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The gang are freshmen in Equestria High. But they aren't friends. Rarity doesn't care the others any more and left the group with Applejack following her. Twilight left for the eggheads, so it's just Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Rainbow left. Let's see how much longer that last.

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By any chances that OC of others can be background characters or something.

Love it so far keep up the good work:twilightsmile:.

7311202 Thank you and yes. Technically I already have some people's OC's in future chapters. On my Wattpad account I'm writing Chapter 15, so I'm just copying and pasting with a bit of editing.

7311220 Thats good to hear. If you need another my OC is available, his info is on my page:twilightsmile:

Ok 'll say it.

Thsi story si horrible it way too fast, and barely understand anything, as it going all over the place.
I understood the characters would be a bit oc but this is stupid, some of this stuff makes no sense the cmc is poorly written.

It's a good story idea that baddly writtten!:flutterrage:

If u just slowed it down a bit, worked on grammar...:pinkiesmile:

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