• Published 14th Jun 2012
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Through Storm and Snow - Phoenix Quill

Ever wonder what Ditzy was doing when Discord was loose?

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Ch. 6. Ditzy's Days in Canterlot.

The celebration lasted all throughout the week in Canterlot. But one for one pony, all she wanted to do was hide away. Ditzy Doo was offered a private room in Canterlot Castle, she tried to turn it down, wishing to just return to Ponyville and her usual job at the post office. "Ditzellia, I'm afraid to say that I want you here, and your job is not available to go back to. There are a few matters of business we must attend to."

"But Princess, If it's all the same to you, I just want to leave this all behind me. I don't ever wish to think about that day ever again."

Ditzy turned in the unwanted room and looked out the window as the celebrations continued on in the streets. "I'm sorry to have to say it, but you are going to have to remember that day. The ministry of the justice has ordered that you be put on trial."

"Trial? For what?"

Celestia sighed as she hung her head low to the ground before summoning the court orders. "The high court of Canterlot demands that Ditzellia Esmerelda Doo, also known to some as Derpy Hooves, to respond to the following crimes. Associating with a known enemy of Equestria is only the top of their list."

Ditzy twitched slightly as she continued to look out the window. "So I'm a prisoner here?"

Celestia stepped forward and gave a comforting smile before wrapping her wing around Ditzy. "Have faith my loyal subject. The High Court of Canterlot is headed by Luna and myself, along with the minister of justice. Everything will turn out alright. I'm sure of it."

Ditzy continued to look down at the city with a frown, she sighed heavily as Celestia turned away. "I wish that I never let my emotions get to me that day."

"Is that what you think started it all? Your emotions? Or was there something more?"

"Almost everypony in Ponyville calls me Derpy," she started before turning around to look Celestia in the face. "Because of my eyes. I never wanted to suffer that accident, nopony knows what I had been through growing up and they throw that name around not knowing how much it hurts me."

Celestia lie down on the floor and looked Ditzy in the eyes. "Do you really think that everypony is trying to hurt you?"

Ditzy folded her wings before looking down as best as she could. "No, I think that they just don't know."

"Then ignore it." Celestia said with a smile. "If I let everypony's insults get to me, I probably wouldn't be the pony I am today. You have to learn not to let it get to you, and that words are just that. You can either go through your entire life correcting everypony, or you can learn to accept it, and just not let it hurt you any more."

Ditzy looked down as she contemplated her words. "Alright, I'll try."

On the final day of the week, there was a big final celebration, where the bearers of the elements came back to the city to see the reveal of a stained glass window in honor of their defeat of Discord. Ditzy was there of course, and was quickly swept away from the festive mood, and for the moment had forgotten about the upcoming trial.

As soon as it was all over however, reality came crashing back as a page gave her a piece of paper, reading as follows.

Miss Ditzellia Esmerelda Doo,
Your presence is requested in the throne room at precisely three o'clock this afternoon to review your involvement in the latest attempt against Equestria by Discord. A guard will escort you to the throne room to make sure that you are on time. Please do not attempt to leave the castle grounds.
Sincerely, Hard Time. Minister of Justice.

Ditzy frowned as she looked up at the clock and discovered that there was only an hour left until her trial, and instantly felt her stomach tie up into a bundle of nerves. "Great, only an hour of freedom left. Maybe I should just leave anyway, I'm sure that it's not that hard to hide from the most powerful ponies in the world that can raise the sun and moon at will." She looked down the hall to the exit as the other ponies left, passing a pair of guards holding spears. "Or not."

For the final hour before the trial, Ditzy sat on a bench in the garden behind the castle. T cranberry muffin sitting next to her remained untouched as she watched different ponies laughing as they enjoyed the last of the festive feelings still lingering in the air. "What's wrong Ditzellia?" Ditzy looked to her right to find Captain Aquilinus looking at her in confusion. "You should be happy you know, everything is back to normal."

She sighed as she went back to staring at the blossoms of the nearby cherry tree. "I am happy about that. But, I guess it's hard to enjoy a peaceful moment like this when it might be your last taste of freedom."

"Don't be so pessimistic." The captain sat down next to her and took his helmet off, giving her as genuine a smile as he could. "All you have to do is tell them the truth, it will work out, you'll see."

"Can you guarantee that?" Ditzy looked at him with tears in her misaligned eyes. "Can you tell me right now that I won't spend my life in prison? Or that I won't be banished from Equestria?"

Aquilinus looked at her, he started to say something before he turned away. "You know that I can't."

The two ponies sat akwardly on the bench, looking at the same cherry tree, raining it's blossoms down into a small patch of grass. "You know," Ditzy suddenly said, "My eyes haven't been aligned since I flew into Canterlot last week." Aquilinus looked at her and raised an eyebrow at this. "This is the longest that I couldn't see properly."

The guard gave her a small smile before looking back at the tree. "It's funny, I never really noticed that you were wall eyed. Not unless you pointed it out."

Ditzy sniffled back her tears, and gave him a small smile before standing up. "I suppose that you aren't really here just to make me feel better."

Aquilinus stood up as well, and put his helmet on before pulling out a piece of paper. "According to this paper, I'm here to collect you for court." He then crumpled it up and tossed it aside. "Well I collected you, but I think that they can wait long enough for you to enjoy your muffin."

Ditzy turned back to the bench, and stared at the muffin for a few seconds before finally picking it up. "I wonder how good it is."

"It's from the royal kitchen. So, good enough for the princesses."

Ditzy looked the muffin over for a while longer before taking a small bite. Her pupils opened wide as a smile grew wider across her face. "I think I found heaven, and it's in a muffin."

There was a general murmur of ponies talking back and forth as the doors opened, letting in a lone grey mare and the captain of the guard. As she walked in, she kept her eyes closed and her head held high, walking a straight path to the accused box at the base of the throne's dais.

Atop the dais, instead of a single throne, was a table, behind which sat two thrones, one for each princess. But wedged between them was a third, much smaller chair for the minister of the justice. The three mares talked to each other for a few moments before Princess Celestia tapped her hoof on the table. "Attention everypony, I call this session of High Court to session."

A hush fell over the crowd as the minister of the justice stood up from her chair and placed a pair of glasses over the end of her muzzle. "Ditzellia Esmerelda Doo, formerly known as the barroness and heir to the Von Doo fortune, alias Derpy Hooves. You stand here accused of making deals with a known enemy of Equestria, known by the name of Discord. You are also formally being accused of impersonating a Wonderbolt, and of committing banking fraud while you were doing so. Do you deny these charges?"

Ditzy looked at the three ponies sitting up at the table and frowned deeply before giving her answer. "No, I do not deny these charges."

The court room roared with ponies talking back and forth about her brazen response. Shocked that she would admit to such crimes at all. Luna banged her hoof against the table to get everyponies attention calling for silence. Once calm order had returned, Princess Luna stood up to address her. "These are very serious crimes to admit to, art thou sure that thee wishes to continue with that statement?"

Ditzy looked around her, and saw all the glares that the ponies in the room gave her, and began to feel doubt creep into her. She then looked back at the three mares above her and realized something. "This is a kangaroo court, they have already decided what to do with me." She then nodded and looked straight at the floor. "Yes your majesty. I do wish to continue with the previous statement that I am guilty."

Again the buzzing of whispers filled the room, as it did, the three mares whispered and talked to each other quietly. Finally, after several minutes of talking, the minister of the justice slammed her hoof against the table. "Silence please! Ditzellia Esmerelda Doo, please rise and look at us while we talk." Ditzy did as she was asked as the minister carried on. "It is my belief as the minister of the justice, that because of your admission to the crimes you have committed, the court shall agree with me that you should be banished from Equestria, with no possibility to return. Living the rest of your days marked as a traitor and wanderer, without the aid of any country."

Princess Luna then stood up from her seat as the minister sat back down. "As the princess of the night, many things fall upon our shoulders. When Princess Celestia had fallen under Discord's spell, there seemed to be no hope, or solution that we could think of. When this mare standing before us came, and seemed to have all the answers, we should have been more skeptical than we were. However, without her, this country would still be under the control of Discord as he spread his influence across the globe. Therefore, I vote that despite her crimes, banishment should not be implemented."

Everypony then turned to Princess Celestia, only she could make a final decision on Ditzy's fate. "It is my opinion, that without Ditzellia's efforts, the world could have fallen into ruin." Everypony stood with baited breath as they waited in anticipation for Celestia to decide which way to go. She frowned before she picked up a glass of water and took a drink before continuing. "However, from what we were able to gather, this pony is partially responsible for how bad things got out of hoof with Discord. Therefore, since you have already admitted your guilt, I call forth a half hour recess so we, the judges can deliberate."

Celestia slammed her hoof against the table, and Hard Time and Luna stood to follow her out a back door of the throne room. As they left, everypony started talking so much that the room buzzed like it was filled with angry bees.

For Ditzy, the half hour flew by way too quickly. She made several trips to the restroom only to stare at herself in the mirror, then leave and stand in the hallway. That half hour was sucked up so quickly, that she felt dizzy with how quick she found herself back in front of the three mares judging upon her.

Ditzy stood as upright and proud as she could as she looked the three of them in their eyes as best as her eyes would allow. Finally after a few moments, Celestia tapped her hoof. "This court is in session. We, the tribunal of the high court, have made our decision. Minister Hard Time."

The minister of the justice stood up and looked down at Ditzy with a harsh look. "Ditzellia Esmerelda Doo, with the evidence given to this court, and your admission, this court sentences you to banishment from Equestria, and to wander the world all your natural days."

Ditzy Doo simply hung her head, and nodded. "I accept this punishment your honor."

"However," Princess Celestia interrupted. Because of your acts of valor, and being a key part in the saving of Equestria, it is my honor as the Princess of the Sun, to give you a full pardon, with all charges dropped and all promised debts payed in full by my own private funds."

A collective gasp echoed across the room, and Hard Time gave Celestia a particularly dirty look before folding her forelegs together. Princess Luna now stood up to address Ditzy. "It is our belief, as an eye witness to some of the events, that thou should have been honored as a hero, just as much as Twilight and her friends were earlier today. However, you have already been rewarded for your actions with a pardon from our sister. Therefore, it is our personal gift to you, as Princess of the Moon, to declare you, the Royal Delivery Pony representing our sister, and ourselves. As such, you shall receive a pay rise from our coffers, a special uniform, and a small room in Canterlot, free of cost."

Ditzy stood in shock at this news before Luna leaned forward to continue. "You will be responsible for delivery of mail between Ponyville, and this castle. Doth thou need anything else to be able to complete this task?"

She thought about it for a few moments before looking up and pointing at her own eyes. "Your highness, I am extremely grateful for this opportunity that you have given me, and I accept the job. All I really wish for, is that I could see straight."

Luna and Celestia both frowned at the statement. This time Celestia took control to speak. "I'm sorry Ditzellia, but not even our magic can solve the neurological damage that you have suffered as a youth." Ditzy began to frown again as the hope was sapped away. "However, we might have an idea that could be of some help. This court is adjourned!" Celestia then tapped her hoof on the table and everypony cleared the room.

Ditzy headed out the door to her guest room, and felt as if a huge weight had been taken off of her. "This is it, the beginning of a new life for me!" She almost felt like singing she was so elated, not just to be pardoned, but to also receive a pay raise, and a new job title!

As she opened the door to her room, she found Celestia and Luna already within. "Miss Doo, would you be a dear and fetch me those lovely goggles you got in Cloudsdale?"

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