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I'm not a writer looking to change hearts and minds. I'm just a guy looking to spread a little magic here and there. So, sit back and enjoy the show!


Arpeggio Chord is a refugee and a guitarist, sent to Ponyville to live with a family after revolution tears his island nation apart. He ends up living two with fellow musicians; one classical, and the other... not so much. He must learn to reconstruct himself, find peace through his music, and learn to live in Ponyville.

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Comment posted by Sorcerer deleted Apr 2nd, 2016

I will keep an eye on this one. You show great promise.


Thanks! I really hope you continue to read! :twilightsmile:

Did you wait until the 2nd to publish this for a reason, or am I thinking too much?


I believe you're thinking too much, but the coincidence is very noticeable. :rainbowlaugh:

*imagines future chapters and suddenly gets a Three's Company vision*
I'd read that. I like what you have so far; short, tidy, and well rounded main character from my point of view. Good job, now I'm off to binge Shanghai'd!.

Are you planning on updating this soon?


Maybe. I'm pretty occupied with my other story right now. You like it? Really? I was thinking of deleting it a couple times.

7396314 I had high hopes for it, and still do. If you wanted to continue, I think that we'd all enjoy it.

BTW, you said you were having a refugee move in with you, right?


No, my friend is. And I think I will continue just because of your comment.

Very good! Well done on building a character for Octavia and Vinyl and on making a platform for Chord's life in Ponyville.

You've certainly gotten me interested in this story again, and I hope that others will like it enough that you'll continue the story.


Thanks! I hope you enjoy the next one! (Whenever I get the time to do it :pinkiesick:).

7437967 I totally agree, I love this story and wish it had more readers to enjoy it. I especially enjoyed the little quirk that Octavia has a special mug.

More! Viking Demands More! (Slams mead mug on the table)


Aye, lad! I'll fill your tankard soon! :rainbowdetermined2:

7449201 can you bring me some mutton also.

7449205 Well then I guess the hunt is on. (Raises axe in the air)

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