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Twist is an awkward sweetheart who's biggest dream is to make everypony smile with sweetness. Silver Spoon is a spoiled debutante who doesn't know that cinnamon can be more than your average spice if you get to know it. These two slowly become friends and develop a relationship that changes them over the years. I hope enjoy! UPDATES Mondays 2/18/2013 This story will now update every two weeks. I have gotten my life together so I can handle a weekly update schedule. Switching to Monday updates as it seems Saturdays are a bit too hectic for me to do quality checked updates. I am having far too many errors in my chapters.

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Comments ( 75 )

First , have not re:twistnerd:ad it yet but will start now.

Okay I read it now and its good.:twilightsmile:
:twistnerd::Don't you mean Sthwweet!?!?

Interesting idea. Some minor issues, though. There are random capitalization all over the place, some are missing where they should be (like names).

There's also an odd spellings of 'philly'. It's usually 'filly'.

The errors are minor, but they detract the overall reading. Go through your story one more time to fix the errors.

Nice. Philly is spelt filly though. *imagines Twist and Silver Spoon as a couple*

Thank you. I will make sure I go through this chapter and edit for corrections. I will edit it when I post the second chapter. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Hm. This could work...

interesting enough to earn a fave, if not just to see where your planning on taking this.

cool mentioned in the forward.
still intrested in seeing how this plays out. and if SS actually becomes a.....not #%@%# or if she will revert to her old ways again, and again, and again.
either way keep it up this is pretty awesome for involving two of my least fave characters.

I think Scootaloo likes Firewing.

Frizzy keep reading and find out. Thanks for commenting. Means a lot to me.

i can see SS's selfish nature causing quite a few problems with Sweetie belle and Rarity. and AJ for a while. and REALLY hopeing her retainer gets taken out soon.
its one of those "you're reading this in my voice" kinda things, ...but the voice im forced to use is terrible with the lisp ..
anyway great story

JKaneH I can see how the accent would grow tiresome (Imagine writign it.) I can be cute for a while but it gets old fast. Don't worry. The Retainer will soon be gone.


Thank you so much, Glad that you enjoy. Stick around things start moving fast from here.

Silver Spoon and Twist would make a great couple.

fastinating what your doing with this really.i never really though SS could be nice...i actually use her name and DT as insults. but this is really nice...a few gramatical errors. such as when you said hand instead of head (whilst Rarity was scolding Sweetiebelle for her not introducing the rest) that threw me off and made me think i missed a part of your writing style. i thought the story was written where they were humans, not ponies. but bessides that i really enjoy this alot


Thank you so much for the wonderful comment. Oh how embarrassing. Yes, Obviously SIlver Spoon still has a long way to go but she is not the evil thing most people consider her. She was mostly a product of her environment. Keep watching and enjoy.

oh dont worry this is quickly beomeing one of my favorite stories to see update =D so i have no doubt ill enjoy it

Children: their only problem with gays is age difference, and whether or not it's one of your friends' siblings.

Frizzy. 1123997
So it would seem. It would be awkward having a crush on your friend's much older sibling though. In my mind the CMC are about 12-13. Just old enough to be understanding crushes and attraction. While thier siblings are early - mid 20s. I see Aj and rarity as the oldest at about 24-26ish Twilight at the youngest about 22(She just graduated from tutelage under Celestia. Thank you so much fo the comment. every last one makes me feel wonderful I'm glad you enjoy the story.

really that old? i always thought the main six where just over 18 with twi being 18, fluttershy being the oldest around 21ish, but the rest falling in between. the CMC i always thought were like 10-12
anyway great story still
poor SS....shes so neglected

There are so many spelling mistakes.

yeah you might wanna correct the spelling, it was a little bit painful.
but i like the bit of character development that happened with scoots, and SS
and THANK YOU CELESTIA FOR FINALLY GETTING RID OF THAT IRRITATING RETAINER my mental reading voice was starting to piss me off .

wow...a CCC actually got her cutie mark, in a respectable fashion, in an almost showesc setting, ..and it makes sense with the show. plus random RD insert for good measure,
impressively well executed ma'am though im kind of nervous to see what happens next on that part.
thanks for the update, FINALLY
and a quick re-read might let you find the 2 spelling errors i saw, not bad, but kind of bothersome whilst reading.

GAH I NEED A BETA READER!! I am trying and it seems like I am catching more of the mistakes. UGHHH sorry about the typos.

Need some paragraph breaks in there

Thanks Splatter. I'll try to watch my formatting. It gets majorly borked in Wordpad. I need Microsoft word.

1 open office, free, easy and just as good as word
3 this was great, though i dislike the fact you left us with a cliffhanger, when we know you wont update for a REALLY FREAKING LONG TIME again.
but really, great addition

Heh. Point taken already working on next chap soo update is imminent.next tuesday i promise.

pretty short. but a good intercalorie chapter. kinda hoping for a change in DT because of that scolding, though you could use a bit of a read through just to catch some of the mistakes in spellings and left out words.

Ever since getting the retainer out he ha been a lot less soft spoken but her embarrassment made her stutter slightly.

getting the retainer out he ha been

he ha

I wish all errors made me laugh like this, maybe I'm just too tired. :trixieshiftright:

let there be errors...
oh well. still a good story. and glad you finally updated it =D

DAWH SS is less hated nao
also convenient plot point and almost show like to see all 3 fillyes get the cutie mark at the same time

I;m glad you liked it and Yes, SS is less hated and notice this time she let herself be a part of the group. I also wanted to show that Scoot's is a bit more observant and intuitive than we think. She recognized her friends talents. ANd how muhc they loved certain things. It means a lot to me that you follow this story and comment. *HUGS*

thank you for writing =D its fantastic and always fun to see what your mind puts the group up to next

so. is it getting close to ending? this almost seemed like an epilogue. or was it just conveniet to jump forward a few years for plot purposes?

Holy grammatical errors Batman, this place is full of 'em!

I'll just show you a rough patche I saw. Greens for adding or replacing, reds for removals, and blues for fixed spacing.

"Oh, I got it in... Was it in Hoofington? Or, was it in Canterlot? I think it was Hoofington. While dad was doing his thing and checking cloud drift or whatever me and mom went around town and I got my ear done. The whole thing is kind of a blur, we never stayed more than a day or two anyplace.”

There are a lot more errors, most of them a lot like this, but I'm not in the mood to go back and read the story again just to point them all out. Watch out for odd use of commas, or lack or commas whatsoever. I was wondering where some of the commas were, and they turned up somewhere a few inches down the page in a place they weren't even needed.

Yes the story is fairly close to ending but this was just a jump ahead a little bit. And huh? What on eath is going on with my formatting being destroyed when I post here. I need a Beta reader.

i can definetly tell that more time was put into this
as for the beta reader. i would say yes. but since my grammer, and spelling are pretty much garbage. i dont think i would help much

id also like to say that i enjoyed this chapter more then the ones including the CMC they seem to steal the show, even if on accident from Twist.

Yeah, I know they did. But I think it's because Twist is such a quiet character and the CMC are so much more bold in personality canonically I couldn't find a way to bring hr more forward without fiddlign with the over the top CMC characters. In this part of the story We see A much more confident and Grown up Twist who can hold the camera. I'm so glad that the bit of extra time is helping,


Haha did I? I'm sorry. I just thought it was a nice pic. I'll have to read your story

I am enjoying this story.

Oh wow. The drama, the cliff hanger, THE SUSPENSE!!! :flutterrage::pinkiegasp::raritycry::raritydespair:

Anyway, great chapter, keep up the good work :twilightsmile:

took me long enough, but i finally got around to reading it.....why do cliffhangers have to happen!!!??

but...but i dunt want the daws to be over!..
twidash next


Twdash you say... Hmmm? I'll have to plan something I really enjoyed righting this fic I'll am planning more check

They got their cutie marks:yay:!

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