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Sunset Shimmer has a lot on her mind. What happened? Where is she going? Why are things the way they are?
A drink and a smoke and perhaps a good friend will change the outlook of her... well, everything.

Written because I enjoy the idea of a lone teenage girl getting increasingly intoxicated while listening to good music and figuring out what to do with her troubles.
Sounds creepy, I know.

Contains extremely light drug use.

Has a reading;
Youtube link to the reading right here!

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 25 )

This looks like a neat story.

*cries* This is so... BEAUTIFULl!! :raritydespair: :raritycry: :fluttershbad:

This story is awesome! i wanna see more of nervous stoner Sunset! Write more plz!

violentlyirrelevant used the Regi Rod.




Not even a nibble.

I absolutely love playing around with Sunset Shimmer. There might just yet be a follow-up to this one brewing somewhere, just have to wade through the swamp of a million other half-done projects...
Thanks for reading!

Interesting. I like me some internet tomfoolery.

5792646 holy shit this story got you a folow!

This was amazing! Just the feelings you get from reading this... wow. Also, for me, this song fits with this story pretty well.

Anyways, there really should be a sequel to this, be it either Twilight's point of view at the same time, or simply what happens when they meet.

Glad you enjoy and thanks for reading. I really enjoy the enthusiasm. There is a sequel in the works, the contents are very muddled right now but we'll see. Twilight's angle is a great idea.

This was f*cking amazing! You have a real talent for description and this is one of the few times I have found a fic that was competently written in the present tense. Very well done!

Thank you so much! I do like my description and detail.
The present tense thing is an old roleplaying damage, but I think it offers some character :D

Thanks for reading and double thanks for commenting!

She best have been listening to In Utero
All Apologies GOAT

5792477 pls, i dont read eqg unless someone forces me
glad i did read this one though

I do love me some In Utero. Song's a great choice too.
Good man.

6285478 eLLen made me read it, I didn't even know it existed until they posted it for me

6285431 In Utero is my personal Greatest Album of All Time. Absolutely perfect punk record.

Love me some Sunset Shimmer, and i love me some weed. GGWP. 10/10

Agreeing totally here. Glad you enjoyed.

Wow, that is some enchanting prose. Your metaphor game is on point. Great read, my friend ^_^

Happy to please with my cryptic stoner-speak.
Happy to know someone read it "for real". If that makes any sense.

6404711 Sure does. My pleasure.

That was an interesting stream of stoner consciousness. The descriptions here are absolutely amazing, although I found it slightly hard to follow sometimes. That's probably the point.

HiddenMaster out

Thanks for reading it for what it is :P
Yeah, it can be hard to follow, I just didn't pay too much attention to proper continuity and I like writing with as little dialogue as possible, so it can get block-of-text-y and confusing.

Something that strikes me as odd, funny, and annoying is that this story is so much easier to understand/ read after i've experienced a panic attack:ajbemused:

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