• Published 17th Jun 2016
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Equestria High - Rainbow_Dash_4_real

The mane six go to high school and the drama unfolds.

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Chapter Six

Twilight's POV

The dorm's cafeteria was super crowded. All the girls were either getting something to eat or are sitting down with their friends.

I went to the buffet and noticed lots of different foods. As I went down the line I got two pancakes, three pieces of bacon, and two large spoonfuls of eggs. To me this was the perfect breakfast for the first day of actual school. When I made it to where everyone was sitting I noticed everybody starting at me, but not me but my wings. I smiled nervously and tried to find a place to seat quickly. I noticed Sunset sitting with a lot of girls I didn't even know. So I looked around some more to find someone else to sit by, then I found my friends. "Greetingshh Twilight," A mare with orange hair, with green eyes, some braces, and one outside retainer things. You can't judge me you don't know what their called either!

"Hi Sally..." I said slowly sitting down.

The others simply said "Greetings" to me. They all talked about science and math with was really interesting but it wasn't as fun as my conversations with my old friends.

Then out of know where Rarity and Applejack tapped me on the shoulder, "Darling we would like to talk, please come sit with us." was all Rarity said before walking off with AJ.

"Excuse me..." I said before grabbing my tray and filling after my roommates.

I sat down in the booth across from Rarity and Applejack. "Um...hey, girls. What did you want to talk about?" I asked.

"I-" Rarity fake coughed which interrupted Applejack, "I mean we wanted to apologize about what happen' yesterday. Rare and I feel really bad an' we want to mak' it up to y'all." I cocked at eyebrow them. What were these two offering me? Popularity? Honor? Friendship?

"How?" I questioned despite all the things that were inside my head.

"We want you to join our, well, posse, gang, squad, etc." Rarity said. I couldn't think. This is a live changing decision! If I say yes I could be popular, have friends, and could have cute boys around me. But if I don't...

Fluttershy's POV

In the cafeteria me and the girls all sat together. "We should play more Infinity when we get back!" Pinkie exclaimed.

"After we do our homework, Pinkie. That stuff is more important that some game." Rainbow said the words that was about to escape my mouth.

"You know I-" I had started before some lady at the front of the cafeteria tapped he microphone.

"Girls! Girls!" She said grabbing anyone's attention that wasn't already on her. "Good morning, girls! I'm Ms.Cheerilee and I am one of the teachers here at EHS." Some of the girls clapped and others cheered.

"She's too perky for me..." Rainbow grumbled under her breath. Pinkie snickered.

"She seems nice to me." I said smiling.

"Now your probably thinking. 'Why is she up there? Is she going to do one of those boring introduction things?' I'm up here because I have something important to discuss with all of the Freshmen here. If your a Junior or Sophomore or whatever you don't have to listen but you still have to be quiet." The caucasian teacher with pink and lighter pink hair and green eyes put a finger over her lips. After that all the older girls but the earbuds back in or started to talk. "Now for all you freshmen, each year the freshmen girls have there one little talent show-" A group of girls cheered interrupting Ms.Cheerilee. "But there's a catch. We chose your partners for you." All of us groaned in disappointment. "But since there is a uneven amount if girls this year we have picked one to spare from this event."

Immediately I crossed my fingers, legs, arms, and my toes, causing some girls to stare at me. So I stopped. "Fluttershy?!? Um...you've been excused from this event. Please stand Fluttershy!" Ms.Cheerilee said.

Rainbow Dash popped out of her seat and yelled, "SHE'D RATHER NOT! SHE'S TO SHY!!"

"Oh, ok well you guys can continue eating." The teacher finished and stepped off the stage.

Author's Note:

And know these chapters are rushed but you don't have to point it out.