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I want to write some stories, hopefully good ones. Occasionally stuff will pop to my mind and I just want to write. Let's see how this goes eh?

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Damn that is hot.

This holds great promise.

Mmmph! I love Octavia and this was so hot that I look forward to more.

7543032 I certainly could write more on this. I do have my other stories that I might add onto in time though

7543062 hey this is just a suggestion even if I did commission it. How about if they are still blown up and they remove the caps, the effects can still be set to they way they were as there skin turn to normal. Like Octavia and vinyl can keep there puffed up bodies to the extreme sizes now and vinyl can keep her dick. Imagine everyone's reaction to seeing them walk out in public like that. (I have no idea where they could get inflatable clothes though) Although I'm pretty sure they will just wear the caps all the time.

7543570 Well I could certainly do more if I was, and this would sound greedy, paid. I kinda want to focus on these other projects of mine and school is really taking my time. So if anything I'm working on my other things. If you like non-Anthro, give Unexpected Night of Debauchery a look.

I took a look at this and I couldn't bring myself to read the whole thing. It has grammar issues. I'm not saying it's the worst but I am saying "Did you proofread this?" Here are a couple examples.

Something, anything that could really surprise Octavia

Needs a full stop.

like an inflatable rubber ball. BUt they weren't attached to anything

Needs to be corrected.

Just to be clear I'm not trying to be a stuck in the mud hater, I'm pointing out flaws so that you can fix them and make the fic better. :scootangel:

I feel like this should have a conclusion. That being vinyl returns the valves, and the pony begins a standered product line with the valve.

It would get sexy with Lyra and bon bon this time, and Lyra doesn't properly read the instructions, leading to some mishaps involving permanent transformation, popping, and loss of cognitive ability (to bon bon)

I know this was a commission, but I hope this helps inspire the next chapter to this

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