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Once she declared that she was alone she took the banana and shoved it into her mare hood as it dropped in arousal.

I didn't know pussies could drop out of you in arousal. :rainbowlaugh:

7525334 I meant to write dripped Lol :rainbowlaugh:

7525339 Haha, yeah, I know. That's why I bolded the word. :P Also, as a friendly tip, don't write in all caps, ever. It just looks odd, and it breaks the flow of the story. Marehood is also one word.

7525342 Thank you. Yeah I could have just stuck with exclaimation points. I added a space I was typing so much I didn't notice it. Thanks :)

7525358 She really loves those bananas :twilightblush:

7525406 "Back it up!" (cops are all around the place) :rainbowlaugh:

Banana sex. Kinda hot

7525571 I hoped that some people would find it sexy. :twilightblush: Thanks a lot

7525575 I mean, I'd do something similar, just not with a banana

7525580 I see what your saying :twilightblush: Like with some other vegetable or is that wanting to much information :twilightblush:

7525643 Probably a pickle

7525649 Youll grow to like it :rainbowlaugh:

7525678 There might be a sequel that features that :twilightblush:

7525655 That might be for the sequel :twilightblush:Sorry that you had to tell me that :twilightblush:

why you bury bananna twi yo eat da bannana less evidence

7525766 Oh crap I should have thought about that! I should change that. :twilightblush:

7525778 hell she dont just eat da bananna she deep throats the thing

Bananas are pretty hot :derpytongue2:

7525961 They sure are :twilightblush: Twilight loved using one :raritywink:

This was... good... but it was also bad...

The grammar was awful. Just saying. The story was also pretty bad... I'm not sure what it was, but something about this story is... decent. With A LOT of polish, it could be good.

7526107 Thanks. Yes it does need some work I'm not denying that.


And thank YOU for taking a little criticism well.

Oh, and just a tip, don't capitalize every word in Twilight's sentences. Or, if she is REALLY screaming, make it all-caps. That threw me off the first time I tried to read this.

7526123 Sorry id did that because I was confused at how to present all those sentences

7526128 It's cool. If you want a proofreader, I'm willing to help out... once I figure out how this site works.

7526143 Thanks for the offer. I'll think about it :twilightblush:

7526153 Again, not a problem.

7526159 How would we work that out exactly? :twilightblush:

7526167 I was hoping that you would have an idea... :applejackunsure:

7526182 Hmmm if I did agree to it then the way we would work it out is if I gave you access to my account and we could both use my account together or I would send you my story before I submit it and you would edit it and look it over and tell me if it's okay or if it needs work and then we would finish it, publish it and send it to moderation or send it to the automated posting que where it is posted in minutes

7526193 I don't like the idea of using your account. I'm leaning more heavily towards option 2.

7526201 Yeah I can just send you the story and you can look at it and tell me what to fix and I could fix what I need to fix

Yeah no I really don't feel comfortable with other people using my account but we can use the other option

7526207 Cool. Glad we could work that out.

7526216 Okay and you can just read it and then give me a message saying what I need to correct and then I send it to the automatic posting que and then it gets posted (i never send it to moderation anymore I get to impatient XD)

Not sure why, but all that happened during my reading this, was the overpowering smell of bananas. I couldn't get off because of it.

7526607 Maybe the story is making you think that they are there

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