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Princess Celestia is growing increasingly concerned for her sister. Princess Luna's reclusive habits have been getting worse, and she refuses to let herself be helped. Not knowing which way to turn, Celestia enlists the one pony whom she feels can once again reach her sister through the power of friendship: Twilight Sparkle.

Unbeknownst to everyone, something sinister hangs within reach, seeking to cast a thick shadow over all of Equestria. Both Twilight and Luna must come to terms with their feelings of self-doubt and regret before it's too late, and maybe, if they can come to terms with some other feelings, they'll be able to find something even more than friendship along the way.

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It Is A Favorite Instant TwiLuna :twilightblush::heart: And all my support, give me even more TWILUNA!!!!! :flutterrage:

I also know how prone to panic attacks you are when presented with spontaneous,

That should probably read, "the spontaneous," at the end there. :twilightsheepish:

Really liking the style this is written in so far! :twilightsmile:

7077041 Aw, damn it all, I knew I'd missed something. Thank you for pointing that out, it's fixed now. I'm very glad that you're liking it so far.

Omg, when are you gonna post moooooore, this is so good!

7323685 Thank you, I'm happy you like it. My laptop broke, so that was an unfortunate setback. I'll try to post the next update when I can.

Beholdest thou the mote in mine eye, but not the beam in thine?

Ahh, first time I've come across a biblical reference in a fanfic. Nicely done though, as it fits the conversation between Luna and Celestia quite well. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this.

7458128 Thank you, I'm doing my best to write purposefully archaic dialogue for Princess Luna without coming off as hamfisted. Honestly, I wonder whether or not I'm succeeding, but your approval is much appreciated nonetheless.

I'm not normally one for tons of introspection, but you pull it off quite nicely. Very much looking forward to the rest of this work.

She had always known Luna as a powerful, strong-willed pony, even before coming face-to-face with Nightmare Moon.

Is this referring to historical records of Luna that Twilight has read aboot?

I'm with Latte, the internal dialogue was quite nice. :twilightsmile:

7511953 Thank you. That's one of the multitudinous cornucopia of reasons this damn chapter took so long, I was mortified that so much introspection would be boring. I'm happy you approve.

7512642 Why yes, it is. Nice catch.

Thank you, I'm happy you liked it. I almost didn't post this, actually. I thought it was too bare-bones, but I wanted to hurry my ass up and publish this chapter already. I suppose it's never too late to edit, unprofessional as it may be.

filly-dallied :unsuresweetie:

Unsure if attempt at bad pun or over enthusiastic auto correct.

but Twilight found that doing something for someone is a lot easier than doing something for someone.

ow I know you did it on purpose but just... ow

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