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A New Life.

Apple Bloom woke up and saw that she was in a hospital bed. She looked around the room and saw that nopony was around. She got up out of the bed to stand, but almost fell, she regained her composure and left the infirmary and started walking towards Eye Patch's office to see what had happened. Apple Bloom was outside of Eye Patches office, she had stopped because she heard voices inside, Radio Buzz and Eye Patch were talking.


Eye Patch was searching through his desk with Radio Buzz entering the room.

"Sir?" Radio Buzz asked, curious about his actions.

Eye Patch retrieved a slightly withered Desert Eagle, and a Combat knife from his desk.

"Where are you going, sir?"

Eye Patch walked up to Radio Buzz after attaching a knife sheath to his upper right hoof and holstering his handgun on his shoulder. Eye Patch put his hooves on Radio Buzzes shoulders. "If I don't come back, there's a sealed letter in the top right drawer of my desk. Grab it, and give it to my wife." Eye Patch let go off him and started for the door.

Eye Patch opened the door and then started galloping away.


Apple Bloom hid behind the door as it swung open. She saw Eye Patch gallop away, and she knew what he was going to do. Apple Bloom started galloping after him. Eye Patch disappeared after going up some stairs, but Apple Bloom kept trailing him, knowing his destination.

Apple Bloom was running through the streets of Manehatten, trailing only a few blocks after Eye Patch.


Eye Patch was running through the streets of Manehatten, only a few blocks ahead was his target. The building where Spike was in sight, he veered right into a dead end alleyway and started running towards the wall at the end of the alleyway. He jumped up and started gliding up the wall for a moment until he lost his momentum, he turned around and pushed off of the wall and jumped into the fire escape stairs and started climbing them to the roof of the building. Eye Patch reached the roof and started galloping again towards the next building, jumping over the gap that separated them and landed in a roll on the other side, he did this for two blocks. The next building was twice the size of the one he was on, so he took a moment to observe the building's structure. He entered a gallop again and ran at the building and pushed his hooves down at an angle at the large building wall, slowly sliding down, he kicked away from the building and repeated the landing and jump every few seconds until he reached the ground. Eye Patch was in a closed off alleyway and he searched the side of the building for a vent opening, he found it hidden by a few trash cans. Eye Patch pried open the vent opening and started crawling inside them.


Spike was looking out of his window with 8 other ponies in the room behind him. They were in Spike's penthouse at the top of the building.

"Hey boss, you told us that some agency is coming after us, what does that mean?" Said one of the ponies.

Spike turned around to face them. "They aren't after you, they are after me." Spike shivered. "Can you turn up the heater? It's cold in here."

One of the ponies went to the thermostat and cranked it up.

"Don't worry boss, we wont let some cops take you out." The pony said reassuringly

Spike turned back to his window next to his desk, which was riddled with plans and papers covered with equations. Spike knew that the agency knew his position, but didn't care. 'There's no way they can get to me without detection..' Spike walked to his desk and sat down and continued to work on a map of the city.


Eye Patch had been crawling in the vents, slowly heading upwards to the top of the building, for a few minuets now. Eye Patch felt the vents heat up as he neared the top of the building. He wiped his forehead from the sweat. 'Now I know what a TV dinner feels like..' He stopped crawling when he heard talking below him.

"Don't worry boss, we don't let some cops take you out."

Eye Patch peered through the vents and saw a room filled with some ponies, and he shifted his gaze to the end of the room, and saw Spike. Eye Patch instantly lost his temper at the sight of Spike, he kicked downward on the vents causing them to fall. He rolled out of the vent that fell behind the ponies that were frightened.

"What the hay?! Get him!" Yelled one of the ponies.

Eye Patch pulled out his handgun and held it with both hooves to the best accuracy. He shot each pony in the chest or the head, making sure not to waste a bullet. All eight ponies fell to the ground a few feet away from Eye Patch.

Spike just kept a straight face as he saw his bodyguards fall.

Eye Patch aimed his gun at Spike.

Spike walked from behind the desk to a few feet in front of Eye Patch, smiling. "Nice of you to drop in for a visit, agent."

Eye Patch couldn't hear him, he was too angry that he almost lost another agent to this dragon. Eye Patch pulled the trigger of the gun that was aimed right at Spike's head, the gun made a click noise. 'Fuck.' He had used all of his ammunition on Spike's bodyguards.

Spike started laughing hysterically while pointing at Eye Patch. "You should have brought another bullet, one eye!"

Eye Patch threw his handgun down and unsheathed his combat knife, and then entered a stance, showing that he was ready to fight.

Spike flexed his claws outward. "Do you expect to come out of here alive, old man?"

Eye Patch stared at Spike with intense hatred. "I don't." Eye Patch ran at Spike in a powerful thrust with his knife.

Spike deflected the knife with his claws and then tried to retaliate with a lunge of his claws, but Eye Patch parried backwards. Eye patch tried again, this time slashing his knife at Spikes shoulder, hoping to disarm a claw. Spike brought up his claw and grabbed Eye patches hoof and pulled him in to stab him, eye patch veered left to dodge but was cut in the shoulder and dropped his knife. Eye patch rolled away and stared at Spike.

Spike laughed at his successful disarm and the injury he caused Eye Patch. "How does it feel to be a dying stallion?!"

Eye Patch cursed between his clenched teeth while holding his shoulder. "Bullshit!"

Spike ran at Eye Patch swinging his claws in a frenzied state. Eye Patch dodged Spike's strikes and grabbed the back of Spike's right claw. He twisted the claw and caused Spike to lean backwards in pain, he then grabbed Spike's head and brought it downward on the floor.

Spike couldn't move, the hard floor hitting the back of his head stunned him.

Eye Patch picked up Spike and flung him past his desk into a wall where Spike's head struck a shelf. Eye Patched jumped behind the desk and picked Spike up again and banged his head on his desk several times and then let Spike fall to the ground. Eye Patch kicked Spike and he slid across the floor.

Spike tried to get up, but his legs were shaking from the fear of the rampaging stallion.

Eye Patch slowly walked over and grabbed Spikes arm and dragged him along the floor towards his balcony. Eye Patch picked up Spike and threw him through the glass door that separated the balcony from the penthouse, the glass shattered and covered the ground. Eye Patch picked up Spike again by his throat and brought him over the edge with rain starting to fall.

Spike looked down at the 50 foot drop to the hard cement through the heavy pouring rain while being choked by Eye Patch, Spike dug his claws into his hooves, but Eye Patch ignored the pain.

Eye Patch had sheer hatred for the dragon, he tightened his grip on his throat as he dangled over the edge.

Spike choked as he talked. "Well it looks like its..huhk.. game over." Spike started forcibly laughing past Eye Patch's hooves.

Eye Patch tightened his grip even more, causing Spike's face to turn red. "I'm tired of listening to your laughing."

Spike smiled like he was the Cheshire cat. "Drop me agent.. Now!"

Eye Patch started slowly loosening his grip.

Spike swung forward and kicked Eye Patch in the nose, it made him stumble backwards and Spike landed on the balcony. Spike slowly walked towards where Eye Patch was stunned and his eyes were watering up. "You shouldn't hesitate..." Spike was over Eye Patch, he arched his claw into an arrow.

Eye Patch was still dazed, but he heard through the buzzing in his head. "You shouldn't hesitate..." Eye Patch looked down. 'No hesitation? Got it.'

Spike brought his claw downward at Eye Patch, but he stopped halfway when blood was pouring from his mouth. Spike slowly looked downward and saw Eye Patches hoof holding a glass shard in his stomach.

"What..." Spike looked with wide eyes at the glass shard. He sat down and crossed his legs with his hands on his thighs, he knew he was dead.

Eye Patch looked over at Spike.

"Looks like I underestimated you agents, eh one eye?"

"You psychopath.."

Spike lightly chuckled. "Yeah yeah.. I know."


Apple Bloom finally reached the top of the building after sneaking past several gangsters and busted through the door. She looked at the dead bodies of the ponies and looked around the room where it was obvious a fight had taken place, she looked at the broken glass door and hurried over to it. Apple Bloom saw Spike sitting on the ground, bleeding in the rain with a glass shard in his stomach.

Spike looked up and saw Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom ran to Spike's side. "Spike?" Apple Bloom was crying at the sight of Spike dying.

"Apple Bloom..." Spike reached his claw up to Apple Bloom's face, lightly stroking her mane.

Apple Bloom yelled at Spike with tears running down her face. "Why Spike?! Why did you have to do all of this? You know I loved you!... and you betrayed me."

Spike dropped his claw and stared at her. "I'm sorry Apple Bloom...I would love to make it up to you. but its too late" Spike coughed, and he started tearing up as well, something he had never done before. "Apple Bloom, I want you to know.. I never wanted to hurt you, I love you Apple Bloom." Spike closed his eyes, but was still breathing.

Apple Bloom bent down to Spike, and kissed him. Spike had tears streaming down his face as he kissed Apple Bloom for the last time.

Spike's head slowly started to drift backwards. Spike stopped breathing and his head drooped back, but Apple Bloom held the kiss.

Eye patch recovered from Spike's blow and saw Apple Bloom had stopped kissing Spike, and was letting out all of her tears on Spike's lifeless body in the heavy pouring rain. Eye Patch decided it was best to just wait outside of the room.

Apple Bloom had her head buried in Spike's chest. "S-Spike.. I loved you...p-please.." She spoke through her sobs and her thoat was being strained through each word. Apple Bloom cried over Spike's body for several minuets before a hoof appeared on her shoulder. She turned around to see who it was, she saw Dr. Hooves.

Apple Bloom wiped her eyes. "Doctor?"

"Apple Bloom..Come inside away from the rain."

Apple Bloom clutched Spike's body. "No! I wont leave him!"

Dr. Hooves sighed. "Apple Bloom...What would you be willing to give up for Spike back?"

Apple Bloom brought her full attention to Dr. Hooves. "Everything..."

"Then come with me."

Apple Bloom followed Dr. Hooves inside the penthouse where Eye Patch was waiting.

Dr. Hooves turned to Apple Bloom. "There is a time warp quality that I can access.. I can take you to an alternate universe where you can be with Spike again."

Apple Bloom got up and shook Dr. Hooves by his shoulders with tears in her eyes. "How?!"

Dr. Hooves spoke up. "I found another universe, right now you, the other you, is about to die in a hospital and Spike, a normal Spike, is traumatized without an Apple Bloom."


"The other universe where things exist only slightly different, you are about to die. If you were to go to that universe, that sane Spike would get an Apple Bloom, and the Spike here would also get an Apple Bloom to be rested with."

Apple Bloom didn't know what to say.

Eye Patch stepped forward. "Apple Bloom, this is your call. Live here without Spike, or go away from the agency to live with Spike."

Apple Bloom thought about it for several minuets, staring at the dead Spike at the balcony and then staring at Eye Patch and Dr. Hooves.


"Dammit! We lost her!" The doctor pounded his hooves on the hospital bed where a pale Apple Bloom was lying.

The doctors slowly left the room, exhausted from their efforts to revive Apple Bloom and they didn't bother to remove the wires attached to her.

A small blue bubble appeared in the room and it grew and popped to where Apple Bloom and Dr. Hooves were standing in the center of the infirmary.

"Are we in Ponyvile?"

"Yes, over there." He pointed at the lifeless Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom choked at the sight of her own lifeless body. "So what now?"

Dr. Hooves went over and slowly unhooked the other Apple Bloom from the wires. "Get in the bed."

Apple Bloom did as she was told and looked up at Dr. Hooves.

Dr. Hooves extended his hoof at Apple Bloom. "It's been nice knowing you, agent Apple Bloom."

They shook hooves, and then Dr. Hooves started attaching the wires after he turned off the monitor.

"Won't they ask why ah'm awake and well?"

"They wont, the machine will go off in a few minuets. Could you sit up for a moment?"

Apple Bloom leaned forward, but fell back again after Dr. Hooves dealt a heavy blow to the back of her head. He then exchanged the bows between the Apple Blooms.

Dr. Hooves picked up the other Apple Bloom and saluted Agent Apple Bloom as a blue bubble surrounded him and he was off.


The doctor walked up to Spike. "I'm sorry son, but Apple Bloom's vitals have gone blank."

Spike looked up from the waiting room chair. "What! No..." Spike started crying in his hands and the doctor put a hoof on his shoulder.

A nurse appeared from the doorway that led into the patient rooms. "Doctor! That philly's machine is back online and she has a slight heart beat!"

"What!?" Both the doctor and Spike said together.

The doctor and Spike rushed to Apple Bloom's room and saw the monitor showing that she was alive. The doctor examined Apple Bloom. "This is a miracle... She died but now shes back.. thank Celestia.." The doctor was surprised to see Apple Bloom's eyes open.

"Ugh.. what?"

"Apple Bloom!" Spike leaned over the bed and hugged Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom couldn't believe that Spike was alive. "S-Spike?" she jumped out of the bed and tackled him in an even stronger hug. "Spike I can't believe it!" They embraced in a kiss, Apple Bloom couldn't tell the difference.

The doctor couldn't believe it either and was writing down the event on his clipboard.



Dr. Hooves and Eye Patch attended Spike's and Apple Bloom's funeral along with Twilight and the Apple Family. They were told that Apple Bloom died of a gang attack in Manehatten, the Apple Family took it hard, but they eventually accepted it as her time. Twilight was told that Spike was 'A messenger killed' when he delivered a letter and a rouge dragon drove a talon into his stomach out of anger, Twilight didn't get over Spike's death for a month but her friends helped her return to a normal state and she tried to not think about it much. Both Twilight and the Apple Family, knew that Spike and Apple Bloom loved each other so they had them buried in a large casket, hand and hoof intertwined.

Dr. Hooves and Eye Patch returned to a base near Ponyvile and entered Eye Patches office. Eye Patch hung a star for Apple Bloom behind his desk, right behind his chair. Eye Patch had a tear come from his eye as he looked at the star, not knowing Apple Bloom as just an agent, but as good friend.

Dr. Hooves put a hoof on Eye Patch's shoulder. "Hey, I know a good coffee shop in Ponyville that opened up a few days ago, shouldn't be packed it wasn't popular when it first opened up."

"That sounds good."

The two went to the coffee shop in Ponyvile and sat down to enjoy the drink.

"So Hooves, tell me about that alternate universe."

"It's very similar to this one, but it's without cars and major technology like cars and long distance communicators."

Eye Patch raised an eyebrow. "Are they backwards?"

Dr. Hooves gave his head a shake. "No, they just don't see much of a need for that type of stuff, they are generally very intelligent ponies."

"How odd... do you think Apple Bloom is doing alright?"

Dr. Hooves smiled. "I'm certain she is, sir."


Apple Bloom got to know the new Spike, and found out that not only was he similar to the Spike she knew, but he was also more compassionate and had interesting hobbies that made her fall in love with Spike even more than before. Spike proposed to Apple Bloom a year after the hospital incident and they were old enough to be married. They both lived a happy life and Apple Bloom became a famous author on writing spy books, and they had 3 children and lived the rest of their days together in comfort, and in deep love for each other.

Brought to you from the minds of Team Joker, we hope to bring more fan-fics and each one better than the last!
Hope you enjoyed Gummy's secret life and AppleBloom's Vendetta.
~Winter Twister, TheWaffler, Jolttix, Doctor Brony.

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pie is good

Well done brony. A fitting end to a spy drama with some of the Dr. thrown in there.

I thank you Winter, for bringing this fic to a natural conclusion it's almost everything imagined. To be honest I could stopped at the Die Hard reference and been happy with this fic. I like how you humored me and put the Commando lines in the fight scene.

Remembered when you said making this like the movie "The One" would be confusing and wouldn't work?
That's where my multiverse ending came from and it worked well with the actual plot, so ha ha ha (with all due respect).

I can't review the chapter myself for several reasons.
1. I wrote and outlined a good portion of it.
2. I am biased and giving it a favorable review would ruin my journalistic integrity.
3. I knew how it was going to end.

On another note I like the surprises and curve balls thrown in here.
This was awesome and I can't wait for our next project.

Peace Out.

YAY YAY YAY HAPPY ENDING YES! Sorry I just love happy endings with no strings attached. Though now I am curious why that Applebloom was dying. Anyway great work, a beautiful way for me to go to sleep. Best wishes!

There was an accident involving a pottery kiln at the rec center at the town hall. that explains the cuts as for why there isn't any burns it's due to shrapnel only she was far enough away from the exploding oven, but couldn't avoid the sharp debris and pressure wave. She was the only casualty and there were six others injured.

54993 I never added the cuts, just a head concussion, and i don't see how cuts could kill someone unless they were deep and all over

55006 Shhhhh don't tell anyone, it'll make it look like I'm unprofessional. If you couldn't tell I wanted to B.S by way through a response and pulled that explanation out of ass in literally one minute. But since the story's over I can mess with commenters. lol

55025 lol :D
your such an evil waffle.:heart:

Well done, sir. My hat goes off to you.

55116 I wouldn't put it on the ground, it might get dirty and its a nice hat

Its official this was amazing thumbs up my words cannot describe how awesome that ending was..... (speechless) :yay:

230260 Thanks, I really liked this series, this was supposed to be about 20k words longer but I started writing Shipfics and I lost interest at the time, but I'm glad it still came out good. :pinkiesmile:

It's good but the end is a little to "deus ex machina" for me.

That's a video game right?

A deus ex machina ("god out of the machine") is a plot device whereby a seemingly unsolvable problem is suddenly and abruptly solved with the contrived and unexpected intervention of some new event, character, ability, or object.

alright, so your saying its rushed?

Kind of, it's just that I feel that the happy ending came out of nowhere, I mean I know that Dr. Who (and therefore Dr. Whooves) can travel not only through time but to other alternate universes but it seems as if the only reason the doctor appeared was to be able to send Apple Bloom to the other universe, because it doesn't do anything special other than that, you could have used any other pony to do the part for the assault.

I like happy endings just as much as the next guy, but it seemed kind of forced here. Still your fic was awesome and I loved the way you described the battle scenes.

Okay, you deserve some explaining,
I LOVED this spy story, from Gummy's Secret Life to this,
It was the first time I ever had an audience... and it felt almost like ecstasy, I planned during the day, and typed up the next chapter as quick and as well as I could.

But then around chapter 2 of Applebloom's Vendetta I started writing my first real full-ship, Purple Skies
and with that, it was an instant hit, 2k views a day, 26k views total (current) and it was the first ship-fic with Soarin' and Twilight (Still is I believe, besides my sequels)

I planned for this story to be about 35k words long.... but the success of my other Fic took away both my focus and interest from this story, so as soon as Applebloom got to Manehatten, I rushed it.
I feel bad about it now, because I love my spy stories to death, and I self-criticize myself all the time on my shipfics.

I have been considering a re-write on my first three stories,
Spit Fire's Honor, Gummy's Secret Life, and Applebloom's Vendetta.by going more indepth about each character, and being more descriptive, while making it better in general, my writing style and level were both weak when I wrote these three and my current writing is so much better, I would like it if you read my most recent work
Blue Skies, it's a shipfic that's the third sequel to Purple Skies, - but if your not a fan of shipfics
I have a full-comedy fic
Sweetie Belle's Drop - not quite my current writing level, but it is funny.

Sure I'll read it, and don't worry that happens to everyone when put under pressure. Plus you could always make alternate endings, I mean you have alternate universes you could use that.

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