• Published 17th Jun 2016
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Equestria High - Rainbow_Dash_4_real

The mane six go to high school and the drama unfolds.

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Chapter Five

Rainbow's POV

"Ugh, these uniforms we got at our door last night are terrible." I complained to Pinkie as I starred at the clothes that were laid on my bed.

(Me and Pinkie had hit the showers last night while Fluttz is taking her's in the second floor where the showers were. Yeah, it pretty much sucked to have to walk down the stairs into a room fully of wet naked girls, and that our bathrooms in the dorms only had a toilet, sink and mirror.)

The uniform was a red plaid skirt, black knee high socks, a white shirt, with a light gray vest to go over it that had the school's logo sewed onto it, it also had a red tie to match the skirt. All of it together made it look like some Scottish chick with a plaid addiction who loved to play golf.

"I know I'm not the one obsessed with fashion, but I'm not going to school looking like some anime slut bag." I said plopping on my bed. Pinkie came out the restroom with her uniform on, plus like 20 Rainbow Loom bracelets, ten on each wrist, 6 pins on her vest which had smiley faces and balloons and crap like that, and some glitter in her already mangy looking hair. Not to mention her boobs were so freaking huge that her shirt didn't button all the way so her boobs were like so sticking out.

"There's nothing in the rulebook that says I can't do this!" Pinkie cheered as she skipped towards me.

"Well played Pinks, well played." I said before I got to work. "Hey what did you and Fluttershy find behind that door?"

Pinkie started to blush and kinda looked traumatized, "I'd rather not talk about." She said with a really serious face.

Applejack's POV

"Ugh, Rarity can you please help me with puttin' all your crap in front of this here door? You said you wanted me to help you block it, but you ain't helpin'!"

Rarity was up on her bed, filing her nails. "Oh, you wanted me to help? You misunderstood, I wanted you to do the work while I supervised." She said as she started to pick which nail polish she should use.

"Well I ain't doin' nothin' 'til you decide to help me!" I plopped my little redneck ass on the floor, crossed my arms, and pouted like my little sis would.

Rarity rolled her eyes, "I'll help you but let me but my hair in a ponytail." She say before walked towards the restroom.

Then Twilight burst through the door, "Come on, girls we have only 20 minutes to eat!" She screamed like it took her an hour to eat. Thank goodness me an' Rarity was already dressed.

We both grabbed our bags and we walked out the door, "Wait!" I yelled as I ran back inside. I came back out , "I forgot my Ma's hat." I said as I put the brown Stetson on top of my blonde hair. "Say. Why do ya want me to block up the door?"

I asked Rarity who blushed like she had just saw my granny walking around but naked, "It's too embarrassing!" She growled.

Luna's POV

I typed about all day while the students while they socialized, I took a break for a moment to look over the old records. One girl particularly caught my eye. I even watched her by her locker for a while, she would make such a good deputy. I typed a special invitation for her and her loves one. It was about twenty years ago when her mother was my deputy at this game we both played. In the middle of the night I went up into her dorm and slipped it into her backpack where she most likely kept her phone. As I left I silently closed the door and looked at the number: 303...