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Nice story and I hope this is ok for me to ask do you plan for them to do something in their parents bedroom if that's ok for me to ask

Pumpkin is selfish if she isn't gonna share Cloudchaser and Flitter

Okay I already love this. Can't wait for more.

wait.. that's it? No I just got into the mood! I demand chapter two before I take matters into my own hands and write the worst smut you've ever read, and I guarantee no one wants that! *Disclaimer: I am not at all serious and I think you're a fantastic writer, genuinely can't wait though*

I am not someone with money to donate, but I can assure you that I will be aware of this story for a second chapter, because the truth, this work is incredibly good, and I would not like to see such a good story unfinished.

Good job, keep it up :3

Any chance this will be continued? There's a dearth of quality male/futa stories, even less with the Cake twins, especially ones based on those hawt Suriano pics.

the next chapter is in progress! It's just taking an age and a half because I'm a slow writer at the best of times and also I've got a lot of projects on my plate.

Well done. Can't wait for more.

will this story continue, most of the other incomplete also, [but {mainly}] this one!

just to reiterate this thing i've said many times; yes. all of my ongoing stories are in fact ongoing. i'm just a slow writer at the best of times and when i work on things is dictated by my patrons, so. I *have* already got the next part of this one in the works, so rest assured it will happen eventually.

ok, thx for the answer. also, I'm a slow writer too, have really bad writer's block, I'm [backed up] on most of my stories I'm trying to write, but mainly they'll just be on fanfiction.com

Thanks for keeping on it! I'm sure everyone here appreciates the dedication.

For those interested in seeing the full version of the cover pic, check out 1147373 on Derpi.

Why not make this just straight-up femdom? Does this story even count as femdom?

THREE YEARS, and this story RISES FROM THE GRAVE!! another couple of years, and it would have ended up in my Abandoned folder!

Yo, we're getting more of this? Nice! Per your usual, this is a good mix of sexy and funny. Rightfully so, it seems the Morning Wood incident is somewhat infamous to this day, haha.

“And whatever you do,” Twilight said, speaking slowly and deliberately. “Do not , under any fucking circumstances , let my sister-in-law get wind of this.”

What about under non-fucking circumstances?

I can’t wait for the next chapter in 3 years

wow you're really confident in my output

I am, I waited 3 years, I can wait 3 more.

As long as I can feast easy knowing it is being worked on, I can be extraordinarily patient.

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