• Published 17th Jun 2016
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Equestria High - Rainbow_Dash_4_real

The mane six go to high school and the drama unfolds.

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Chapter Three

Pinkie's POV

This was so EXCITING me and my very bestest friends were all going to be in one dorm for the whole school year! All three of us where getting in the elevator, by us I mean Dashie, Flutters, and I! I press the button to go to the third floor then I saw Rarity coming towards the elevator and then Rainbow started to press the 'close door' button really hard a lot of times. But it didn't work Rarity slipped in the elevator like she doesn't have a care in the whole wide world. "Dammit..." Rainbow mumbled under her breath.

"Hello girls, " Rarity said with her 'accent' which was like super phony baloney. He dad was a like professional football player in New York or something.

"Um...hi." Fluttershy squealed before hiding behind her hair.

"HIYA!" I boomed causing Rarity's eyes to widen.

"So...uh how has it been darlings? It's been a long time since-"

"You left us completely disregarding our feeling taking you country stalker along with you. Yea, I know, it's been a while." Dashie said in the harshest tone like EVER.

"Well you don't have to be so rude about it you...you ruffian! Always acting so disgusting just to get a good laugh out of embarrassing Applejack's brother!" Rarity said before flipping her purple shiny hair.

It was probably not the best idea to have Dash and Rarity stand so close to each other. "Speaking of which, where is you little pet? Did ya let her of her leash for once and she ran away?" Rainbow said which made Rarity's light skin turn sort if reddish. Thank goodness the elevators door opened to the third floor. All four of us headed out of the moving metal box and headed out separate ways.

"Um...Rainbow, you didn't have to be so rude. She was trying to be nice." Fluttershy said twisting a lock of her long pretty pink hair.

"Trying to be nice my ass." Rainbow said before jabbing the key into the lock of our dorm.

Rarity's POV

After that fiasco in elevator instead of following them to 300-315, where my dorm was, I went all the way around through 316-330, which was I lot of exercise for a girl in heels.

My phone buzzed and I pulled it out of my new Prada purse my daddy bought me. Applejack was calling me probably trying to figure out what dorm I'm in. "Hello, Darling." "Um..Howdy. What dorm are you in?"

"Hold on darling..." I mumbled as a dug in my purse for my papers. "Aha I am in...304."

I could hear Applejack gasp, "I am to! Ain't this exciting!" She beamed.

"It sure is Applejack, it sure is." I said laughing.

Fluttershy's POV

"303! Two of my lucky numbers!" Rainbow screamed startling.

"If only we got 333, but they don't have that here." Pinkie smiled as she started to unpack. The dorm was pretty nice, we had a living room, a small kitchen, and one bed room with two twin sized beds, and one Queen sized.

"Uh, Rainbow...you can have the big bed since your used to those." I said. I was never stayed in a room with my friends.

"Yea, I was planning on taking it anyways." Rainbow said as she threw her suitcase on her bed and started to unpack.

Author's Note:

Hey guys, I hope you liked this Chapter. I do not know why that's capitalized. Uh...so I'm trying to squeeze three POVs in there every chapter. So ya BYE

~Dash, Rainbow