• Published 4th Jul 2012
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Cinnamon in a Silver Spoon - Catrlgirl

Two Ponies you wouldn't expect become friends and change. Who knew how they would help eachother.

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New week New friends

Thank you for all comments and Favorites. It means a lot. I know the story is slow going but it will start picking up next chapter. And the chapters will begin getting longer as there is more to cover for the character development. And thank you for all the likes and views.

Misstress Catrlgirl.

Silver Spoon lifted her head haughtily and tossed back the long braid she had styled her white silver mane into.

‘You can do this. Everyone loves you. It was just a spat. She had all weekend to get over it.’ After that soothing and bracing thought Silver entered the schoolhouse and heard the chatter cease. She made her way up the rows. She smiled at Diamond Tiara.

“Hi, Diamond, how was the rest of your weekend?”
The pink filly snorted and cut her eyes sideways at Silver Spoon. The other three young ponies, Amber Berry, Opulence, and Firewing, just laughed at her.

“Come on everypony,” Diamond said. “Let’s go be in … more acceptable company. Leave the loser to take up somepony else’s space.” Diamond led her trio of laughing friends away and Silver Spoon stood agape in shock. None of her friends were talking to her. Her best friend had just laughed in her face and walked away. She sat at her desk quietly moping. She guessed it didn’t matter if she moped since she was nopony now. She didn’t have to worry about looking happy and perfect all the time.

“Good Morning, Shilver Shpoon,” Twist said, placing her saddle bag on the back of her desk chair in front on Silver Spoon. “How are you?” Silver Spoon sighed, narrowing her eyes behind her glasses. She just dropped her head onto her desk as Twist stared with a quiet smile.

“Fine,” the filly said sarcastically. “Just perfect.”

“I know shomething ish wrong with you, what ish it? Maybe I can help.”

“My best friend just laughed in my face! Ditched me!! Took all my other friends with her and left me here!!! And,” Silver Spoon said pausing to catch her breath with the force of her yelling. “Worst of all I’m stuck sitting here by myself talking to a nopony like you!!”
Twist looked down sadly and opened her saddlebags. She reached in a pulled out a piece of candy wrapped in clear plastic and tied with a silver ribbon.

“I’m shorry, I Should have known you’d be upshet. Don’t worry,” Twist said handing the little package to the angry Silver Spoon. “You have me. And there are lotsh of ponies who want friends.” In the package was a small crystal spoon with silver and purple sprinkles along the handle. “I made ith with a mold and shprinklesh. It’s jusht like your cutie mark. I hope it makesh you feel better. I want to be friends. ”
Silver Spoon blushed, placing the delicate package on her desk carefully with a hoof. Diamond Tiara had never done anything like that for her. Opulence and Firewing had never been so nice to her.

“Thank You,” Silver Spoon said. It was hard. She wasn’t used to thanking anypony. She was used to taking and having things given her because of who she was. She wasn’t sure if she liked it. “What is it made out of? It’s so pretty.”

“I made it out of shugar Shyrup. My momma helped me. I wanted to make it shpecial, to celebrate a new friend. And I wanted it to be pretty like you.”

“What in tarnation are you doing with her,” said the signature drawl of Applebloom. “Are you messin’ with Twist again, Silver Spoon?”

“No, Applebloom. She’s my friend.”

“Really? Silver Spoon? Sworn Enemy? Name calling jerk and tormenter is your friend?”
Scootaloo grinned from behind Applebloom and said, “I guess your special talent isn’t acting. You should see the look on your face.” She wiped an eye in mock tears.
Silver Spoon glowered at Applebloom and the other two young fillies.

“Don’t be mean, Twist said. “Give her a chance. She’sh trying.” Twist smiled and the other three fillies grudgingly agreed to give her a chance.

“Okay,” Scootaloo said. “She was never as bad as Diamond Tiara anyway.”

“Yeah, I guess,,” Applebloom replied, cutting her eyes suspiciously at the grey and silver filly. “But, Imma be watchin’ you real close.”
Silver spoon rolled her eyes but said nothing. And Twist had to admit even that was an improvement. A step in the right direction.

“See, Shilver Shpoon, you have friends now.”
Class was uneventful. Silver Spoon ignored the snickering and snide remarks of the fillies and colts that had been her friends last week. It was certainly not fun having to hear it. It hurt and she did not like being hurt. Applebbloom and Sweetie Bell talked in rushed whispers … plans about some kind of crusade from the snatches of conversation she heard. It didn’t interest her much. Twist was listening attentively to Scootaloo rave about Rainbow Dash.

“I swear she is only the most awesome, Pegasus to ever flap a wing,” Scootaloo said. “I bet she is unstoppable in the best young flyers competition.”

“Isn’t she friendsh with Missh Rarity?”

“The Prissy Unicorn? Yeah, but she’s not as cool as the one and Only Rainbow Dash. I keep hoping she’ll notice me. When I finally learn to fly I’ll be right beside her.” Twist laughed at the dreamy swoony expression on Scootaloo’s face.

“You shure are inspresshed with Rainbow Dash. I like Mish Rarity better. She’sh shuper nice. And she’s pretty. I love the dresshes she makes.”

“Why do you talk like that?” Silver Spoon pushed her question into a break in their conversation. “You sound like you’re spitting all the time. You messed up or something?” Twist blushed. She was so embarrassed about it but you had to be honest with your friends.

“No, I’m not meshed up.” Twist opened her mouth wide, glancing carefully up at Ms. Cheerilee. They were lucky she was busy focusing on explaining the history of the Age of Discord. “I got thish. It’s a retainer.” There a curling piece of metal behind her teeth. “It’s hard to talk with it. I got it to fix my teeth. I know it makesh me shound funny.”

“Will it be there forever,” Silver Spoon asked. Scootaloo looked intrigued at the metal implant in Twist’s mouth.
“No. I’ll only have it for another few weeks.” Twist had to put a lot of effort into speaking to keep from lisping. But she had managed it that time. She hoped it didn’t make her friends not like her.

“I didn’t know. I’m glad it fixed your teeth,” Silver Spoon said.

“Did it hurt,” Scootaloo asked. “I bet it hurt a lot.”

“It hurt a liddle. Not musch.”
The bell rang at the end of the class day and Twist and her friends filed out. Silver Spoon stamped her hooves when Firewing brushed past her huffing and slapping her side with a wing. She glared at the bright red Pegasus as he shot up into the sky most likely headed for home.

“He’s such a jerk,” Scootaloo, hissed angrily as she stared up at Firewing. “He thinks he’s so hot.”

“Yeah, don’t mind him, Silver Spoon,” Sweetie Bell said. Then the little white Unicorn filly blinked in sudden realization. “Want to come and hang out at my place. My big sister and I live at the carousel boutique.” That actually sounded interesting to Silver Spoon. She loved shopping.

“You’re big Shishter ish Rarity?” Twist’s eyes widened in absolute shock. She was nearly vibrating with excitement.

“Yes, I bet she’s let us play dress up and do makeovers. It’ll be fun.”
Twist and Silver Spoon nodded in agreement. Scootaloo shrugged but decided to go anyway since she had nothing better to do. The adventure was on.

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