• Published 10th Jun 2016
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Lonely in the Night - Lucky Seven

Starlight has been feeling down, and receives some kind words from an unlikely source.

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Lonely in the Night

Starlight’s stomach growled. It was her body’s way of protesting against her decision to wander through the cold streets of Ponyville. She had neglected to bring any bits with her, and nopony was willing to offer the troubled pony any food. She sighed as she came across a dark alleyway, trotting inside and plopping down against a dumpster.

Her stomach gave another growl, this one more intense than the last. She groaned her disapproval, slamming her head back against the dumpster. “Ugh, just be quiet!”

The noise of garbage shuffling around in the dumpster caught her attention, and she was quick to jolt forward, falling to the ground as she tried to scooch away from whatever was inside. Was it a raccoon? Perhaps a stray cat? Or maybe—

The lid was pried open from the inside, and a pair of eyes peeked out at Starlight. Eyes that she was very familiar with. “... Scootaloo?”

The lid shot up, and Scootaloo popped her head out in its entirety. “Starlight? What are you— Whoa!” She cried, falling forward and flopping onto the ground as the lid slammed back down. She was quick to get back on her hooves, and regarded Starlight curiously. “What are you doing here, Starlight?”

Starlight blinked, her blank expression unwavering. “I’m pretty sure I could ask you the same question.”

“You could,” Scootaloo replied, falling to her rump and picking a piece of garbage out of her mane, “but I asked you first.”

Starlight followed the filly’s lead, moving herself into a seated position. “I’m here because, well… I got into an argument with Twilight.”

“... That’s it? No way is that the only reason.” Starlight gave Scootaloo a look that said ‘and what’s that supposed to mean?’. “You’re in a dark alley surrounded by trash, talking to a filly that lives in a dumpster.”

“Alright, fine,” Starlight sighed. “I can’t believe I’m about to pour my feelings out to a filly.”

“Hey, I might be a filly, but I’m also your friend!” Scootaloo beamed. “You can talk to me about anything, Starlight!”

“It’s just…” Starlight paused, trying to think of a good way to put this. She didn’t want to come across as too whiny, after all. “Have you ever put your heart and soul into something, and nopony was impressed by it?”

“Guh, try all the time,” Scootaloo moaned. “Nopony at school ever likes my projects. I can’t blame them, though. I’m not really the smartest filly around.” Starlight was about to refute that when she continued. “So what did you do that nopony liked?”

“I was trying to learn a new spell,” she began her story, Scootaloo scooching closer to her. “To impress Twilight. The spell was a very dangerous one, but I was able to reign it in and perform is successfully.”

“What did the spell do?” Scootaloo asked.

“The spell is meant to change the species of a pony temporarily. Pinkie Pie volunteered to be the test subject, and I was able to turn her into a pegasus pony.”

Scootaloo’s eyes lit up at that. “Whoa, that sounds awesome! So you’re saying you could turn me into a unicorn?”

“If I had the spell in front of me, maybe. But I’m never going to perform that spell again…”

“What? Why not! If you did it right, then who cares?”

“I do!” Starlight cried out, tears forming in her eyes.

Scootaloo, noticing that, scooched even closer to the unicorn, wrapping her hooves around Starlight’s waist. “Hey… it’s okay. I’m not really good with the sappy stuff, but… why are you crying?”

“Because!” She yelped out. “Twilight yelled at me! She said that I was putting Pinkie Pie in danger, and that what I did was ‘inexcusable’!”

“Well… she does kind of have a point,” Scootaloo replied softly, trying her best not to upset the mare any further. “Even if you did do the spell right, you did say it was dangerous. What happened after that?”

“The others joined in with her and scolded me.” Starlight gave a little sniffle. “S-sorry, I’m sure I sound like a total crybaby right now.”

“You kinda do,” Scoots replied bluntly. That got a tiny chuckle from Starlight, and the filly smiled up at her. “But why did you run here?”

“I— I couldn’t handle their disappointment,” she admitted. “They were waiting for me to apologize, and I just… I just galloped off.”

“It sounds to me like you were all being a bit unfair,” Scootaloo said. “They could have at least told you ‘good job’ since you did it right, but you shouldn’t have run away. If there’s anything Rainbow Dash has taught me, it’s the running away never solves anything!” She shouted, jumping up and away from Starlight, her wings buzzing excitedly.

“I suppose you’re right. I’m just not the most confident pony, since becoming Twilight’s pupil.” Starlight rolled her eyes after a moment. “I can’t believe I’m learning about friendship from a filly.”

“Well believe it, sister! I may not be the smartest pony, but I’ve learned a lot about friendship from Princess Twilight and her friends!” Scootaloo grinned. “And I’m sure they’re worried sick about you.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I should probably go back to the castle and talk to them.” Starlight raised her rump off of the ground, standing up. “But you never told me why you’re here, Scootaloo.”

“Oh, heh. About that…” She trailed off for a moment, scratching the back of her head nervously. “I kind of… live here?”

“WHAT?!” Starlight shouted so loud half of Ponyville likely heard her. “How can you be living in a, a, a dumpster?”

“I’m sure you’ve noticed, but I don’t exactly have any parents. They both died when I was just a foal,” she stated, her voice morose. “I used to live in the clubhouse, but it gets really cold during the winter since the windows on it don’t close.”

“And a dumpster is a better place to sleep?” Starlight deadpanned. “That’s just… so sad!”

“It’s no big deal, Starlight. Sure, being homeless sucks, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned since I met Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, it’s that seeing your friends happy makes everything worthwhile, even if you’re not happy yourself. I’d rather take the time to make my friends happy than complain about my problems all the time.”

“That’s… shockingly mature of you,” Starlight replied. “But there’s no way I’m leaving you to sleep in a dumpster. Not only is it going to be below freezing tonight, but it’s a dumpster.”


“Come on,” Starlight smirked, grabbing Scootaloo with her magic and carrying the unwitting filly beside her. “You’re sleeping in the castle with me tonight.”

Author's Note:

This was written for the Rage Reviews "F*** this Prompt 11" contest, where the goal was to write a story about Scootaloo being an orphan. While I didn't make that the main focus of my story, I'd like to think I did an okay job of twisting that trope to make it less whiny and annoying.

I hope you guys enjoyed it!

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Comments ( 16 )

I love you, too, man! #nohomo

I know you might not do it......but......MORE!!!!!!!!:flutterrage:

I'd say that this is a strong entry for the contest as a whole. I liked how you made Scootaloo's status not the main focus of the story, and her hoping to make her friends happy is something I could definitely see being a part of Scootaloo. This is the same filly that idolizes Rainbow Dash, after all, and I bet she'd value loyalty like Dash. Starlight was also well-written in how she interacts with Scootaloo and her decision at the end of the story.

The only thing that I'm a bit unsure of is how Twilight fits into the story, though I guess it depends on how the story is being told. Her getting furious at Starlight seems a bit off to me, though I could definitely see her raising her voice and trying to explain to Starlight why the spell was a bad idea. Of course, Starlight could be the unreliable narrator here and blowing things out of proportion, something that fits her established character. But overall, I definitely enjoyed the story and how it managed to make something good out of a tricky prompt. Well done! :twilightsmile:

7292949 I typically don't reply to these kinds of comments, because almost all of my stories are considered complete at publication (especially since I typically write one-shots).

But I don't know. I might come back to this particular idea in the future, just not for this story.

7292953 You were spot-on with Starlight being over-dramatic about it all. Typically, when you're narrating an event that traumatized you, you tend to go a bit overboard when you finally do talk about it. Starlight, as a character, would definitely be the kind of pony to do that.

A good little slice of life fic, featuring an uncommon combination of characters. Well worth the read, and I loved seeing an in character Scootaloo being awesome whilst in a dumpster. Nice response from Starlight as well, at the end.

Have an upvote, and I shall look forward to seeing how you do in the contest :scootangel:

I'd like to think I did an okay job of twisting that trope to make it less whiny and annoying.

Welp, you did set out to do that and you did that well. A short story that tackles on some of the possible ways Starlight feels about her new love while still fitting into that prompt is pretty impressive, though I'm not sure you'd get as much attention as any other story that focused more on Scootaloo for the prompt. I'll still give you an upvote and some words of encouragement: remember that a few good layers of newspaper go along way.

Never thought of this pairing of mother and daughter but I can see it working somehow...

A nice, sweet little story. It felt a bit rushed in places as I read, but since this was written for a prompt, I can understand.
Have an upvote, and good luck in the contest!

do a sekle i thank that how you spell it

No, that's not how you spell it. sequel is the correct spelling :)

Well written, but it left me wanting More!

This story needs to be made canon.

A reading has been made of this story here!

Kinda short but still a good read

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