• Published 21st May 2019
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Pound Cakes - AzureDreamer

Pumpkin Cake uses magic to make Pound into a busty futa and then they do an incest.

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Comments ( 10 )

Thanks for keeping on it! I'm sure everyone here appreciates the dedication.

For those interested in seeing the full version of the cover pic, check out 1147373 on Derpi.

Why not make this just straight-up femdom? Does this story even count as femdom?

THREE YEARS, and this story RISES FROM THE GRAVE!! another couple of years, and it would have ended up in my Abandoned folder!

Yo, we're getting more of this? Nice! Per your usual, this is a good mix of sexy and funny. Rightfully so, it seems the Morning Wood incident is somewhat infamous to this day, haha.

“And whatever you do,” Twilight said, speaking slowly and deliberately. “Do not , under any fucking circumstances , let my sister-in-law get wind of this.”

What about under non-fucking circumstances?

I can’t wait for the next chapter in 3 years

wow you're really confident in my output

I am, I waited 3 years, I can wait 3 more.

As long as I can feast easy knowing it is being worked on, I can be extraordinarily patient.

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