• Published 17th Jun 2016
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Equestria High - Rainbow_Dash_4_real

The mane six go to high school and the drama unfolds.

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Chapter Two

??????'s POV

I walked into Equestria High surrounded by girls and lots of them. They all screamed my name asking for autographs and pictures for there Instagram and crap like that. But that wasn't why I was here. Well it was part of it. I finally got the girls off when I said I'll see them at lunch. Some fainted some blushed and some girls started to fight their own best friends.

During the chaos I slipped out, when I made it to the main hallway I noticed some tall guy with orangish hair covering a boner. But I kept walking cause he wasn't the reason I was here either.

Rainbow's POV

Since we really didn't have classes today everyone was pretty much in the hallway either decorating their locker or hanging out. The only thing I decorate my locker with was 3 things.

#1 A picture of me and my bæ, Tech Scratch

#2 The number 3 which was my lucky number

#3 A picture of me and my closest friend, Soarin.

Soarin left in 5th grade he promised he'd come back in 9th, which luckily was this year. He left to be on some TV show in LA. I forgot the name of the show because I never really liked it.

Suddenly a pair of hands covered my eyes. I couldn't help but smile. "Tech I know it's you." I said as a pulled the manly hands off my face.

"Come on Babe you never know." He joked as he pulled into a hug. His shaggy hair was like a dark neon blue type thing.

"When are you going to brush that mane of yours." I said looking at the brightly colored hair.

He chuckled, "I did brush it..." He said pulling out his iPhone using the camera as a mirror, "Well at least I thought I did."

Pinkie started to burst with laughter and Fluttershy quietly giggled. I shot a glare at them telling them to keep quiet.

Tech peered into my locker. "I thought I told you I didn't like that picture. I turned to look at the picture he was starring at, the picture of me and Soarin the last day of school in 5th grade.

"But it's my favorite. And this was the last time I saw him." Tech rolled his eyes. He always seemed jealous of the bond me and Soarin had. Tech forced me into a kiss. I know he seems a little to aggressive but he really isn't that bad. He's just super fit. That's all.

Twilight's POV

I sighed. I looked at myself in the mirror for the fifth time. I could hear them now, calling me 'Princess Twilight, Ruler of the Geeks and Nerds'.

I was in the girls bathroom. Starring at my wings in the mirror. Most students only got their powers during school dances or when their at home. But ever since Princess/Principal Celestia turned me into a princess, I have my wings and magic 24/7 now. It was worse since my brother, Shinning Armor the head P.E coach, married Celestia and Luna's niece, Princess Cadence, the school counselor. As the newest princess I was made the President of the Student Body. Yeah, it sounds pretty cool but not with out having a fair election.

"Twi? Is that you?" A voice called. I turned around in surprise to see Sunset Shimmer, my used to be evil cousin.

"Yeah, it's me Sun."

"What are you doing in here?" She said looking around, "This place is disgusting! It obviously hasn't been clean for at least a decade."

I looked around the bathroom. The stalls had graffiti on them, some didn't even have doors. One stall had something in it that looked like old feces. My nose wrinkled in disgust, I had just noticed the smell in here too. "I guess I was to into getting a quiet place to think." I admitted.

"Come on let's get out of here." Sunset said before quickly walking out the room. I just followed slowly.

Rarity's POV

"Go on shoo! I don't want you boys to scare him away!" I said telling my fans to go away.

"Uh, Rarity, why did you just tell the boys to leave?" My little country side kick asked.

I rolled my eyes, "According to Twitter," I paused pulling out my iPhone 6 plus opening the app, " Soarin from the hit TV show, 'That Show' just walked into school and started to go down this hallway. And if I'm lucky he might stop to talk to me." I pointed out showing Applejack the Tweet posted by @EHS_SoarinFangirlArmy

"I only followed the Fanclubs so they feel important, plus I can get celeb gossip without even turning the TV on. Since our dorm has no cable!" I wined. I could tell Applejack wanted to roll her hazel eyes at me, but she loved me way too much.

"Rarity ain't that Soarin right there?" I turned and gasped.

"It is him...How do I look?"

"Um...sexy?" Applejack said looking kind of weird. "Good."

I brushed my hair really quick and propped up my boobs making them look more bouncy. I approached him pretending to 'accidentally' bumping into him. "Oh, I am absolutely sorry darling." I said acting all cutesy.

"Oh, no it was my fault not yours" he said.

"Well you looked familiar, oh Soarin is it?" I asked.

"Uh, yeah that me. You really don't know me."

"I've watched your show a couple of times. But it was ok I guess." I was so lying I so loved his show.

"How about I get to know you better with a date." He said.

"Alright. Fine."

Author's Note:

I so hoped you liked the POV's. I really enjoyed writing with them. If you don't like it. Please tell me so I can make an adjustment.