• Published 4th Jul 2012
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Cinnamon in a Silver Spoon - Catrlgirl

Two Ponies you wouldn't expect become friends and change. Who knew how they would help eachother.

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Girls in the Parlor

I do apologize for the delay. Life caught me off guard a bit. I hop you enjoy this chapter. Thank you to all the commenters and favorites. And watchers, I certainly hope you stick around the story will start changing soon.


The five fillies were excited on their trip to The Carousel boutique. It was one of the most popular shops in Ponyville. And Twist was very excited to meet Ms. Rarity. Scootaloo was excited because Sweetie Bell promised to beg her sister to call the one and only Rainbow Dash.

“Are you sure she’ll do it, Sweetie Bell? Don’t raise my hopes and then not deliver,” Scootaloo said. The little orange pegasus did a quick spin on her scooter kicking up dust. The little machine dropped and she skidded to a stop a little ahead of the others.

“I can’t think of why not. My big sister is a friend of Rainbow Dash. I see her all the time. Well she always runs when Rarity brings out the fabrics.”

“I saw her at the party a few days ago. Diamond Tiara’s cuteceañera.” The young filly flushed, her wings fluttering as her friends caught up. “I didn’t get to talk to her though. After what happened between…” Scootaloo paused blinking and staring at Silver Spoon. “Uhm, between. Well she was gone later in the party. A lot of the older ponies were.”
Silver Spoon said nothing. She knew they were talking about how she and Diamond Tiara had acted. It was nice that she didn’t mention it. But she deserved that. It was only natural.

“What are we going to do at the shop?”
It wasn’t a strange question Silver Spoon thought after she asked it but the other fillies blinked in shock. Then Apple Bloom leapt into the air in unabridged excitement.


“Oh, that’ll be so much fun,” Sweetie bell said. She picked up her pace and led the way down the road to the boutique in the distance. “Sis!! Sis!!!” Applebloom raced to catch up to her friend.
Scootaloo snorted and rolled her eyes leaning on her scooter. “Cutie Mark Crusaders Makeover Specialists? I’m not into all that froo-froo stuff.” A swift kick and a flap of her wings sent Scootaloo down the road kicking up a cloud of dust.

“You could use a makeover,” Silver Spoon said looking over at Twist. She was in no rush. She didn’t hurry for anyone. They waited for her… if they were worth dealing with anyway. “You look ridiculous.”

“Shilver Shpoon!!”

“What?” The silver filly looked over the top of her glasses. “You do.”

“That’s mean. You don’t shay thingsh like that. ” Twist frowned and narrowed her eyes facing Silver head on. “You have a lot to learn about being friendly.”

“What? It’s true. I didn’t do anything. You do look ridiculous. Did you even comb your mane?” Twist sighed. This was not going to be easy.

“Lishten Silver Shpoon, there ish a nice way to say things. And a mean way.” Twist spoke very slowly as they started walking again. “You said that in the mean way. I don’t look redi..redica… rediculoush.” Her tongue tripped over the retainer in her mouth and she pouted.

“Okay, so I’m supposed to let you walk around looking like that? Come on. I was never that mean. Don’t you want ponies to stop talking about you?”

“Of coursh, but that is shallow. I want poniesh to shtop talking about me because they are nice and good. Not becaush I change. If you want to be my friend, if you want to be anyponies friend, you got to like them for who they are not what you make them.”
Silver Spoon stepped back and flushed at the heated words coming from Twists normally sweet mouth. Was she right? No of her other friends had ever told her anything like that. Every minor flaw had been a reason to ridicule and destroy. A bad mane day meant you could not sit at the table for lunch. It meant you were ostracized. Twist walked through the door of the boutique and stared at the beautiful white Unicorn hovering brightly colored rolls of fabric.

“Oh Sweetie Belle of course you and your little friends can play here. Just be careful of my things. I would however,” she said turning a withering and star down to her younger sister who shrank back in appropriate fear. “Appreciate it if you would give me some forewarning if we are having guests.” Twist blushed watching the way she moved. She was like a ballerina. So light and graceful. “Now would you girls like some tea while my sister stops behaving like she was raised in a barn and introduces you all?” Sweetie Belle blushed and rubbed the back of her hand with a hoof. The rolls of fabrics were neatly placed inside a box next to the door. And then the glow faded from her horn and she turned her full attention on them.

“I’m Sorry, Rarity. This is Scootaloo. That is Applebloom. You know her big sister, Applejack.”

“Of course. It’s nice to see you again dear.”

“And that is Silver Spoon and finally,” she said pointing with her hoof is “Twist.”

“Well, welcome girls. Now, about that tea?”
The fillies all nodded and followed Rarity across the living room into the kitchen.
Silver Spoon took a sip of the sweet honey tea. It was good. Rarity fussed about pouring from a large porcelain pot. Then plates with lovely little sandwiches appeared on the table surrounded by the blue glow of her magic. She chatted with animation with her younger sister and then she yelled.


“But, Rarity, we want to do makeovers. What if I get my cutie mark is in fashion?”

“Sweetie Belle, dear,” Rarity began. She looked nervously at the fillies at her table. “I do not believe I can trust you with my things.”

“Then you can help us, Rarity.”
Twist looked up from her seat next to Silver Spoon and looked to Rarity with pleading eyes.

“Please, Ms. Rarity,” Applebloom said in her drawl. She jabbed her hoof into Scootaloo’s side and all three of them begged. Then Silver spoon carefully put her cup down and smiled.

“Ms. Rarity,” she said. “I’m Silver Spoon. And I’d be super excited to show off a look tailor made by the Carousel boutique to my friends and family. I be my mom, Pearl Necklace, she said. “The famous Jewelry designer would even want to work with you on your next line. Her shops in Canterlot and Manehatten are all the rage, you know.”

“P…Pearl, Necklace? She is your mother? The one who customized a line of Accessories for Hoity Toity’s fall line? That Pearl Necklace?”
Silver Spoon nodded and her smile lit up like a light bulb.

“Yes, I see her every other weekend. She and my father aren’t together anymore. She didn’t want to move to Ponyville and my dad, Filigree, didn’t like Manehatten. Are you sure you don’t want to help us do makeovers, Ms. Rarity? I bet my mom and dad would be super excited to see how pretty you make me. And my daddy would love to find a place I like to do business locally.”

“Of..Of course girls. I’ll go get ready. Meet me in the back as soon as you’re done with your snacks.” Rarity bolted muttering things as she galloped out of the kitchen. “Ribbons. Oh and that dreadful hair. … Sparkle… no, red.”
All the fillies stared at Silver Spoon in shock and awe. Applebloom casually reached out a hoof and slammed it in to the back of Scootaloo’s head.

“So, we ain’t dreamin’. Silver Spoon just did something nice.”

“What,” Silver spoon took another sip of the tea and looked away. “You wanted to do makeovers. I helped you get what you want. It isn’t hard if you know what somepony is like. Rarity want’s to be important. Shes’s not going to get that here in the boonies of Ponyville.”

“Hey!” Sweetie Belle glared at the silver filly who had finished her tea. “My sister will be important. She’s super talented. And she loves Ponyville and so do I.” Silver spoon shrugged, crossing her forehooves on the table.

“That’s good,” she said. “That doesn’t change the fact that she isn’t going to amount to anything here. The major fashion capitals of Equestria are, Manehatten, Canterlot, and, Of course fashion is all the rage in The Crystal Kingdom to the east. Notice how Ponyville, the middle of nowhere, isn’t mentioned in the list. Can’t talk about anything around here without you saying how mean it is.” Sweetie Belle and Applebloom both sent vicious look towards Twist.

“You sure, you want to try to be friends with this one, Twist? She’s a right nasty varmit. She’s talking about Sweetie Belle’s big sister and insulting our hometown.”

“Shilver Shpoon, Say you’re shorry. That was mean and you need to apologize.” Twist stood up and took, Silver PSoon’s braid between her teeth and dragged her from the table. “You say you’re shorry to Shweetie Belle and Applebloom. And to Shcootaloo too.”

“Are you serious? It’s not my fault her sister lives here.”

“Shay it and mean it, Shilver Shpoon!!”

“Okay, fine,” Silver Spoon looked up at Applebloom. Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. She sighed and then she said, “I’m sorry.”

“I’m shorry too, everypony,” Twist said. “She was my friend firsht. Give her a chance. She doesn’t know how to be a friend yet. We all have to help her. Not let’s go play with Ms. Rarity.”
The other three fillies nodded and Applebloom turned a suspicious eyes towards Silver Spoon before she led the way out of the kitchen.

“Ms, Rarity,” Scootaloo said galloping towards the workroom, after zooming past Applebloom. “will you do me a huge favor?”

“Of course, whatever do you need?”
Scootaloo, despite her normally hyper and brash personality, looked sheepish as Rarity moved around fabrics and outfits and accessories in a magical whirlwind. She didn’t look at Scootaloo as the glow from her horn intensified.

“Can you invite, Rainbow Dash over? I’m a huge fan and… well, Uhm I really want a chance to talk to her.”

“Really? Is that all? Oh why anyone would ever be so enamored with that loafing mare I’ll never understand. But of course. I’ll see if I can persuade her to pay us a call.”


“Okay, my little Ponies,” Rarity said. Who would like to go first? It will be ever so much fun. I loved playing dressup when I was a filly.”

“She still does,” Sweetie Belle said rolling her eyes.”

“Oh, Hush, Sweetie. I do not play dress up anymore.” Rarity cucked her tongue at the absurdity of the idea. “Now it is the far more sophisticated art of outfit and style testing.”

“I don’t want to go first,” Scootaloo said. She shuddered at all the frilly lace and bright colors. “It was Sweetie Belle’s idea. Let her go first.”

“No,” Sweetie Belle said. “It was Silver Spoon who managed to convince my sister to let us be makeover artists let her go first.” Silver Spoon shook her head, making her long silver braid sway.
“How about we let, Twist go first? She got me a present so this’ll be me doing something nice for her. Right?” All the other fillies nodded. Why not?

“Sure,” Applebloom said. “Twist is one of the sweetest fillies I reckon I know. She should go first.” Rarity lit her horn turning on a bright light in front of a mirror.

“Well, Twist, dear would you like to go first?”
The little yellow filly blushed profusely but she nodded and took a step forward towards the beautiful mare. “Oh don’t be so shy, darling. Step right up and we’ll see what we can do. Okay,” Rairity said. “Cutie Mark Crusaders makeover specialist what do you think your client needs to look her best?” Applebloom bounced, her big red bow flying.

“A big bow I always feel prettiest when I have this bow mah big sister Applejack gave me.”

“Oh, okay.” Rarity floated several bows over from the stack of things she had been levitating moments ago. There were frilly bows and ruffled bows of all different colors and sizes. “Now Cutie Mark Crusaders makeover artists, do you think we should do something with her mane first? Or should the bow be a brooch?”

Silver spoon said, “We should straighten her hair first.”

“Oh what a lovely idea, Silver Spoon. Would you like that, Twist? You must always clear the decisions with the client. I think you would look lovely with a new coiffure.”
Twist looked in the mirror. Her hair was thick and curly and very red. It was like her grandmother’s hair. But it was also unruly. It broke combs sometimes. And it was always falling into her eyes.

“Uhm, Okay, Just.. pleash don’t cut it Missh Rarity.”

“Of course dear.
The girls had a blast. They picked out colors and styles and patterns. Rarity hummed as the straightening iron heated on the vanity. “Oh, Twist you are going to look lovely. You’re little friends actually have quite an eye. And you are just an adorable little delight. Do keep an eye on my Sweetie Belle.”

“Hey!!” The white filly pouted and snorted her indignation. “I do not need her to keep an eye on me.”

The Cutie Mark Crusaders and Silver Spoon excitedly watched the transformation. It took a good forty minutes to straighten Twist’s mane and Scootaloo rapidly grew bored with the small talk about style and fashion. Silver Spoon kept up amiable conversation. When twists hair fell sleek and smooth to her shoulders the effect was dramatic. Rarity ran a brush through it and then inserted the large polka dot bow the fillies had chosen. It was red and white and actually looked quite nice with her mane and coat. The ends of her mane curled in tiny spirals refusing ot be completely flat but that didn’t matter.

“Oh, Silver Spoon I may need to hire you as an assistant that was a wonderful idea. Now let’s see how the others will stack up. Applebloom chose the outfit. She chose a pleated skirt with a little denim jacket. The clothing made Twist feel self conscious … especially the way Ms. Rarity inspected her after she had struggled into the outfit. It was so weird having someone she liked so much looking at her like that. Then at the insistence of Scootaloo her glasses were ganged. The thick purple cateye glasses were replaced with a pair of slightly smaller black square frames. And finally Sweetie Belle’s contribution to the filly’s new look was makeup. Rarity had wisely advised the young crusader that given age nothing too flashy. So it was a simple shiny gloss and then a little blush

“Wow,” Applebloom said bouncing. “You look amazing, Twist.”

“Yeah, we did a great job,” Sweetie Belle said. The little white filly was super excited for the reveal. Scootaloo was napping on the floor. Pegasi had very little stamina for things that they were not implicitly interested in.

“Are you ready? You look wonderful Darling. Oh, of course I don’t mean to imply that you didn’t look wonderful before. A new look can often really change a ponies outlook on life. Or just put a smile on their face.” With a swift burst of magic the cloth was pulled down from the large oval full length mirror. And Twists gasped. She didn’t look like herself.
Silver Spoon stared. She was… pretty. Really pretty. You couldn’t tell when her hair was all tightly curled and roughly pinned back but it was really long and it fell down past her shoulder, swooped with the pretty bow. And the too long legs twist was often tripping over made her tall and lanky looking in clothes. Maybe she shouldn’t be ashamed to be her friend after all. Without the big bulky glasses you could see that her eyes were very nicely shaped and with the gloss her lips no longer looked dry from her habit of sucking them because of her retainer.

“Okay, my little ponies,” Rarity said. “Who is next?”

“Uhm, Ms. rarity? Can you call Rainbow Dash first? That took a while,” Scootaloo said yawning from her position on the floor.

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