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Been away for a while. Figured I'd give writing for this fandom a shot.


Mirai Si’Maire is an elf on a mission. A mission to save her culture, her race, and her gods.

A mission Equestria may have to pay the price for.

So... ya'know, no pressure.

Cover art by the amazingly talented HoodwinkedTales!
Editing by sevenofeleven and Malozi!

Setting by Traintrack to Nowhere. Without whom this story wouldn't be half as good.

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Now this should be interessting. Elves are, if well written and not stereotypical snooty, highly entertaining to the audience. Seems like you have the winning formula so far.^^b

Thanks a lot Mr. Possibly Dead.
This particular setting is based on a Homebrew P&P RPG a friend of mine came up with and I'm pretty sure almost none of the characters are stereotypical LotR elves.

Su-weet!:pinkiehappy: Is that P&P completly made up from scratch or is there some pre-existing stuff? Just asking because I know the pain of creating your very own P&P system from point zero, which would also double my respect for that friend of yours.

Also, it´s Ms. but hey.

7397164 I don't really have anything against the LotR elves [except Thranduil, who deserves it], but... No. They don't have that air of refinement and antiquity your standard elf species tends to exhibit. Maybe if their empire didn't get (buried alive beneath greenskin corpses) wrecked, that would be different, but contemporary elves of their world are very down to Earth.

No pre-existing material, there was. The story from which this setting sprang, I never truly wrote. Written as relevant, 2/3 of it is. Call it beta/alpha stage, you could. Hrmmm hrmmm.

Amusingly, Mirai herself accused Fearghal (a revenant from the height of the empire) of being snooty. He was a stoneworker before joining the military and receiving his title based upon merit / accidentally inventing a new school of magic.

I hear you. Galadriel is one of my favourite Elves of all time, right after Deedlit from Lodoss War.

Hehe, I will so enjoy this, am sure of that.

Yep pretty much what my friend Track here said Ms. Possibly Dead.
He acts like we haven't put hours of time into the setting here and there. Far from bare bones, though still only scratching the surface.

To be fair Fearghal was being majorly pigheaded. How dare he refuse to believe he had been dead for a thousand years! Jerk :trixieshiftright:

Kinda like the Black Knight from Monty Python hn?

Yeah pretty much.
He's also Lawful Good to Mirai's Chaotic Neutral/Good. So Natural inter-alignment tension everywhere! lol

7397192 (Cloven in twain) - 'Tis but a flesh wound! --- No, more seriously; he didn't have enough proof. To him, one moment he's fighting a war, the next he's inside an overrun dwarf-hold somewhere being told that the battle probably finished a long time ago and that his soldiers are long dead. It's more understandable than Link (and Mirai) let on.

7397195 And it was 8,000 years.

Sneakily edits the chapter before anyone notices. :trixieshiftright:

Oh boy, this looks like it is going to be fun. I have two questions though, you mentioned droopy ears for Mirai. No upwards pointy ears like a lot of games/show/books, and how droopy are we talking? Second, when in the show is she coming in at, or is that revealed somehow in an upcoming chapter?

<Companionable Twig>

I can't get over this part, hehe. If Celestia picks up on it that easily, if/when Pinkie meets Mirai her reaction will be amusing. As well as Fluttershys if you choose to use the fandoms "Fluttershy wants to be a tree" meme.

Thanks glad your looking forward to the story.

Here is a quick sketch that Traintrack did of her.

As for when shes coming in, I didn't outright state it but there's a really obvious clue in that everyone only ever says Princess when they reference the leadership. So this is taking place before NMM.

Oh god pinky and <Twig> :facehoof:
I dare not think about the madness I'm going to have to write.

Anyway thanks for the comment!

7403006 Ugh. You linked the crappy MS paint-esque colored version.


That's the original sketch so that you guys hopefully don't think I'm a total incompetent.
[Yes; I'm aware that one of her shin-bracers is too short. Will be fixed when I make a serious attempt at coloring her.]

Compendium of other majors OCs is a work in progress. Currently done: Mirai, Aillil and someone who hasn't even been mentioned yet.

Or I might even remember to actually use the reply button.


Oh my gods, all the yes! I totaly love Mirai´s familiy from what we know so far. Setting your own house on fire so the man you loves get his ass moving, brilliant!


Glad you guys enjoyed it!
Next chapter we finally reach Ponyville! So look forward to that.

Sup guys! I have a question for you.

Surely by now you guys have picked up on the idea that things are not at all well in Eogan. What with the repeated mentions of fates worse than death you probably have ideas about what's going down. So knowing this, should I add the dark tag?
Let me know if you think the hints are enough to warrant it.

I would only add the Dark tag if you actualy show ammounts of it. I don´t think just mentioning it alone warrants a new tag but that might just be me.

As a first chapter, its good.

Now you have my attention.

I actually had more to say about this story in my first comment but I was on my phone and no way was I going to type that all out. Unfortunately now I've forgotten about a lot of it.
I like Mirai and we don't see many stories about nonhumans like elves and dwarves coming to Equestria. So that's a pleasant aversion from what we usually get. Let's see how you do.


Glad to hear you liked it! The fourth chapter is coming soon (4/5ths done) and is the climax of the intro arc. I'm curious as to what your other thoughts were but alas they are lost to the aether.

They were mostly reiteration of what we had discussed in private earlier, and thus, not really important to repeat here.

Hey everybody!
As you might have noticed I've spent a bit of time remodeling the story, changing the name to what it was originally intended to be, and a brand new title image from HoodwinkedTales!

She even did a cool speed painting video, check it out!

I'm not exactly that busy anymore, except on the weekdays. So I suppose I can spare some time helping you out with editing. It appears as though you've got most of it down, so it shouldn't be too much work on my end!

for if such a thing could survive then the land had to be noticeably less hostile than her home.

Sure, but at the same time there's still a ridiculous amount of megafauna running around outside the civilized areas, alongside the occasional existential threat.

Celestia watched after them until the door clicked closed with an air of finality. “Oh dear...” Celestia said, summoning a hot cup of tea and taking a calming sip. “I don't know if Canterlot can handle two of them.”



True but continent the elves live on is even more hostile then that. The occasional dragon or hydra is probably high on the scale of nastiness but the sheer volume of hostile creatures probably makes up for them. The place is so nasty in fact that the elves build city walls out of treants so that hostile fauna dies via angry nature spirits instead of causing harm.

Also, yay comment!

City walls made of treants? Sounds awesome and at the same time, kinda like Attack on Titan.^^

I just wonder what Mirai is up to and what her god-phobia will make her do. I just hope she will not set up some self defense thingamajics to ward of meddling gods, which either Luna or Celestia will set off in some attempt to get insight into Mirai or help her or whatsoever. Which in turn could only serve to make Mirai more openly hostile to the Pon-Pons, which then would cause said Pons to act in some way or another they deem apropriate in dealing with a new "threat". That could quickly turn this story into something very unsavory.

Then again, I think I just play the old waiting game and see what will come. So far, this story was nothing but delightful.^^b


Well hey there Ms. Possibly Dead long time no see!

I'm happy you're still liking the story so much. As for the whole AoT thing... The walls are kinda reminiscent of that yeah. They are the sole reason being a Druid was so sought after. They are the only ones who can build or maintain the city walls that keep loads of hostile monsters from murdering a bunch of people. The tone of the setting is also kinda similar in the sense that people can die very suddenly, brutally, and en mass.

As for Mirai managing to somehow block the celestial sisters? Yeah no.

God are Gods in this setting. Anything Mirai could ever do could be torn apart in an instant if either one chose to do so. They in fact are so potent they have to shunt most of their power out of phase with reality so they can actually exist on the mortal plane without accidentally obliterating half a continent by sipping their tea too hard.

They do have some trouble being omniscient... I blame that on them existing on the mortal plane.

Welp, been kinda, dead and yet not, y´know? =^.^=

Ya, I asumed that much. Mirai is only mortal after all. Still might tick dem sisters off a bit and ticked of deities are never fun.

Oh my sides, anihilation by drinking tea to hard? I just imagined how something like that could could play out!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Luna: Sister! A mysterious disaster has struck! Manehatten and all the surrounding land has suddenly vanished, leaving only a glassed crater behind!
Celestia: *looks down bashfully*
Luna: Sister? What have you done?
Celestia: Nothing! Why do you asume it was my fault?
Luna: Tia~aa?
Celestia: Urgh, fine! I was just raising the sun when I suddenly had to sneeze. Which might or might not caused a coloum of solar plasma do pour down just where Manehatten used to be.
Luna: By mother´s non-exsitent beard Tia! You just vaporized hundret thousands of ponies!
Celestia: In my defense, I sneezed really hard.


Yeah that's pretty much how my mind works too. Someone mentions a bizarre concept and then my noggin plays it all out...

Not gonna lie, it causes some awkward giggling.

Btw is it just me or is the image of Celestia doing one of those cute dog sneezes one of the most adorable things ever?

Putting nuclear weapon test footage after does actually make it pretty funny tho.

Story of my life. Coupled with the fact that all my friends tell me my laugh puts a hyena to shame, ya, fun times.:pinkiecrazy:

Nope, not just you and I just pictured it. Now I am scarred shitless and have diabeteus at the same time.

Also still need editors, my existing ones have mostly wandered off. Send me a PM if you'd like to help out.

S'not my fault moving takes so much time. If my proofreading even really counts.

7757961 Your my last one actually. Sorry if I made you feel excluded.

7757980 You're cool. I was being facetious.

I didn't know this chapter needed to be edited. Sorry about that.

7664531 The fauna and megafauna of her home inflict a near 50% casualty rate upon each successive generation. She's not kidding around.

Lesson of the day kiddos. Allways loot old castles. Allways!


Well... I mean... She is sort of a DnD-esq character...
It's kinda in her bones at this point.

I think a character in every setting that is just barley like an RPG will loot everything that is not nailed down in a 200 meter radius around them given the chance and sometimes, even the nailed down stuff, nails and everything. I know my halfling in our last Warhammer Fantasy P&P did.^^

It even became the motto/warcry of our P&P group: Blood and loot.:pinkiecrazy:


Don't know if you noticed but she did actually loot some nails in an earlier chapter... I think she's actually still got them.

And that motto is hilarious. Sort of like skulls for the skull throne but for the modern adventurer.

What happened to this story? Would love to see more :twilightsmile:

Is this still going? owo

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