• Published 4th Jul 2012
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Cinnamon in a Silver Spoon - Catrlgirl

Two Ponies you wouldn't expect become friends and change. Who knew how they would help eachother.

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End of an Era

So sorry the update is late. A little something got in the way on update day and it slipped my mind. But don't worry. Next one should be write on time and you'll be surprised by the changes in out favorite group of Pony friends. I'd like to thank all the people who liked and commented on this story. It means a lot considering this is my first work on this site.


The park was alive with laughter. Pinkie smiled at her work. It was a lot more than Scoots and her family could afford but she didn't mind. This was for a friend. Twilight had readily agreed to help and had no problem setting things up with her magic. The purple unicorn had spent the better part of last night transforming the park . And Rainbow Dash had taken no convincing at all.

“Psah, Pinkie you know I'll do it for my biggest fam.” She had said.

There was a huge banner hanging from the trees with a picture of the guest of honor and congratulations. The Ponyville central park had been completely transformed into a skatepark with ramps a drop bowl and numerous grind rails. The cake was three tiers and had a miniature of Scotaloo's Cutie Mark as the centerpiece. Nopony needed to know that she wasn't charging for the catering. The Cakes had been happy to do this one Pro Bono for such a sweet filly. Even if she did have a tendency to ride her scooter in their store. It wasn't long until the event started to swing. Ponies being drawn to the sound of the music and the smell of food in the park. And then right when everyone was getting settled and the party was ready to begin in earnest the guest of honor arrived with her best friends who had been busy keeping her busy until it was time for her grand entrance. The orange Pegasus' mouth hung open in shock as all the party guests cheered.

“Oki Dokie Dashie!” Pinkie Pie said into the blue pegasus' ear. With a flick of her multi-colored tail Rainbow Dash leapt into the air. Then in a blazing arc of color Rainbow split the sky with a dazing explosion of her rainboom above the banners. It had the sound of a thunderclap and applause rang out. Scootaloo nearly fainted when her idol touched down right in front of her tossing her mane.

“Congrats, Pipsqueak.” Rainbow gave her biggest fan a hug as the colors faded from the sky and the music piped up.

“Oh sweet Celestia... Did you see that?" Scootaloo squealed holding her present from Rainbow Dash. It was a signed plushie of the pegasus in a Wonderbolts uniform. The same one Dash had been denying having for years.
“She did a sonic rainboom right over the banners and then she landed in a knife edge dive right in front of us. GAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH”

"Course we saw it." Applebloom said rollign her eyes.

"We also heard it the first three times you told us about it, Scoots.”

“And how did a stupid little runt like you get that? An aerial stunt for a chump like you? How insulting? A sky performance for a pegasus who can't even fly.” Diamond Tiara was seething in an unnatural rage as she spat her rude insults at Scootaloo.

“You know what, Diamond Tiara, shut up!! I am sick of this.” The Orange filly shoved her pink enemy down knocking the annoying little crown she always wore askew on her head. “You are not ruining this or me. I am happy and you are not messing up my party with your nasty comments. You are going to leave before I buck you in the teeth and stamp a thundercloud on your fat flank.”
However the argument, and the party itself were stopped by sudden darkness over the park causing everypony to look up. Where written in the clouds was Scootaloo's name. A pair of Pegasi came arching over the tailored clouds and then they dove to the ground near the grind rails where Scootaloo was about to slam her hoof into Diamond Tiara's snobby nose.

Diamond Tiara breathed a sigh or relief and stuck her pretty little nose in the air and rolled her eyes. She could have had that. Her Daddy could have paid a couple of local pegasi to give her cloud writing. Her clash with the bully forgotten as Scootaloo was presented with a skateboard. Scoots crushed her parents in a hug and galloped towards the sidewalk where a couple of other little Ponies were skating. Scootaloo's parent's were glad to be a cause of joy for their little filly. Honestly their jobs kept them so busy. It wasn't easy being one of the four cardinal winds for any town. Her mother was the South Wind for Ponyville, a very hectic position that forced her to keep winging it between Ponyville and Canterlot before hitting her route. Her father was East Wind for nearby Cloudsdale and though he didn't have to travel as much he was gone two weeks out a month to the north to check on Wild Clouds. Scoots was so enamored by her skateboard she completely ignored the pile of other gifts by the cake. That was until she face planted with her new skateboard. That was the moment her mother decided to pull her away and take her to open gifts. It was also right before Pinkie Pie pulled a nervous and sweating Sweetie Belle to the side.

“You ready? I need you to make this super, extra, hyper, fantabulously special. It's a present for your bestest friend isn't it? ”
Sweetie Belle swallowed the lump in her throat and nodded as Pinkie pointed her towards the makesift stage. The little unicorn was nervous as all eyes turned towards her. But this was for her friend. Scoots was stamping the ground in support as where majority of the other party goers. She wanted to make them all happy. She wanted her voice to carry and lift the spirits and she wanted to make this the best day of her friend's life. The music changed and she took the little microphone in her pale magical aura.

“I got a secret.....

But everypony knows it...

I tried but I just can't seem to hide it

Been a long week I can't wait to unwind


Grind... grind … grind

I hit the rails

Wind whips my tails...

Tricks blow your mind

Shut up and grind grind grind
Sweetie Belle instinctively moved with the music her voice perfect and clear rocking the lyrics. Her friends cheered and from the makeshift stage she saw Silver Spoon and Twist dancing to the music being pumped in by speakers. She felt right, happy, energized as her song finished and she struck a pose breathing hard. The crowd rang out in squeals of Congratulations and I'm so happy for you's. Some ponies laughed at the irony of Sweetie earning her Cutie Mark at a Cuteceañera. Her Cutie Mark was a golden bell with heart shaped musical note for the ringer.

“I hope you don't mind sharing you're party,” Scootaloo,” Twist said as she joined the giant group hug of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
Carefully the orange filly pushed off keeping her balance on the skateboard. Her wings buzzed pushign her faster down the sidewalk towards a grind rail while her mother and father cheered from a nearby table with some old friends.

“I told you look at them,” Sweetie Belle said grinning as she cocked her head towards the speakers where several ponies, Pinkie Pie included, were still dancing.
Silver Spoon was twirling Twist around on her awkwardly long and gangling back legs.

“I reckon I jus' can't see it.”

“Really? Are you blind? She'd be just her type. Like my big sister. Pretty, stylish all dainty.”

“Well, I don't see Twist dancing with you, Sweetie Belle, you're just as pretty and a whole heap nicer than Silver Spoon. I mean look'it what happened with Diamond Tiara.”

“It doesn't work like that. You'd know if you'd ever liked anypony.”

“Well do you like anypony, Ms. Bell on yer butt?”

“No,” Sweetie Belle admitted. “But I've liked somepony before and that isn't how it works, Applebloom. I think Silver Spoon is Twist's very special somepony.”

“You know you could totally just ask. Just go and ask, Twist uhm, I reckon you an' Silver Spoon are getting close and I was wondering if she was your very special somepony.”

“WHAT? You can't just ask it's uhm nosy and impolite.”
Applebloom just gave her friend a crossways look before rolling her eyes and heading to the dessert table.

“I swear as stupid as that just sounded I'm surprised you got your Cutie Mark first.”
The park was quiet and Twist was wobbling down the sidewalk in her skates while Sweetie Belle and Silver Spoon giggled.

"It's not funny,” Twist said huffily. “I'm trying. I really am." She was slowly inching down the concrete barely managing not to fall in the skates.

The hammer fell with a deft strike as Applebloom added another timber to the ramp. It had been easy to get the scrap wood as the grown ups had been breaking down the party.

"Really? This is what you want me to do Scootaloo? I mean I don't mind it but why."

"It's still my Cuteneañera, don't you want to make me happy? Don't you want to be proud of something you built that helps a lot of ponies?”

"Well course I do. That's why I built the treehouse. I wanted to help my friends and make mah big sister proud of me. Her an' Big Mac used to play there when they were little and it made me sad to see it all beat up an' broken. I was happy when AJ told me it had never looked better. It was special. It made me feel special for doin' it." Applebloom smiled as she nailed in another plank of the sturdy smooth wood. "This makes me feel special too. I mean it makes me feel good to be doin' something special for you on your special day." The little yellow filly didn't even notice when it happened. She just gave her friend a sideways glance when she started laughing hysterically,

"It's your special day too," scoots said between her deep belly shaking laughs. "guys come look. Check out Applebloom."

"What? What is it?" The littlest apple pony twirled futilely trying I look at her own flank. "I got it?"

"Yeah," scoots replied as they were joined by Twist who was being pulled along by sweetie belle and Silver Spoon in her skates. “Check out who else tried to steal my spotlight."

"I'm so happy for you Applebloom. You got a great Cutie Mark Applebloom," Twist said smiling. The mark Applebloom was still trying to see on her flank was a hammer and nail with a shiny pink apple on the handle. And no one questioned it when this time Silver Spoon was a part of the massive hug as the Cutie Mark Crusade came to an end.

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