• Published 4th Jul 2012
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Cinnamon in a Silver Spoon - Catrlgirl

Two Ponies you wouldn't expect become friends and change. Who knew how they would help eachother.

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A lot had Changed in the three summers since the Cutie Mark Crusaders had earned their Cutie Marks. The town had grown expanding northward.. A sleek modern weather tower had been built in the town square. Pinkie Pie and the cakes had expanded the Sugar Cube Corner from the bakery to a full on Cafe and dessert buffet. And one of the greatest changes in Ponyville was to the young mares themselves.

"Scoots," Sweetie Belle yelled towards the sky. “You're back!”

"Hey, Sweetie!" Scootaloo turned in a steep arch and took a graceful dive to flutter down to her friend. Scoots was still small for and skinny for her age but most Pegasi were on the lean side, it was far more obvious next to the more filled frame of her singing friend. Sweetie Belle was also tending towards the tall and elegant side unlike her Older Sister who was a more classic petite beauty.

"So how was the trip with your folks?"

"Exhausting. I know why they left me behind for so long now. We were really cutting clouds. But I got to see so many places. "Daddy even let me play a couple of the games in Las Pegasus."

"And where did you get you're ear done?" The young orange pegasus grinned. The sleek titanium industrial bar flicked along with her right ear.

"Oh, I got it in...Was it in Hoofington? Or was it in Canterlot? I think it was Hoofington. While dad was doing his thing and checking cloud drift or whatever me and mom went around town and I got my ear done. The whole thing is kind of a blur we never stayed more tan a day or two anyplace.”

"I think it looks pretty cool. I was thinking about getting my ears pierced. You know but needles.”

“You're such a wimp Sweetie Belle. My industrial didn't hurt that bad.”

"Yeah,” Sweetie Belle said snorting in a fashion that would have made her older sister's eye twitch. “You also said crashing your scooter into a tree didn't hurt that bad either. Come on I bet Applebloom will be happy to have you home too.”

"Yeah I was actually planning to check in with you guys today. I know I don't want to be a Cardinal Wind though. Too much travel not enough time to ride.

“Where do you think Applebloom is?"
Scoots shrugged and followed her friend across the town square heading towards the market place.

“I've been gone for more than a month, Sweetie. I'll need another day or two to adjust and you know talk to everypony.”

“Oh, right.” The grin on the unicorn mare's face was just shy of cheeky as she turned a corner and headed for the library. “Meh, as good a place as any to start. Bloom's a likely to be here getting books about carpentry or just hanging around with Twilight.” They, didn't find Bloom but they did find Twist at the main desk of the library with a basket. The years had changed the red maned pony. She had grown into her too long awkward legs making her tall and graceful. She was taller than Sweetie Belle and Twilight Sparkle. And a few years as a friend to Silver Spoon had done wonders for teaching the filly how to take care of her mane. Now it was long silky and wavy falling over her shoulders. And years of being close to Sweetie Belle, and by extension her sister Rarity had led to her growing up into quite a stylish young mare.

“TWIST!! You here making some deliveries for Ms. Pinkie?”
The yellow pony looked over her shoulder to smile big ad bright at her friends.

“SCOOTS!? Yeah. I didn't know you were back. Ms. Pinkie sent me out to do the deliveries this morning. Want to come along?” Both of her friends declined saying they were looking for Applebloom. So Twist was bounding out the door, her heavy saddlebags swinging as she bolted towards BonBon and Lyra's house. They had made their usual big order of sesame butter bread.

“Oh, hello, dear,” BonBon said as she opened the door to the smell the sweet fresh bread wafting from Twist’s bag. “Here dropping off our order?”

“Yes ma'am. How are you and Ms. Heartstrings?”

“Oh, dear, we're fine.” A mischievous glint came over the older mare's eyes as she flicked her two-tone mane. “How are you and that cute little marefriend you bring around to the candy shop doing?” Twist flushed and stuttered in shock.

“Uhm, we're oh, uhm. We're doing fine. I... didn't think most ponies knew.” BonBon giggled and shook her head.

“Oh, I'm sure almost nopony does. Only those of use who aren't blind. You be good okay, sweetie and don't turn into a grouchy old couple like me and Lyra.” The young mare squealed in embarrassment as she left. It was still unusual to have people talking about her and Silver Spoon. The silver pony had grown a lot, well everyone had she considered. Nopony was the same as when they had met years ago.
She had a marefriend. The first of her friends to be officially dating.
In fact she would probably be meeting up with the pretty pony somewhere along her route. Silver spoon always met up with her along her route, twist swore it was to steal the homemade treats she snuck into the delivery bags. Silver would adamantly deny it but Twist was not convinced. Silver had grown a lot over the past little while since she had fallen out with Diamond Tiara. She ha made better friends and she had met Twist arguably one of the sweetest ponies In Ponyville.
She dropped off a case of blueberry muffins to Ms. Roseluck and ave her a cinnamon twist. And when she crossed the street to head towards her last delivery Silver Spoon gave her a poke.

"Hey," Twist said. "Come to steal candy?" Silver Spoon just snorted even though she was already rummaging in one of Twist's saddle bags for the treat of the day. "I swear you only like me for the sweets." Silver spoon chuckled a glittery red cinnamon candy in her mouth. She liked them they reminded her of Twist sweet, sort of spicy, and surprising.

"Don't forget the discount at the bakery. Wouldn't be the same without it."
Silver spoon nuzzled her marefriend. "So what do you want to do today,Sweetheart?"
The nickname could still make Twist blush. It was based on her cutie mark of the candy heart.

"Well I still have a few stops to make. How about we go for a swim after that?"

“Oh, fun I bet every pony will be at the pond today.”

"Yeah perfect weather. Dash and the team are doing a great job," Twist said as the gray equine licked crumbs from her lips.

"whose next on the list?"

"Uhm I think I still have Cheerilee and a delivery at the hospital.”

“Oh giving sweets to the foals?”
Twist nodded following Twist towards the Ponyville clinic. Silver Spoon had a big soft spot for fillies and colts.

Scootaloo dive bombed into the cool water from a steep climb. The splash blinded Silver Spoon and Applebloom.

“HEY! Now you just watch where you be dropping out a' the air. Featherhead.”

“Sorry, Applebloom,” Scoots said as she bobbed up from under the cool refreshing clear water. Her soaked mane fell in her face. She hastily tried to brush it away but it stubbornly flopped so she paddled towards the bank. Suddenly Twist was pulled under the water by her tail, her eyes widening in terror when she saw Silver Spoon grinning wide under the water. The gray mare kissed Twist under the water before the need for oxygen sent them both surface again. All of their friends were laughing at them because of the embarrassed crooked grin on both of their faces.

“I swear and you said they weren't together,” Sweetie Belle said from where she was sunning on a rock near the bank. “They are practically attached at the flank.”

“What I was young and stupid then.”

“Oh okay,” Scoots said. “ So what are you now?” She flared her wings throwing water soaking her friend. Sweetie Belle's eye twitched between the sodden strands of her ruined mane.

“I. WILL.END. YOU!!” Sweetie Belle took a running start, tackling the floating pony sending her deep under the water.

“You... think they might be into each other too,” Silver Spoon asked looking at the other young mares as they wisely got out of the way of the massive water fight between Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle.
Applebloom though about it but then shrugged.

“Not placing a bet on this one,” she said shaking the water from her coat much like Winonah would. “I already lost enough bits when I bet against y'all siddling up.” Applebloom's mane was the longest as she shook it. She was not looking forward to how long it would take her to dry even with the help of the bright sunny day.

“I don't think so,” Twist said watching them. Well watching Scootaloo hover over Sweetie Belle, her wings dripping. The unicorn fired colorful stunning blast at her friend who easily, if clumsily because of her waterlogged wings, dodged them. “But if it happened I don't think I'd be surprised.”

“The gossip going around,” Applebloom said. “Is that Sweetie is really into that older stallion that she shares her studio with you know. What's his name? Can never remember a name when I get in mind to tell somepony. He's a musician. Moved here not too long ago from Canterlot. Real fancy shmancy accent an' all the fixin's.”

“Oh,” Silver Spoon said. “I know him. He came to dad's shop to get some really really expensive silver leaf edged business cards made. His name is Brasstone, he plays the sax.”

“Yeah. Him. I've seen him an' her about together all cuddled and hushed.” The farm pony put her mane in a rough plait with dexterous work toughened hooves. It was at that moment that a scroll enveloped in prismatic magic-fire appeared in front of Silver Spoon. “It's from Fleur de Lis. She's coming to Ponyville.” The correspondence between Silver Spoon and the popular young model had been ongoing and Silver considered her one of her closest friends despite the distance. And things were sure to change just like the fillies had when another new friend was added to the mix.

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