• Published 14th Jun 2012
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Through Storm and Snow - Phoenix Quill

Ever wonder what Ditzy was doing when Discord was loose?

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Spike and Twilight collapsed onto the nearest comfortable seats they could find as soon as they entered the library. "Wow, that train took forever! Why couldn't we have had one of the guards fly us back in a chariot?"

"Spike, for the last time, it's not their job to take us everywhere like some sort of taxi!" Twilight then sighed as she unstrapped her saddle bags off of her back. "I'm just glad that it's all over."

Spike nodded as he looked around the library from his seat. "Yeah, me too. This whole week has been crazy. I'm just glad that the elements of harmony fixed the holes in this place."

"I'm surprised that it did to be honest, but then again, if it did that, who knows what else they may have accidentally undone."

Spike shrugged in reply, then spotted the checkout desk and remembered something. "Oh! Twilight, I almost forgot, well I did forget, for a whole week, but now I remembered!"

"What's that all about? What is it that you just remembered?"

Spike quickly hopped out of his seat and climbed up the desk and grabbed the vase full of bits. "While you were away in Canterlot, somepony came over here and checked out a book. He left a huge tip in this vase!" He shook it a few times, just to let the coins jingle loudly in Twilight's ears.

Twilight quickly took it out of Spike's claws and began to investigate. "Hmm, there must be a few hundred bits in here. Maybe we could expand our library a bit, update some of our history books, or expand our foals section!"

"Hey wait, that pony said that it was for me!"

"Spike, it's for the library, and as head librarian here, it's my job to spend them as I see fit." She then started to dump the bits on the couch so she could count them. After several seconds she stopped and looked back at Spike. "Uhh, Spike, how closely did you look at these coins?"

Spike scratched his head as he got closer. "I didn't really have the chance to. Why?"

"Well either these coins are very old, or very fake. Every single one of them has a picture of Discord on them!" Twilight held one up. Sure enough the golden coin, rather than having the image of Princess Celestia on one side, and the Equestrian Coat of Arms on the other, had a picture of Discord's face on one side, and a picture of cotton candy on the other.

Twilight continued to turn the coin over, finally she bit into it, only to tear through the gold foil and into the chocolate in the middle. "They're chocolate coins! These are all candy!"

Spike looked in horror as grabbed a few more, only to easilly tear the foil off the chocolate. Distraught he fell to his knees, and screamed to the heavens. "NNNNNOOOOOOOOO!"

Ditzy Doo opened the door to her cottage outside of Ponyville and sighed as she took off her goggles. As she did her eyes went back to what she has accepted as normal for her. She took off her new delivery bag and placed it on a hook with her old one and finally made her way across the living room to her couch.

She sat down and placed her forelegs behind her head, and smiled. After a while she turned and looked at herself in the mirror across the room. "Look at you Ditzy, a hero. Who would have believed that I would have ever been claimed as such?"

"I would have," a familiar voice echoed out in the dark. "Why do you think I tried to distract you so much?"

Ditzy quickly stood up and grabbed her goggles so she could see straight. "Discord, show yourself. I'm not going to fall for your tricks again!"

Ditzy waited for several minutes before a very small picture of Discord appeared in the mirror. It looked like a stained glass picture, and moved in very jerky motions. "My tricks? Pah, I'm still in stone back at Canterlot. What could I possibly do to you."

"I thought you were defeated," Ditzy said with a frown. "How could you even talk to me?"

"You think that because those ponies encased me in stone that you were rid of me forever?" Discord said with a slight chuckle. "You can never truly get rid of Discord, chaos is just a part of nature. Just remember this my little pony, any time that there is panic in the streets, I'm there. If there are two ponies or more arguing about something, be it great or small, I'll be there. Any time a monster attacks the city, I'm there." Discord then narrowed his eye at Ditzy Doo and smiled even wider. "And mark my words, Derpy. Some day, I will be let out again, and on that day, I will reign chaos across the land once again!"

Ditzy looked down at the small image of Discord and gave her own sadistic smile. "And if I ever see you in Ponyville again, you had best be prepared. You think that you can hurt me by calling me Derpy? It's just a name. It doesn't even hurt me any more. But if I hear that you are roaming free again, free to hurt ponies because you think it's fun, I will be first in line to buck you in the face before I do everything in my power to stop you!" She then grabbed the mirror and took it off the wall before throwing it outside in the trash.

Ditzy then looked around her cottage and smiled once again. "Everything back to normal." She then grabbed her blanket and lay down on the couch, finally able to rest in her own home. Now a wiser pony than she was a week ago.

The End

Author's Note:

FINALLY! It only took two years to complete. (I am so sorry.)

This story is lovingly dedicated to the following.
My Mother, without whom I would have never been inspired to write, and challenged me to write a story about "that pony I drew."
My former boss, Randy, who told me that perusing writing was a waste of time.
And lastly, my Father, who accidentally helped to create me into the writer I am today.

If you enjoyed this story, and want to see what happens next, please check out some of my other stories!

If you want more Discord, check out Discord Writes a Ship Fic.

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Comments ( 13 )

Will definitely read later, but can I just say that full name is beautiful and adorable. :heart::rainbowkiss:

Sure you can :twilightsmile: And I hope you enjoy the story.

Ditzellia Esmerelda Doo,
Number 98 Country Rd.
Ponyville, Equestria, 39601"

Dear Ms. Ditzellia Esmerelda Doo

I would like to inform you that you for your contributions to liberating the sovereign land of Equestria from the tyranny and madness exercised by the entity known as 'DIscord', as well as the valor and determination you exhibited during the time period of Discord's reign, you have earned my everlasting respect and admiration. Attached to this letter is a monochrome illustration; an artistic representation of what I believe you may look like in your uniform. Best wishes!

Yours Truly,

*attached to the letter is a piece of paper*

Comment posted by Phoenix Quill deleted Oct 14th, 2013

To Pylons,
Number 33 Royal St.
Canterlot, Equestria, 14236

Dear Pylons,
I am touched by your letter, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Despite my years working in the Equestrian Mail System, I am not very good at writing letters. To be honest, this is one of the few times I ever recieved a letter for myself, besides a bill of some kind.

Anyhow, the picture is great! Did you see me while I was in Canterlot recently? Maybe you were in the audience during my trial, or even have seen me flying over the city. (You captured my new uniform perfectly!) OH! I hope that it doesn't bother you that I write back, I just wanted to be able to tell you how appreciative I truly am for the letter, and the sketch!

Maybe some day we might be able to meet each other in pony. While I spend most of my off time in Ponyville, I split my work time between here, and Canterlot. Perhaps you can find me at Doughnut Joe's? (His coffee is amazing, and not only does he have doughnuts, but some of the most amazing muffins I have ever had the privilige to purchase. Yes, better than the Castle's. Don't tell them that.)

Well, I just wanted to say thank's again! The picture is now hanging on my wall, I hope to see you around!

Ditzy Doo.

I quite enjoyed this. It was a nice idea but the ending I did feel was a slight abuse of power, despite being for the best of intentions. I still liked it though, Good job.

- Infinte Carnage

It sort of was. :ajbemused:

But, it's like Minister Hard Time said, if she got her way, she would have been banished, and once that was done, Celestia did one thing, and Luna wanted to top that. (Siblings, only they can understand.):raritycry::unsuresweetie:

I'll thank you for that. However, this was my first story, and I have yet to really go back and fix the earlier chapters.

I just read this story recently, and it's a really interesting take on Ditzy, and integrates her tale into the general plot nicely. I really liked it! :twilightsmile:

Well thanks! :twilightsmile:
A lot of people have done certain things with Ditzy Doo, and some of it I liked, others not so much. This was started, before Derpy became cannon, and we were using both names for her, so I kinda created a way for both names to work out. :twilightblush:

She'll be around in one of my other stories very soon, unless my story says Alternate Universe, all stories can, and do connect to one another. That story is of course going to be Discord Writes a Ship Fic, while it's not a sequel to this story, there will be a few references to this one, and a couple others within it.:facehoof:

If by reckless imbecile, do you mean Discord, or someone else?


Is there maybe a version without linebreaks? I usually read everything on an ebook reader, and the linebreaks make it very annoying.

4529065 Umm, I'm afraid not.
I can see what I can do real quick to help, I can't remember if I used a lot of underscores, or the actual breaks, cause if I used actual breaks there's nothing I can do.

Just checked, I used the HR style actual breaks so... I don't know what to say or do.
I'm afraid that the old versions that was on google docs had the same breaks before I deleated those versions. Sorry.

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