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Rest and Relaxation?

AppleBloom woke up early in the morning, earlier than usual. AppleBloom couldn't sleep after everything that happened yesterday, not only was Spike evil, but he had also escaped on the day he was captured. AppleBloom felt it was too much to bear and started crying face-down on her pillow, hoping it would suppress the sound of her sobs.

AppleJack walked in after a few minuets rubbing her eyes in the doorway. "What's the problem sugar cube? Did ya' have a bad dream?"

"Yeah.." AppleBloom stopped crying and lifted her head towards AppleJack, she didn't want her sister to see her like this. 'Ah wish it was a bad dream.'

AppleJack walked over to AppleBloom's bed and slowly got on the bed with AppleBloom to put her hoof around her and stroked her mane. "It's alrigh..Your awake now."

AppleBloom closed her eyes. 'That's what im afraid of..'

"It's still a might early, do ya' think you can sleep a few more minuets?"

"Yeah, Ah'll be fine thanks sis." AppleBloom hugged AppleJack and AppleJack kissed the top of AppleBloom's head and then exited the bed.

"Alrigh, Ah need to get myself some sleep too." AppleJack paused at the door to look back at AppleBloom. "Just tell me if you think ya' can't work today, ah wont make ya'."

"Okay, but ah think ah'll be fine."

AppleJack smiled and walked back to her room yawning.

AppleBloom looked up at her ceiling. 'How could ah possibly sleep? ah'm tired and all bu-'
AppleBloom started snoring and slowly drifted off into a white abyss of dreamland.

The peaceful meadow was littered with flowers of all colors with butterflies flapping into the warm spring breeze. AppleBloom was on a blanket in the middle of the meadow gazing at the colors of the butterflies wings in the majesty of the sunlight, smiling at the beautiful colors. AppleBloom heard the grass crunch behind her so she turned to see who it was. Spike was walking up to AppleBloom with a smile on his face, his scales shining in the sunlight, and he was carrying flowers extending them out to AppleBloom. In a flash AppleBloom found her and Spike in a sweet embrace atop the blanket.

"I love you so much AppleBloom.." Spike said as he brushed her mane away from her face with one hand and holding AppleBloom's hoof in the other

AppleBloom smiled and her heart lifted at the sight of Spike next to her side again. AppleBloom nuzzled Spike's chest and then looked up into his gentle green eyes.

Their lips almost met as AppleBloom said. "Spike ah love you too-" AppleBloom felt a sharp pain in her back where Spike's hand was. Blood started dripping from her mouth as she looked at Spike in the eyes, they changed from gentle to.. to a murderous stare and his warm smile turned to a smirk of insanity.

Spike twisted his hand behind AppleBloom and pulled it away from her back and brought the dripping claw to his mouth to taste the blood that drenched it and smiled harder. He slowly reached back behind AppleBloom and repeatedly stabbed her with his claws again..over..and over... Blood was pouring from AppleBloom's mouth in a river and Spike pressed his lips against AppleBloom.

AppleBloom had never felt this intense fear before. She wanted to wake up but couldn't force herself too. She started crying and shaking, unable to get away from Spike's unnatural strength as he licked the blood on her lips in pleasure. 'P-p-p-please..w-wake up..'


AppleBloom jolted upwards from her bed with sweat and tears rolling down her face while she was hyperventilating. She looked around her room to make sure she was out of the dream and then reached behind her to search for any claw marks. AppleBloom sighed and got out of bed instantly losing her balance and falling to the floor.

"Ow... what the hay.." She pulled herself up and walked over to her mirror, she brushed her mane and cleaned up her face and talked to herself in the mirror. "A hard day of work will get your mind off things.." AppleBloom jumped as she saw her reflection move differently as she did and the mirror starred at her and laughed.

"Man yer such a mess!" The image continued to laugh.

"Your one to talk!"

"Not ma fault you can't keep yerself tidy." The copy of AppleBloom crossed her hooves across her chest and looked into the ceiling to the right.

"How are you even talkin' anyway?"

The image looked confused. "Ah got no idea what yer talkin' bout."

"This is makin' my head hurt, forget you."

"Ya really shouldn't talk to yerself." The image pointed behind AppleBloom and AppleJack was standing in the doorway.

AppleJack was wide-eyed and staring right at AppleBloom. "Uh.. Sis you alrigh?"

AppleBloom didn't want AppleJack to think she was crazy. 'Wait.. am I crazy?' AppleBloom shook her head. "Sorry AppleJack, just uh.. rehearsing some lines for a play that's coming up." AppleBloom smiled.

AppleJack let out a relived sigh and then a light chuckle. "Ah thought somethin was wrong for a moment there, here come downstairs it's time for breakfast." AppleJack trotted towards the stairs to head for the dinning room.

AppleBloom finished brushing her mane trying not to stare too long in the mirror. AppleBloom exited her room with a final glance at the mirror. 'Ah guess ah just imagined it..' AppleBloom made her way to the dinning room where AppleJack was passing out plates of apple pancakes.

Granny Smith took a bite of her pancake and started rambling about her childhood when the pancake was first invented. "Ah remember when ah was a bright young pretty lookin filly and-"

AppleBloom always tuned out Granny Smith when she started talking about her childhood and the setting changed each time she told stories about it, from the Victorian era to the wild west.

"An we never went to the old well ever again after that day." Granny smith finished her story and returned to eating her pancakes, as did AppleBloom.

Big Macintosh was the next to talk. "Mornin' AppleBloom, ah need yer help today in the eastern orchard."

"Sure thing, Big Mac!" AppleBloom always enjoyed helping her big brother, they played games while they worked in the orchard.

"Ah see you're in a better mood now AppleBloom, glad to see it." AppleJack rubbed her hoof in AppleBloom's mane. "Ah better get started on my work for today, don't push yerself today AppleBloom." AppleJack trotted out the front door and headed for the barn.

"Well, we should get goin' too Applebloom." Big Macintosh stood up and started walking out of the kitchen.

"Ah'm comin'!" AppleBloom trailed behind Big Macintosh ready to work the day away.


AppleBloom and Big Macintosh were working in the eastern orchard for hours now, the whole time they had bucked the trees they were having a competition on who could make the most apples fall at once. Big Macintosh had the lead score of 42 apples in one kick and AppleBloom's highest count was 29.

Big Macintosh wiped the sweat off of his forehead with his hoof and let out a sigh. "Hey AppleBloom you ready for a break?"

AppleBloom was out of breath after pushing herself on the last tree, happy to have forgotten whatever she wanted to forget about earlier. "Y-yeah..Ah could...use.. a break." she said in-between breaths.

They had sat down below an un-bucked apple tree to rest for a moment. Big Macintosh offered AppleBloom an apple to snack on and she happily accepted it.

"So AppleBloom, AppleJack told me ya' had yerself quite the dream last night."

AppleBloom was enjoying the apple, but as he reminded her of the dream she almost choked on the piece of apple she had in her mouth. She felt her depression creeping back up on her so she hung her head and stared at the ground where she saw the grass play in the wind.

"Yeah ah sure did.." AppleBloom couldn't hide anything from her caring big brother, sometimes she could sneak past AppleJack but Big Mac was no exception.

"An yer sure you're all better?"

"Yeah, Ah'm fine Big Mac."

"Ya' sure don't look fine.." He raised an eyebrow at a tear that was produced by AppleBloom's eye as it hit the ground.

"It was just a really scary dream. Ah don't wana talk about it." AppleBloom wiped her eyes and stood up. "Lets get back to work."

"Alrigh, Ah wont press ya' about it but just remember, it's bad to hold back yer feelin's." Big Macintosh stood up and they went back to work.


They had finished the days work and the sun was starting to set. AppleBloom and Big Mac made their way back to the farm gently shoving each other on the way there. They reached the house and met AppleJack who was tapping her face with a sweat cloth in front of the house.

"Ah see you two had fun, Ah think you need this too Macintosh." She threw the cloth to Big Mac who promptly used it.

AppleBloom smiled at her siblings and started thinking. 'Maybe I should go for a walk, ah'm not quite ready to turn in yet..'

"Hey AppleJack, ah'm going to go see what SweetieBell and Scootaloo are doin'."

"Alrigh, but don't be gone too late." AppleJack and Big Macintosh went into the house.

AppleBloom started walking out of Sweet Apple Orchards and decided to go into Ponyville to see if anything had happened today. AppleBloom was walking on the dirt road when she heard somepony trotting towards her direction. AppleBloom squinted ahead and saw Twilight heading straight for her.

Twilight had stopped in front of AppleBloom and had a soft smile on her face. "Hi AppleBloom! Just the pony I was going to go see."

AppleBloom was confused. 'Why did she wana see me..OH!' It suddenly dawned on AppleBloom that Spike was no longer here and that would effect twilight.


"Yes. I have some bad news for you AppleBloom, Spike was summoned to Canterlot to be a temporary ambassador to speak to the dragons...." Twilight swallowed a light sob. "He was really needed and he doesn't know when hes going to be back, I'm sorry sweetie."

"Ah'm sure he's guna be fine twiligh.." It pained AppleBloom to speak about Spike. "Ah was just on a walk, wana join me?"

Twilight cleared her eyes of any stray tears. "That sounds nice."

As they were silently walking AppleBloom was thinking to herself. 'The agency sure is good at cover-ups..'

They had walked for about an hour talking about what they had liked best about Spike and planning on what to do when he returned. AppleBloom could hardly stand even thinking about Spike but she didn't want twilight to know the truth so she kept herself strong.

"It's getting late AppleBloom, we should head home now, need me to walk you home?" Twilight offered.

"No, Ah'm good Twiligh'."

They waved each other off after a soft "Good night." from each of them.


AppleBloom was back in Sweet Apple Orchards and her bow started shaking and she tapped the tip of it and the mini-screen popped out in front of her.

"Agent AppleBloom."


"We have some of your missions specifics. We believe Spike escaped and is now hiding in a target area of 3 large cities. You are being placed in Manehattan along with 2 other agents, they will not always be with you because we are trying to find Spike as discreetly as possible. Do you have any relatives in Manehattan?"

AppleBloom thought for a second. "Well, ah got a cousin that lives in Manehattan, ah could ask if ah could stay with him for a bit."


"Is agent Gummy and Dawn Cruise the ones assigned to track down Spike with me?"

"No, this is out of their specialization. You will be accompanied by a few other agents on this mission."

"Alrigh, Ah'll call you on ma cousins answer."

"Very good. Eye Patch, out." The screen retracted back into AppleBloom's bow.

'Man ah'm tired.. time to get to bed..' AppleBloom walked into the house and saw Granny Smith asleep in her rocking chair in the living room. AppleBloom walked up the stairs and entered her room. AppleBloom stared at her bed for a moment, but then turned to her mirror and moved in several different directions to see if the copy of her would talk again. To AppleBloom's relief it didn't, she crawled in the bed and instantly started snoring.

Authors Note: I know I said this would come out in December, but being without writing is REALLY boring. So ignore the 'Coming in December stuff' because I have too much fun writing!