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Love. It is a feeling, an ideal that many ponies pursue their whole lives. Some succeed in finding it, and others do not.

That's why Lyra Heartstrings feels so fortunate. She's freshly graduated from Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, still in the prime of her youth, and she already has a pony whom she loves with all of her heart and soul. It's such a strange feeling, knowing that she has something that other ponies only dream about, and it's not a gift that she's willing to squander.

So, with only a single suitcase to call her own, Lyra sets off to Ponyville in pursuit of the mare of her dreams.
Tagged "Teen" for unhealthy mindsets.

I've never used this before, but Trigger Warning: Stalking

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There's an episode of Criminal Minds where two psychopaths meet, and end up becoming the best of friends. This is sounding vaguely similar. :pinkiecrazy:

You really know how to throw one for a loop. I thought Lyra was obsessed with Bon Bon, not Twilight. For the majority of the story, I was wondering what past these two had, but then you pulled that reveal. Two things I want to point out though: 1) This story doesn't qualify as a Lyra/Bon-Bon story. 2) You forgot to mark it as 'complete'.

I've actually never watched Criminal Minds, but that's exactly the kind of vibe I was going for, so... SUCCESS!! X3

I'm glad I was able to successfully pull my little surprise off! I wasn't sure if it was going to be enough of a twist, but it seems it was. ^_^

It might not be a Lyra/Bonbon ROMANCE story, but it is a Lyra/Bonbon STORY, since they are the only two characters present. XD If you don't qualify it is as a Lyra/Bonbon story simply because they aren't shipped together, that's fine, though I believe it falls within any guidelines that allow it to be tagged as such. And thank you for telling me about it not being complete -- I fixed it, since this story is most definitely complete! ^w^

Well, I'm just saying you put it in the 'Romance' section, when the romance isn't between them. I believe it's better suited for the 'Non-Romance' folder.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, I see what you're saying. Okay, I can get behind that -- I'll see if I can get it moved. Thank you for your feedback and advice! ^-^

Edit: Moved it from the Romance to the Non-romance folder. You were right, it's better suited for that section. :3


This is interesting.

And somehow I want to see this play out.


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