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After the Canterlot Wedding Luna has been feeling lonely, and Rainbow has been to. To them everypony has somepony, except them. Dash loves somepony, but she doesn't know if that pony loves her back. On the other hoof Luna feels as if she was back on the moon. Eventually the to get together and live in happily ever after, but of course the drama comes first.

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The gang are freshmen in Equestria High. But they aren't friends. Rarity doesn't care the others any more and left the group with Applejack following her. Twilight left for the eggheads, so it's just Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Rainbow left. Let's see how much longer that last.

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13 year-old Twilight Sparkle is forced to go out during the summer by her mentor/idol Princess Celestia. She meets a troubled colt who is also handsome, smart and charming. Twilight soon falls in love with him.

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