• Published 4th Jul 2012
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Cinnamon in a Silver Spoon - Catrlgirl

Two Ponies you wouldn't expect become friends and change. Who knew how they would help eachother.

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Big Day

Hello all. I'm back. I'm so sorry about the long wait. Things are wild here. I got a new job and am taking a class so this story will update spradically until I re-adjust. But enjoy this chapter.


Scootaloo doodled idly in the class. The pencil sketched in the tall ramp.

“Are you scared, Twist?” Sweeetie Belle asked while Cheerilee worked out math problems on the board up front. “I hate going to the doctor and the dentist.”

“Not really,” the little filly said. “I’ve been to the dentisht pwenty of times.” Twist took down notes from the problem on the board.

“Do you guys want to do something this weekend? We could meet up at Sugar Cube Corner.”

“Well Sure,” Applebloom said. “I reckon that sounds like fun. We can keep workin’ on gettin’ out cutie marks.” Twist nodded.

“If we do it tomorrow I can go. Shorry but I have the dentisht appointment today.” All four of them looked over at Silver Spoon she had said very little today.

“I can’t.” she said sharply. “I’m going to be with my mom this weekend. I’ll be in Manehatten.” The Cutie Mark Crusaders and twist shrugged and the little ponies returned to focusing on the lesson. Twist looked over to Silver Spoon. Something was wrong. She looked sad… well sadder than usual. She had been looking sad ever since the party. The pretty grey coated filly had her head balanced on a hoof as she stared out the window. During the lecture on The history of the Age of Discord Twist continued to slip quick glances to the side at Silver Spoon. Was she imagining things? When Cherille stamped a hoof Twist faced forward again to the smiling teacher.

“So,” Cherilee said swishing her tail towards the board. “Do all of my little ponies understand how important it is for us to study this dark time in our history?”

“Yes, Ms Cheerilee,” the class replied eagerly.

“Then we will continue our discussion next class. Now before we leave can anyone tell me the next section of history we will be discussing?”
A slender red pegasus colt raised his hoof. Silver Spoon glared at Cherry Bomb.

“Of course. Everypony who’s anypony knows that after the age of Discord comes the coup of Order led by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.”

“Very Good, Cherrybomb. I am very impressed. Goodbye everypony class is dismissed.” Silver Spoon’s desk was already clear and she grabbed her saddlebag with a irritable snort. Then as she turned around Twist was there a concerned expression behind her too big ugly glasses.

“What do YOU want?”

“You look upshet. Are you okay?”

“me? Of course. I’m absolutely perfect. Not even Princess Celestia si sunnier than me right now,” Silver Spoon spat. “What do you care? Don’t you have to go spit somewhere else?” Twist’s earse leaned back in her sudden hot rage.

“I was worrying about you! I MADE SHURE TO ASHK YOU HOW YOU ARE!?” Twist took a deep breath and then took a step back. This wasn’t right. She didn’t need to get angry too. “Why are you so angry when I ashked you if you were okay? I mean I am twying to be your friend.” Silver Spoon blinked in shock. That was a good question. She didn’t even know why. She didn’t know why she had reacted that way. Shek new she had bene abgry about Cherrybomb the two faced jerk getting praised for an answer he had probably copied from Cupid or maybe even Diamond Tiara. Well no, not Diamond. She doubted the pink and purple filly ever did her own homework. And she knew she never took her own notes.

“Would you like to eakl home with me?”

“Why? Why would I wanth to walk home with you when you were just so mean? Plush I need to get home sho I can go to the dentisht.” Twist eyes were suspicious slits. As the rest of the class left the room.

“Please. I’m sorry I was mean.”

“Oh really? I’m not going to jusht leth you keep being mean to me and my friendsh. I’m not a doormat. And I’m not shtupid. I won’t let you trat me like Diamond Tiara treated you and your other friendsh.” Silver Spoon flinched at the accusation. Then she lowered her head.

“I know. Please walk home with me. You’re going the same way anyway right? Across the marketplace?”

This was something none of her friends would understand. Well it wasn’t their fault they weren’t pegasi. They didn’t have wings. Scootaloo gave her signed helmet a tight hug before settling it closely on her head and tightening the strap with her teeth. She invinsioned the blazing rainbow trail of her idol above her, a multicolor trail of awesomeness. And she kicked off with her scooter. She flapped her wings heavily. It hurt but she pushed. The ramp was close. She drove her right back hoof into the ground faster and harder kicking her scooter up to a greater speed. She hit the ramp hard it bent frighteningly but it held and then with a quick spin she pulled off her twisted 360 on the scooter before hitting the ground and kicking up dust. She winced at the pain between her shoulder blades from how hard she had been flapping to pick up speed. She thought she was ready. No one was around. Good. She was ready. Scoots carefully balanced her scooter against a tree. Today she was going to get to that branch today. She took one of the straps to her helmet in her teeth … but then she left it on. Her hero had signed it and even drew her rainbow lightning bolt on it. It had to be good luck. She looked up into the bright green leaves and through them into the perfectly clear sky. It was great flying weather. She leapt and held her breath.


HIGHER … COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her wings burned and she cracked na eye open she wasn’t anywhere near the branch. Her wings were a millisecond from giving up and she was barely two feet of the ground. The branch. She was already falling. She hit the ground with a heavy thud and tucked her useless wings to her side.


“Well I never thought I’d see such a sad frown in Ponyville,” a pink earth pony said. She was bouncing steadily behind the stricken Scootaloo. “Why are you so angry and sad, silly filly? You have to be to be saying such big bad words like that.”
Scootaloo flushed and couldn’t meet the big giant blue eyes of Pinkie Pie. Well for more than the fact that she was still bouncing in place making Scootaloo have to crane her neck to look at her.

“I can’t fly.”

“Oh, that’s not a big deal. I can’t fly either.” Pinkie illustrated by jumping into the air and waving her hooves frantically. She seemed to hover there before crashing back to the ground. “but you know what I can do. I can put a smile on anypony’s face. I can make my friends laugh louder and happier than any pony in Equestria.”

“But I’m a pegasus. I’m supposed to fly. I was born to fly. I barely get to see my parents because they both work up in the clouds most of the time. They can’t afford to be down here with me. I’m staying with my mother’s friend until winter.”

“Oh,” Pinkie said the bright smile fading from her face. She looked different without her exuberant expression. She didn’t look like Pinkie Pie. She looked like a very different… Pinky Pie like pony. “I know all about not being able to do what you were meant to do. You see I grew up that way too. I knew I was meant to make everypony happy. I knew I was meant to party and to be Pinky Pie but I couldn’t. But you know what I did until I could?”

“What!?” Scootaloo snapped sharply. She doubted the mare had anything that could really make her feel better Plus she was running out of time. She had to be heading home soon.

“I did what I could do,” Pinky Pie said her luminescent smile returning and her big blue eyes sparkling. Her cotton candy mane bounced again as she resumed her hyperactive jumping. “I did what I was good at. I was good at listening. I was good and learning. I learned about all the different types of ponies and the parties they wanted to have. I learned about what I wanted.”

“What are you good at? What would you want to be good at until you can do what you’re meant to do?”

“Uhm, I’m good at doing tricks on my scooter? Uhm I’m really cool. I’m good at stuff.”
“There you go then. Be good at those until you can do what you’re meant to do. Okie Dokie

“I guess.”
Pinky gave the filly a quick nuzzle before she disappeared in a pink and white blur back towards town. Scoots had to consider there was something to what Pinky had said. She was a hero. She had saved Equestria from Nightmare moon and been honored by the princess. She had to know a thing or two. She loved riding her scooter. But she couldn’t help feeling incomplete without being able to fly. She never understood why it was so hard for her. She headed home deep in thought thinking up new tricks she could practice along the way.
Twist wiped tears away from Silver Spoon’s eyes with a hoof . She hadn’t thought of that. She had never considered the things Silver Spoon had told her… well she had but not as clearly as the filly had managed to tell her.

“I think you could be a good friend. You just have to keep pwactishing.” Twist did not regret walking home with her new friend. She knew it had been hard for Silver Spoon to open up like that but she hoped it had helped. “Thank you for telling me about thish. I have to go we can talk more lather.” Twist had waited too long. Her mother was going to be furious. That made thigns make a lot more sense. Silver Spoon had put a lot of trust into Diamond Tiara. Diamond had been her only friend when she was knew and awkward and scared. Diamond had made her popular and no one bothered her because of her like they did in Manehatten. She didn’t like what Silver Spoon had told her…but it didn’t really surprise the filly. Twist raced towards her house her mind reeling with the thoughts of her new friend. Silver Spoon had been brainwashed to be a bad friend and she was trying. And she understood now that going back to Manehatten with her mother was scary. She hated it there… she didn’t like it home with her father but it was better. So it made perfect sense that she was irritable and snippy. She liked Silver Spoon she really did. She was pretty and apparently she was smart and she needed a friend more than anything. But twist had to admit it was hard. It hurt when a friend was mean like that. Could she be Silver Spoon’s friend? Her house was on the right and she was almost there now. Already her closest friend Applebloom didn’t like her. And the other Crusaders seemed to barely tolerate her.

“TWIST!! Do you have any idea what time it is!!?” The filly flinched at the yell from her mother as she came skidding to a stop in front of her house.

“Shorry Momma. I got shidetracked with … with a friend.”

“Hurry up. I swear to Celestia I thought you’d be jumping at the chance to have that retainer removed today. Come on let’s hope Dr. Pearly White isn’t angry that we’ll be late.” The slightly heavy red mare took of at a quick pace and twist Hustled behind her. She was nearly buzzing with joy at the thought. She wouldn’t sound so silly anymore after today. Most fillies and colts were afraid of the dentist but not twist. Dr. Pearly White was very nice. He worked fast and had lots of fun book in his office.

“Please excuse us,” Twists mother said stepping up to the reception window huffing slightly. “I’m so sorry we’re late. I hope we haven’t caused any trouble for you.”
“Oh, of course not. How are you, Twist? It’s the big day isn’t it?”

“Yesh, ma’am. I’m shooo shuper duper exshited.”

“Well the doctor will get this final visit taken care of in just a moment. You shouldn’t have too long a wait. Despite the receptionists promise the wait felt like an eternity. Twist could barely hold still as she sat next to her mother on one of the long benches. And then just when she felt like the world would end before they called her name the door swung open and a handsome Unicorn Stallion in a white coat opened the door and called for her.

“Welcome, back, Twists,” he said. “I am so proud of you for listening so well and taking good care of your teeth. Let’s go see about removing this retainer.”

“Thank you, Doctor.”

Silver Spoon took a deep breath. She felt…better? Maybe? She didn’t know. She had told her. She was going to have to deal with that. She had told her how she really felt. How scared she was. How she had been a bad friend and she knew it. She had told Twist how she really did want to try to be friends. She would start over when she got back. She would really try. The train blared and the little filly lifted her head and let out the breath she was holding. This was the first step to a new life for her.

“All aboard for Manehatten. All aboard.”

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