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The Full Tour

You'll see everything. Everything.

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A bit curios what the image was.

Another good read, keep up the good work

7318997 Thank you! And don't you worry, my next fic will be positively overflowing with stomach descriptions. :twilightsmile:

On the opposite side, do you think you'd ever do a full tour story without the digestion? Vore and all-the-way through are both fetishes that I'm interest in, but I'm not a fan of scat specifically. Thanks and best of luck!

7319251 I like most kinds of vore (except hard vore—sorry), so I probably will, eventually. You're talking non-fatal soft vore full tour, right?

Exactly; in one end & out the other, still in one piece and still fresh as a daisy (or close to). It's something I haven't seen on the site, but I'd be happy to hear that it might be some day.

I was a little disappointed that there was just some teasing and not full-on cunnilingus on the way down.

Which picture was this based off of?

it was anatomic... I guess, I still don't get fetiches.

My biggest question about this is how RD got back to normal.
Surely neither AJ nor the others would actually leave her like this.

Some enjoyable dining on Rainbow's lean backside. I hoped AJ would indulge a little more, like licking Dash's vag or playing with her breasts as she slipped further down. Still, it scratch's that vore itch.

8072244 I think this will be permanent. Rainbow dash surely thought these would be her final moments of life before she was swallowed entirely by Applejack.

Her thinking those are her final moments, and them ACTUALLY being her final moments are two different things.

8673144 I still think RD will remain this way...Unless Full tour says otherwise.

I hope they do make a sequel where Dash gets her revenge

8673418 I doubt that. From Full Tour's other works. It seems that once the victim is digested and disposal of....They're going to remain that way.

She inhaled deeply, trying to clear her mind of all the rampart emotions in an effort to convey a final meaningful message.


Horrifying. I'm into it,

talk about a small world

Applejack moaned softly, one of her hands reaching up to her breasts...

Her hooves slid into Applejack’s mouth, no problem. Rainbow squirmed a bit, cringing at the odd feeling of the warm, wet walls grasping at her. She felt AJ’s tongue snake around her hooves, dancing about her frog on her left hoof for a moment, eliciting a tiny giggle from Dash, and a jerk of her leg.


They are a Stage 3 of MLP anthropomorphic.

Ok, got it thanks, sorry for my freak out at first

Water under the bridge.

FYI this isn’t soft vore if they die.

Actually, it IS soft vore. Or, to be more accurate, fatal soft vore. For those who don't know the difference, soft vore is when the prey is swallowed whole and alive. Hard vore is when there is blood and bones during the eating part. For instance, it would be hard vore if AJ had chewed Rainbow hard enough to draw blood at some point, if she had taken bites out of Rainbow until only bones were left, or if she had used a fork and a knife.

Oh. I thought all death vore was hard vore. OK then. Still if someone dies I don’t read it. I don’t like death.

It's fine. It really is acommon misconception. As for not liking death, that's fine too. Everyone has different tastes after all. I for one stay away from anything involving male predators and/or male/male. And I don't have anything against those who do like those things. It's just not my cup of tea.

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