• Published 4th Jul 2012
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Cinnamon in a Silver Spoon - Catrlgirl

Two Ponies you wouldn't expect become friends and change. Who knew how they would help eachother.

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Cutie Mark

Twist was comfortably in her seat facing her classmates. Well one in particular. A philly one row back and one seat to the right. She watched her chatting amiably with her friend across Applebloom . She was so beautiful with her mane braided that way. However her moment was broken when Cheerilee called the class to attention.

“Alright my little ponies. Quiet down. We have a very important lesson to cover today. Cutie marks.” Twist turned around straightening her purple glasses. “You can all see my cutie mark, can’t you? The flowers represent my desire to see my little ponies bloom if I nurture them with knowledge. The smiles symbolize the cheer I hope to give my students while they’re learning.”
Twist looked to her side and behind her at all the different cutie marks. And then she looked at her. What did her cutie mark mean? A silver spoon. It was something precious, and it served a purpose. But if it wasn’t cared for or in a good environment it would tarnish. Silver spoons need polishing. “Can anyone tell me when a pony gets his or her cutie mark?”

Twist raised her hoof waving it about in the front row. Cheerilee nodded at her and the redheaded philly replied.

“When she dithcovers what makeths her thpecial.”
A few classmates snickered at the way her lisp exaggerated her words.
Silver spoon was special. Well they all were special. Cupid next to her got his cutie mark of a bow and heart arrow from helping his older sister find true love. He loved spreading love and happiness. Cheerilee was special because she wanted everyone to be their best and to bloom. Spinner was special because of her talent for ribbon dancing. Twist had to find out what made her special.

“APPLEBLOOM!! Are you passing a note? What could be so important that it could not wait until after class? Oh, it’s blank."

“Remind you of anypony,” Diamond Tiara said causing the phillies and the colts to laugh at Applebloom. The little redheaded yellow earth pony flushed and attempted to hide under her desk in shame. It was a relief when the bell rang. Swinging her saddlebag over her rump Applebloom slunk out of the classroom along with Twist. The bespecktacled philly nuzzled her friend.

“Want some sweets?" She asked trying to cheer up the long faced little philly. "I have some peppermint sticks." She bounced slightly in cheer. "I made them myself."

"Nah," Apple bloom said scuffing her hoof in the dirt.

"Aw come on, it'll make you smile." Twist lit up with a huge smile. She hated seeing anypony sad. She wanted to spread sweetness and joy to all of her friends. And Twist had never seen anypony stay sad when eating one of her homemade treats. Applebloom left fuming after their second run in with Silver spoon and Diamond Tiara. Twist could totally understand why her friend was so upset. She waved goodbye, managing to catch herself when she nearly tripped over a root balancing on her back legs. Then twist took off after shoving a sweet cinnamon peppermint stick into her mouth. Running across the streets of Ponyville Twist headed to the park. She had some time to kill before her mother got home from the market. That was when she saw her swinging her legs on a bench in the park.
'I thought she was with Diamond Tiara?' Carefully twist followed the park path up to her classmate and said, "Hello, Silver Spoon."
"You?" The silver philly sneered over the top of her purple stylish glasses. "What do you want?"
“Are you okay? I never sthhee you here after thhcool,” Twist said her lisp made even worse because of the candy in her mouth.

"What do you care, blank-flank? It's none of your business what I do."

“I’m sthorry. I come here every day to pass out candy." Twist moved past the bench and went about her business. “Good Afternoon, Msth. Bon Bon," Twist said bouncing up to the older mare with the two tone mane. "How are you today?"

“Oh I'm fine Twist, dear. Thank you. Just on my way to the market to pick up some things.”

"Would you like a pieth of candy? I made it myself."

"Oh how sweet of you dear. I'd love one." Bon Bon waved her hooves in the air and yelled, Oh Heartstrings, Heartstings, come here. Twist made some wonderful candy.”

“Would you like a pieth too?” The two mares smiled taking the candy before heading towards the market across the park.

"If this candy is so good, why would you give it away," Silver spoon asked from behind her. "You should sell it if it's worth anything. That's what my family does."

"I don't want to sell it, Thilver Sthpoon. I want to make people happy. Do a good deed." Twist handed a piece to a little colt and his father as they passed by, earning herself a ruffle on the head and a hug from the little one. Silver spoon watched in silence as Twist gave the candy to the passing ponies going about their business while she waited for her mother. Then with a sad smile she shook her head. "Sthorry, Cherrybomb, I don't have anymore.”

“It's okay, Twist.”

“Twist, honey, come along. We have to hurry home, your father is waiting.”

“Momma!!" Twist reached into her saddle bag absently and handed one final piece of the homemade candy to silver spoon. “I hope it makes you sthmile,” she said before dashing of home. When Twist caught up with her mother across the park the older mare gasped. The pretty blue and white mare beamed with pride.

“Congratulations, Twist,” she said nuzzling her daughter. “I’m so proud of you.”

“Hmm? Whad is it mama?”

“Look, baby,” she said. “You got you’re cutie mark.” Twist looked down at the two candy canes that formed a heart shape on her flank. The little Philly leapt with joy.

“Schweet!!!” her mother hurried her along towards their home.

“Oh, wait until your father sees it. He’ll be so proud of you for finding out what makes you special.”


Silver spoon sat in the park sucking on the candy cane as she kicked her lower hooves on the bench. Then her friend finally came back.

“I’m so sorry, I had to ditch you like that,” she said. “I can’t have anyone knowing about my dress before my totally awesome cuteceañera.”

“I understand, Diamond Tiara. I bet you’re going to be the prettiest thing outside of canterlot.”

“Oh you know it,” Diamond Tiara replied. “Where’d you get that candy?” The little philly with the lavender glasses blinked.

“Oh, just picked it up from a random vendor. You know.” It tasted quite good. Silver Spoon smiled as she followed her friend.

“We’re going to have so much fun tonight at my house,” Diamond tiara said. “I have a totally great idea for your main, Silverspoon.”


“Totally,” Diamond Tiara said. “It’s all the rage in Manehattan. A twisted updo Pretty curls. Come on.” Diamond held up her hooves and Silver Spoon smashed her into them. Bum Bum. A quick elbow touch. “Sugarlump. Rump.” Both of them laughed as their bottoms bumped on the way to the lovely dual level cottage style home that belonged to Diamond Tiara and her family. After that last bite of candy Silver spoon was following her best friend into her house.

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