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Sunset Shimmer, after her fall, is skipping class. Ignoring and being ignored by everyone. Attention comes from the most unlikely of places and perhaps an unlikely friendship is formed.

Written as a little love-song to my way, way overkill Teenset Shimmer and Teenlight Sparkle "series".
These are events that happens before "Teenset Shimmer Gets Wasted In Her Room While Listening To Nirvana" So I suppose it is some kind of prequel.
Started out as a bit of feel-good stoner nonsense, mercilessly thrusting my OC in everyone's face. Turned out a bit deeper, nature-romantic, still with a flair for the characters.

Contains light drug use.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 20 )

Indeed. They might need it, stuff gets dark every now and then.

It's poetic nonsense, such as "a flare for the dramatic".
I suppose I used it too freely.

7147525 *flair. A flare is an incendiary device or event (such as a fire flaring up or a solar flare.)

Shit. You are right. I am without language.
This entire conversation is just a proof of how inept I am.

7147607 Don't worry. Despite involving acts I do not approve of, your story piqued my interest.

Ho-ho, I see what you did there.
Thanks for taking a look and correcting me in an interesting manner.

Thanks for reading, more coming "soon".

Another amazing read man. I always get so nostalgic reading your stories . I catch myself with a stupid grin on my face remembering my youthful bliss.

The best review one can receive. Nostalgia and its pitfalls in all honour but if you understand a piece like this, you are the intended audience.
I shall raise a glass to your youthful bliss.

a bit to many drugs for my taste, but still pretty nice to read, I think I could really like it, at least I like how this is written and the characters as well.

Big thanks for reading and letting me know. Everyone's got their own opinion about the subject matter, I am just happy to hear I write interesting enough.

ive really grown to love riot
any pictures of her?

what, no kiss?

you need to write a kiss between these two

but seriously though
i love how you write their relationship
it makes me wanna read more of these two

I'm really happy you are enjoying my little musings. It is very likely I write more stuff like this, it is pretty much the only thing that is dancing around in my head anyhow.
Perhaps these girls will do some lesbian experimentation, we shall see.

Right you are, good sir.

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