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Glad to see another story~ :heart:

7678952 Ah, thank you! Fixed.

very good read

Ahh! Why did I read this? This is not my fetish! No bueno!

Note, I will not leave a dislike. This is not my thing, but it was fairly well written and it was my fault for reading this sort of story when I knew it wasn't my thing. Good day, sir/madam.


I'm going to add on to this. I hadn't read a good bit of vore in a while so I figured I'd give this a chance... hoping against hope "disposal" didn't mean what I thought it meant.

It did.

The correct nomenclature is "scat." Calling it something else may make you feel better for some reason, but it really leaves that wiggle room that leads to people reading something they really have no interest in. For fetish fics (especially extreme fetish fics) ALWAYS err on the side of specificity.

I do agree with Utopianking, your writing is good, it was just not something I should have been reading.

Disposal is a common term used in the vore community to refer to post-vore scat of the victim, i.e. "disposing" of them. I'm not really sure what else you could have interpreted disposal to be, especially in the context of a vorefic. I put up many warnings both in the short and long descriptions as well as in author notes at the beginning of the fic. That said, I'm sorry that you ended up reading something you didn't want to, especially a fic like this. Judging by the up/down ratio on the fic, I guess this is more of a common problem than I anticipated, and I'm going to edit the description to clarify. :twilightsmile:


I am fairly certain that the like dislike ratio is not because of the tags or description but because of the particular theme of the story. Anything involving hardcore fetishes is usually downvoted hard by people for mysterious reasons.

I believe only a few scat fics even have a positive ratio.

7680448 I would think this is the case, but my other stories feature scat predominately as well and they have positive like/dislike ratios. That could be because there is also actual vore in them, and not just post-vore digestion and disposal and such.

7680720 Well Full Tour, you have once again done something I rarely see, taken a picture that is either okay, good, or uninteresting of a (vore) artist and turned it into a very good story. I have also decided to follow you, you have fully captured my attention despite not (yet:raritywink:) having written a story I would put in my Extraordinary folder. For now at least, rather than a single story being Extraordinary, it is your style:twilightsmile: I eagerly await your work.

Oh, and I think the whole "odd fetishes get a stream of downvotes" thing could at least contribute to the ratio here, but it could change when others who like this find it since your other stories have roughly the same number of downvotes but more upvotes, and they've been up a bit longer. Your point about lack of outright vore could be right though, there are those who come for the vore and ignore the scat I'm sure. All I really know is, the scat stories I have have an insane number of downvotes, (pfeh) judgemental idiots:twilightangry2:

7683180 Wow, thank you! That means a lot to me, it's quite high praise in my opinion. :twilightblush:

7683749 You deserve every bit of it darling:raritywink: Only one other author has gotten me to follow them without writing an Extraordinary story or there being a none story reason, and honestly, the other was more out of him writing so many things, with only a couple being my kind of stories, that I did it out of "well, with all the stuff he writes, and some it being good, it can't hurt in case he writes something I like again", so in a way, the other author (Megapone if you're curious) I follow out of quantity (no offense meant to Megapone though, just being honest), while with you, it's all quality:pinkiesmile:

7683784 Oh, I know Megapone! He's a very talented and skilled author, I'm very flattered that you'd compare me to him.

not normally my cup of tea, but it was very well written compared to almost every other scat story I've read


Lol at all these faggots jerking themselves to scat giving you a downvote for speaking the truth. Pathetic.

7689962 Classic! Thumbs up, my good man!


While the people that disagree with what I said are wrong... Scat is the correct nomenclature, even if "disposal" is a supposedly common term in the hardcore vore community... tell you what, with over a decade of being in these circles, I've not heard the word "disposal" in concert with scat, even once. Happily, the author changed it to be more specific in the description. Sorry, I digress; the way you worded that is seriously douchey. The fact that you'd ever be looking at clopfics at all and would say something like that boggles my mind.

People like what they like, and that's okay. I'm happy that people can fulfill their fantasies in a reasonable and safe way with the art of erotic fiction.

A great delight of a story. Twi's such a cute pred <3

This was written well. I don't like scat/disposal, and I personally skipped that part, but everything before that was great. August is also a good artist and it's cool to see someone making stuff themed after his art, even if most of his art isn't in the realm of things I particularly like.

I kind of like the hat disposal. It has a layer f insult to it when prey is shit out into their own accessories and it compliments the fact that someone just died. Well, if you don't respect someone enough to eat them, I suppose disposing of them into a hat isn't going to be a burden on the conscience. It's a fun piece. You're good at vore. I'd like to see more.

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