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This story is a sequel to Teenset Shimmer Gets Wasted In Her Room While Listening To Nirvana

Sunset Shimmer still has a lot on her mind. Things are looking up though, with Twilight over, she actually gets someone to talk to. About life, love and stuff like that.
The small issue of the thing is that Sunset seems to have been put face-to-face with the one she wants to talk about.

Written because I enjoy pretending this is how people think and things work.
Nervous teenage girl-love written by some later 20's guy.
Sounds creepy, I know.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 18 )

while it IS best shipping, the story itself is a little weird, and off-putting.

The drogue and alcool is not really my taste but the self-doubt and inner turmoil are so its a good start.

Also it lack explication, is this alternate universe, pony twillight, human twillight is this even pony Sunset?

Still it IS best shipping, and a overall good story that is well written

It is a way-worse sequel to another existential think-piece but with a million percent more shipping, it was bound to turn out at least a little weird and offputting.

I don't think some things need too much explanation, I guess that's why it seems a bit disjointed. Perhaps it is an alternate universe, perhaps not.
It is up to the reader to appreciate it the way they want.

Didn't see anyone drink and get stoned in canon, so I guess....

Thanks for reading!

Not a bad start if I may...

5969649 Best Shipping, you say? :trixieshiftright:Remind me to introduce you to Mauxie.

5969962 Is that even a thing?

Because at first I though the twilight was beautiful when paired with the Moon, but then I discovered the beauty of a clair and more realistic sunlight.
Now you say some worship the moon-rocks? (<--me trying to be all poetical and shit)

5970182 Mauxie has been a thing since mid 2014.

And hey, there's a Sunset and Trixie heart to heart moment in the new book, does make Suntrix a thing?

Dude I am really liking this. It feels really natural. Kinda reminds me of post high school graduation where you have no idea where to go and just trying to enjoy life. Loser Teenset is best human.

I am really happy you see this trainwreck of shipping as something deeper.
I mean, I am trying to make it an interesting experience even if there's just mundane stuff happening.
And I'm randomly rambling... Your comment made me happy.
Glad you enjoyed and indeed, Teenset Shimmer knows how to bum around and be best human :D

I think because of the mundane activities its interesting, I mean compared to other shipfics this one feels grounded. This weird aimlessness. Anyway yeah keep at it. More then happy to provide feedback.

Yeah, I get it. I like to build up something rather than just "omfg and then they kissed xoxoxoxo"
Working on the "last piece" which is Twilight-centered and there's a "bonus episode" brewing in the back of my head because these things always have to end in sex.
Or, well, maybe have to end in sex.

See you around the bend!

6055201 Sweet looking forward to it. Also I wanted ask where do you draw inspiration for these scenarios from?

A bit of personal experience, I mean, everyone's been a kid at some point and to a certain degree. The rest is from movies, fiction, music...
90's culture, 80's punk movies.
Alot of it is just imagination and delusions of (sub)urban beauty.

6058956 RIght of course. Funny I was thinking how this kinda remind of those coming of age movie from the 80's. But thanks for the answer, I'll stop pestering you now. Again good job etc etc.

No worries. Pester me all the hell you want.
Have a good one and sling some words later :D

really in love with how youre treating best ship here
its just really innocent, which seems like a contextually weird choice of words here? but
i love how innocent and unintellectual these interactions are

A silly little romance is exactly what I aim for.
It started in one way, continued in another and will end in a different way. Just like things usually go.
Thanks for reading and letting me know, it helps with all and any kinds of motivation for more!

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