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Vore is too out of my league to read lmao :derpytongue2:

8134425 :rainbowlaugh: I expect that. Like I said in the author's box, it isn't my thing either. I wrote it as a request, and because I needed to have some time away from 'Am I Confused?' because it was burning me out a little. Plus, I didn't want there to be two weeks without any kind of writing from me, so I made this, and made someone else happy to satiate my fatigue.

I'll be reading this later, but for now, you missed closing an italics here

In that moment, she was struck with a sudden realisation, a vague memory of a spell taught to her several years ago. She didn’t recall its effects, but Princess Cadance told her it would solve her problem;/i]… although now she thought about it, she didn’t remember which problem…

8134440 Thank you! But I solved that problem! Perhaps whilst you were reading it? Regardless, thank you for pointing it out.

8134444 Probably. I did stay on the page for several minutes before posting.

Comment posted by aclipper deleted May 2nd, 2017

8134469 That was already solved. :twilightsmile:

So that happened. Why? Potatoes.

8134483 Over the week and a half I wrote this I consumed 3 entire cheesecakes.

Well that was something... still not sure what, but it was...

8134496 :rainbowlaugh: That's what I was expecting.

Damn 13000!!!! :pinkiegasp: there's no way I'll finish this by tonight. I'm definitely gonna save this to my clop folder for tomorrow when I have enough time.

:twilightsmile: Hope it's worth the read. Although I must forwarn that this isn't everyone's cup of tea. 8134523

8134525 hehe well it's definitely my cup of tea. Why do you think I saved it to my porn folder in the first place :pinkiehappy:

8134531 Haha, ok, ok. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it. :raritywink:

Awesome and sexy. Hell yea.

Is it bad that I admit that cumflation is one of my top it not the first and most looked for in porm fetish?

8135237 not in my book. I'm the the one who requested this.

You know, I always spoil the end of vore related stuff because so many people seem to think that others don't care if it's fatal or not, but honestly I have no goddamn idea if it is. Like, I have to think abstractly to see if this porn offends my core values or not.

Fuck it, you did a good, good job.

This has a strange enough description for me to be curious, if nothing else, and the premise has the potential to be hilarious.

Well... It wasn't bad, but it definitely wasn't great either. Mostly it just needs a solid proofread or two. Lot of simple errors slipped through.

8135495 My honest reason for not getting it edited was due to the fact I thought it was too niche to be worthwhile. Not that I regret writing this. I was in a slump, and needed literally anything else to write, thus I spawned this. I sincerely apologise that it is lacklustre, but thank you for your comment.

It might take a few tries for them to re-separate. Perhaps she has to impregnate a mare with the sperm that constitutes each entity? Or just send a sample to Purple Smart and have her sort out whose DNA is whose... man, that would be awkward to explain.

There is no such thing as too niche. I'd be happy to proofread any sequels, continuations, spin-offs, or book deals if you need it.

I really dislike when people criticize with "show, don't tell," as it's just lazy and unhelpful, but damn, this was really telly. It also falls into some cliche traps like spending a paragraph describing the body, spending a paragraph describing the cock, etc, right out of the gate, instead of just gradually/elegantly giving such information throughout the story in the form of adjectives, action, dialogue, and such.

I didn't dislike it, though. The concept was pretty fun.

8135994 I wanted to make sure the requester was happy, and that all of his particular fetishes were being catered to, hence my over-descriptiveness. You can read some of my other works and see I don't usually operate on that method. It was also my first time writing anthro, and unlike the bodies of ponies, the descriptions of anthro bodies are quite new to me. I'm happy you liked it however, and promise that future work will not be to the same quality this was.

It's image 659455 on derpi.

Yep I definitely loved this :pinkiehappy:!! I think you could write a fic about contrast or I could write it? Hm not sure?

List of things to write:
3 Requests
Sequel to 'No longer Customary'
Sequel to 'The Republican'
Sequel to 'A Weird Night'
'Galway Girl'

8135316 good to see a fellow lover of all things cumflation

I'm rather disappointment that you jsut kinda skipped over chrysi getting cock vored, but still, excellent story~

Comment posted by Spazmitism deleted May 3rd, 2017

Why did I read this... why.

8138631 No turning back now. :trollestia:

8137680 I wanted it to be more comedic, that's why. Although I'm sorry that disappointed you.

8138631 you can blame me for coming up with this. did you like it? :trollestia:

Goddamn you snapped my neck three times, the plot twists were that crazy. Hooo-hooo-hohoholy shit, that was fun, but the thoughts, you might want to color those, it was hard to tell who was talking

8141089 :trollestia:
The difficulty in telling was somewhat intentional. I was hoping that via dialogue and personality alone you could tell whom was speaking, but meh.

This was really good. There's not enough of these weird fetishes to go around. :D

My only complaints are that the cock vore could have been a bit more descriptive and the way it is described paints a kind of... freaky picture. I like her dick having a mind of it's own but elongating itself like that and pretty much going full tentacle is a little weird, if it was me I would have given Nightmare more limited control and had her coax Luna into doing most of the work until she could slurp them up. Also I don't really like the merging thing at the end (I'd prefer if they came back out either whole or as cum-slime ponies >_>). The second one is just preference though.

Please do more stuff like this.

8141410 This was kinda left field for me. Although if you have a story basis/plot you'd like with these particular fetishes, feel free to PM me, and I'll get around to it at some point. I'm extremely happy you liked it, creepy vore aside. I had never written anything, or even read anything, like this before hence the lack of detail concerning it. Also, the requester wanted Luna to not be traumatised. :trollestia: If you like stuff like this, I've got futa and femboys on my resume, so feel free to read eh?

I vote that we continue the story, maybe how Twilight and the rest of Equestria takes this Combo of Celestia and the queen of changelings?
who's with me?

I love a good story like this with Chrysalis and my favorite princess Luna going at it, Futa Luna yes, and Amazon Chrysalis was something I might need to draw one day.

Luna must have had quite a snoo snoo with amazon Chryssi if you know what I'm talking about.

"Despite this being not everyone's cup of tea, please do not leave a dislike on that alone."

Sorry buddy boy, that's just not how this world works, they'll just do it anyways. Trust me, it happens to me all the time.

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