sweet .Scoots did tricks on her scooter and had the sleek machine taken by Mrs. Cake. Sugar Cube Corner apparently was not open for trick riding on the counters. Scoots sat down at a table to mope and Applebloom and Sweetie Bell Joined them. Twist decided to hit the snack table again. As she grabbed a cupcake and some fresh sliced carrots she glanced up and saw Diamond Tiara push Silver Spoon away, knocking the filly down. Diamond stalked out of view and Twist chewed her lower lip, holding her plate balanced on a hoof. Placing the plate on her back Twist headed out the door to the crying filly outside.

“Are you okay, Shilver Shpoon?”

“You? What do you care, freak? I’m fine,” the bespectacled silver pony said wiping her eyes. Her main had fallen out of its fancy curls. There was dirt on her sparkly dress.

“You don’t look fine.”

“Leave me alone,” Silver Spoon hissed. She carefully adjusted herself. Then she caught a glimpse of herself in the window reflection. I can’t be seen like this. I can’t be seen with you.” Twist stamped her hoof, Knocking her plate off her back clumsily.

“WHY ARE YOU SHO MEAN!? I’m trying ot help me.”

“Sorry I ‘m not into dealing with unpopular, idiotic, dweebs. I Just lost my best friend ever and I don’t know if she’ll ever speak to me again. I should have stood up for her.”

“Why would you shtand up for a bully? You’re not as mean as Diamond Tiara,why would you want to be?” Silver spoon looked at the ground.

“I don’t want to lose my friend. You wouldn’t know what that’s like. You don’t have friends.”

“Shilly, I have friendsh. I have Applebloon. Shweetiebell and Scootallo are cool too. I have Cherrybomb and hish brother. If you want shome friends you can’t be mean like thish. You can’t be a bully.” Twist smiled brightly, reaching out to straighten Silver Spoons crooked glasses. “Do you want to be my friend Shilver Spoon?”
Tears welled up in Silver Spoon’s pale eyes and she sighed.

“I’m a freak now anyway. I’ll never have decent friends again anyway.”

“Don’t be like that, Shilver I’m a deshent friend. And you can be one too. Would you like to come to my housh tomorrow to make schweets. It’s a lot of fun.” The silver pony gave a weak awkward nod. Maybe she’d manage to be cool with Diamond again soon and could drop the dweeb.

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