AppleBloom's Vendetta

by WinterTwister

First published

It's not over yet.

AppleBloom is sent to track down Spike after he escaped capture, She wants to make sure that if anyone catches him, its going to be her.

Sequel to Gummy's Secret Life.

Spike Escapes.

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Authors note: This is the sequel to Gummy's Secret Life. I recommend reading it before this story!

Spike was sitting in his shackles as the vehicle bounced on the poorly paved road across from a guard sitting on the bench across him and one asleep to the far right of his own bench. Spike had a blank expression on his face as he stared at the guard, when the guard had noticed him Spike smiled and it made the guard shudder at the sight of his sinister smirk.

"Lovely day for a drive.. is it not?" Spike wanted to start a conversation out of his boredom.

"Shut up and look at the ground." The guard tried to stare down Spike but failed as Spike had kept his smile.

Spike leaned towards the guard. "Hey these shackles are a bit too tight, mind loosening them for me?"

The guard finally got angry and showed his displeasure. "Can it, psycho!"

Spike leaned backwards against the cold metal wall and closed his eyes. "Psycho, huh?" Spike's smile widened even more showing his teeth with his eyes still closed. "You know...They say the mind bends and twists to deal with the horrors of life... I think mine bent so much it snapped in two..." Spike opened his eyes to a guard keeping still, but in his eyes he could see the fear residing in his consciousness. 'I see you...Now let us try something shall we?'

"Mind telling me your name sir?"


"Well we can't be friends if I don't know your name, can we?"

"My name is shut the hay up."

"Why hello, shut the hay up!" Spike started laughing hysterically.

The guard was getting annoyed and stood up. "Shut up now or I'll tell the prison you tried to escape!" The guard reached for a nightstick.

The sleeping guard woke for a second but then went back to sleeping about his dream about being a professional dancer.

Spike's smile vanished and continued to stare at the guard. "Calm down, I just wanted a final laugh before getting locked up. Besides, I could care less about your name." A few seconds passed and Spike's smile returned. "But! I wouldn't mind knowing your wife's name!" Spike went back to the laughing fit he was in moments ago.

"That's it!" The guard stood up with the nightstick and started walking towards Spike.

Spike stopped laughing, but kept smiling. 'Idiot..'

The guard swung the nightstick at Spike's skull but it was blocked by the shackle chains connecting his hands together and then the chains twisted around the nightstick and it became in Spike's possession. Spike then twirled it around and swung before the guard could react and he fell to the ground with a heavy thud that awoke the second guard.

"What the!" Was all the guard could say before he was met with the end of a heavy metal pole.

Spike looked at the unconscious guards with pleasure. 'Too easy.. now lets see...' Spike started searching the guard's pockets and found a small key. He unlocked the shackles that held his claws, he clenched and unclenched his claws at the feeling of them being removed. 'Much better..' Then he unlocked the shackles that bound his feet. He stared around the vehicle where he was contained, small, two benches stretching across the walls. 'Boring...Lets see what the front looks like.' He walked over to the front of the car and opened the door to the drivers seat. He stopped to look through the window of the door before proceeding. 'Only a driver... They only gave me two guards? I feel so loved...' Spike opened the door and started his way towards the driver.

"Hey Black light, hows that prisoner?" The driver asked while still looking forward.

Spike smiled and replied. "Oh hes fine, great guy too! So much more handsome that anyone I've ever seen."

"What?" The driver turned his head towards the doorway and his heart sank.

The driver made a mad-grab for the CB radio but was stopped by Spike's claw gripping his forehoof, he turned to look at Spike who just smiled at him and brought a claw to his lips.

"Shh..." Spike lifted the nightstick and swung as hard as he could and the back of the Driver's skull and his eyes ran to the back of his head at the lethal blow. The driver fell and Spike rushed to the wheel to steady the vehicle.

Spike pulled over to finish his business in the back of the vehicle, and then took the lifeless driver and pulled him to the passenger seat and arranged his body to look like he was bored with his hoof propping up his head. Spike returned to the steering wheel and had his claws halfway to the key to start it. Spike's mind was racing thinking about the past 12 hours and what had happened. 'Months of planning down the drain... My identity is known to the agency now..' Spike was angry but then another thought came to his mind that took away the anger for a moment. '....AppleBloom....' Spike's anger returned and he banged his head on the steering wheel. 'AppleBloom!' He started clawing the side of his skull in angst with tears down his face.

The driver beside him stood up and patted Spike on the shoulder. "Don't worry Spike, you don't need her."

Spike stopped his emotions and stared at the driver. "Yeah.. thanks pal."

The driver went back to his seat and resumed his position Spike and put him in. "So whats the plan now? Just drive without objective into oblivion?"

"Sounds like a plan.." Spike started up the car and started driving.

Spike was driving down the still roughly paved road in the vehicle that used to be his transport his captivity, and it had then become his transport to freedom. He stared at the cold lifeless stallion beside him in the passenger seat.

Spike thought for a moment and spoke up facing the lifeless stallion beside him "Sorry there pal, but a change of plans has come up." Spike shifted through the glove compartment and found a map with a pen. He pulled over on the side of the road and started writing on the map and after 20 minuets of constant calculations and predictions he circled a large city only about 10 miles from here. "This place looks perfect doesn't it?" Spike showed the map towards the stallion. "I thought so too! This is going to be fun!" Spike turned to the right at fork and started laughing and raised his claw in the air . "To Manehattan!" Spike started seeing just how fast the vehicle could go.

I wanted to get the first chapter out to explain how Spike escaped. I can't wait to get started on the story next month 3x the cast and 3x the awesomeness!


Rest and Relaxation?

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AppleBloom woke up early in the morning, earlier than usual. AppleBloom couldn't sleep after everything that happened yesterday, not only was Spike evil, but he had also escaped on the day he was captured. AppleBloom felt it was too much to bear and started crying face-down on her pillow, hoping it would suppress the sound of her sobs.

AppleJack walked in after a few minuets rubbing her eyes in the doorway. "What's the problem sugar cube? Did ya' have a bad dream?"

"Yeah.." AppleBloom stopped crying and lifted her head towards AppleJack, she didn't want her sister to see her like this. 'Ah wish it was a bad dream.'

AppleJack walked over to AppleBloom's bed and slowly got on the bed with AppleBloom to put her hoof around her and stroked her mane. "It's alrigh..Your awake now."

AppleBloom closed her eyes. 'That's what im afraid of..'

"It's still a might early, do ya' think you can sleep a few more minuets?"

"Yeah, Ah'll be fine thanks sis." AppleBloom hugged AppleJack and AppleJack kissed the top of AppleBloom's head and then exited the bed.

"Alrigh, Ah need to get myself some sleep too." AppleJack paused at the door to look back at AppleBloom. "Just tell me if you think ya' can't work today, ah wont make ya'."

"Okay, but ah think ah'll be fine."

AppleJack smiled and walked back to her room yawning.

AppleBloom looked up at her ceiling. 'How could ah possibly sleep? ah'm tired and all bu-'
AppleBloom started snoring and slowly drifted off into a white abyss of dreamland.

The peaceful meadow was littered with flowers of all colors with butterflies flapping into the warm spring breeze. AppleBloom was on a blanket in the middle of the meadow gazing at the colors of the butterflies wings in the majesty of the sunlight, smiling at the beautiful colors. AppleBloom heard the grass crunch behind her so she turned to see who it was. Spike was walking up to AppleBloom with a smile on his face, his scales shining in the sunlight, and he was carrying flowers extending them out to AppleBloom. In a flash AppleBloom found her and Spike in a sweet embrace atop the blanket.

"I love you so much AppleBloom.." Spike said as he brushed her mane away from her face with one hand and holding AppleBloom's hoof in the other

AppleBloom smiled and her heart lifted at the sight of Spike next to her side again. AppleBloom nuzzled Spike's chest and then looked up into his gentle green eyes.

Their lips almost met as AppleBloom said. "Spike ah love you too-" AppleBloom felt a sharp pain in her back where Spike's hand was. Blood started dripping from her mouth as she looked at Spike in the eyes, they changed from gentle to.. to a murderous stare and his warm smile turned to a smirk of insanity.

Spike twisted his hand behind AppleBloom and pulled it away from her back and brought the dripping claw to his mouth to taste the blood that drenched it and smiled harder. He slowly reached back behind AppleBloom and repeatedly stabbed her with his claws again..over..and over... Blood was pouring from AppleBloom's mouth in a river and Spike pressed his lips against AppleBloom.

AppleBloom had never felt this intense fear before. She wanted to wake up but couldn't force herself too. She started crying and shaking, unable to get away from Spike's unnatural strength as he licked the blood on her lips in pleasure. 'P-p-p-please..w-wake up..'


AppleBloom jolted upwards from her bed with sweat and tears rolling down her face while she was hyperventilating. She looked around her room to make sure she was out of the dream and then reached behind her to search for any claw marks. AppleBloom sighed and got out of bed instantly losing her balance and falling to the floor.

"Ow... what the hay.." She pulled herself up and walked over to her mirror, she brushed her mane and cleaned up her face and talked to herself in the mirror. "A hard day of work will get your mind off things.." AppleBloom jumped as she saw her reflection move differently as she did and the mirror starred at her and laughed.

"Man yer such a mess!" The image continued to laugh.

"Your one to talk!"

"Not ma fault you can't keep yerself tidy." The copy of AppleBloom crossed her hooves across her chest and looked into the ceiling to the right.

"How are you even talkin' anyway?"

The image looked confused. "Ah got no idea what yer talkin' bout."

"This is makin' my head hurt, forget you."

"Ya really shouldn't talk to yerself." The image pointed behind AppleBloom and AppleJack was standing in the doorway.

AppleJack was wide-eyed and staring right at AppleBloom. "Uh.. Sis you alrigh?"

AppleBloom didn't want AppleJack to think she was crazy. 'Wait.. am I crazy?' AppleBloom shook her head. "Sorry AppleJack, just uh.. rehearsing some lines for a play that's coming up." AppleBloom smiled.

AppleJack let out a relived sigh and then a light chuckle. "Ah thought somethin was wrong for a moment there, here come downstairs it's time for breakfast." AppleJack trotted towards the stairs to head for the dinning room.

AppleBloom finished brushing her mane trying not to stare too long in the mirror. AppleBloom exited her room with a final glance at the mirror. 'Ah guess ah just imagined it..' AppleBloom made her way to the dinning room where AppleJack was passing out plates of apple pancakes.

Granny Smith took a bite of her pancake and started rambling about her childhood when the pancake was first invented. "Ah remember when ah was a bright young pretty lookin filly and-"

AppleBloom always tuned out Granny Smith when she started talking about her childhood and the setting changed each time she told stories about it, from the Victorian era to the wild west.

"An we never went to the old well ever again after that day." Granny smith finished her story and returned to eating her pancakes, as did AppleBloom.

Big Macintosh was the next to talk. "Mornin' AppleBloom, ah need yer help today in the eastern orchard."

"Sure thing, Big Mac!" AppleBloom always enjoyed helping her big brother, they played games while they worked in the orchard.

"Ah see you're in a better mood now AppleBloom, glad to see it." AppleJack rubbed her hoof in AppleBloom's mane. "Ah better get started on my work for today, don't push yerself today AppleBloom." AppleJack trotted out the front door and headed for the barn.

"Well, we should get goin' too Applebloom." Big Macintosh stood up and started walking out of the kitchen.

"Ah'm comin'!" AppleBloom trailed behind Big Macintosh ready to work the day away.


AppleBloom and Big Macintosh were working in the eastern orchard for hours now, the whole time they had bucked the trees they were having a competition on who could make the most apples fall at once. Big Macintosh had the lead score of 42 apples in one kick and AppleBloom's highest count was 29.

Big Macintosh wiped the sweat off of his forehead with his hoof and let out a sigh. "Hey AppleBloom you ready for a break?"

AppleBloom was out of breath after pushing herself on the last tree, happy to have forgotten whatever she wanted to forget about earlier. "Y-yeah..Ah could...use.. a break." she said in-between breaths.

They had sat down below an un-bucked apple tree to rest for a moment. Big Macintosh offered AppleBloom an apple to snack on and she happily accepted it.

"So AppleBloom, AppleJack told me ya' had yerself quite the dream last night."

AppleBloom was enjoying the apple, but as he reminded her of the dream she almost choked on the piece of apple she had in her mouth. She felt her depression creeping back up on her so she hung her head and stared at the ground where she saw the grass play in the wind.

"Yeah ah sure did.." AppleBloom couldn't hide anything from her caring big brother, sometimes she could sneak past AppleJack but Big Mac was no exception.

"An yer sure you're all better?"

"Yeah, Ah'm fine Big Mac."

"Ya' sure don't look fine.." He raised an eyebrow at a tear that was produced by AppleBloom's eye as it hit the ground.

"It was just a really scary dream. Ah don't wana talk about it." AppleBloom wiped her eyes and stood up. "Lets get back to work."

"Alrigh, Ah wont press ya' about it but just remember, it's bad to hold back yer feelin's." Big Macintosh stood up and they went back to work.


They had finished the days work and the sun was starting to set. AppleBloom and Big Mac made their way back to the farm gently shoving each other on the way there. They reached the house and met AppleJack who was tapping her face with a sweat cloth in front of the house.

"Ah see you two had fun, Ah think you need this too Macintosh." She threw the cloth to Big Mac who promptly used it.

AppleBloom smiled at her siblings and started thinking. 'Maybe I should go for a walk, ah'm not quite ready to turn in yet..'

"Hey AppleJack, ah'm going to go see what SweetieBell and Scootaloo are doin'."

"Alrigh, but don't be gone too late." AppleJack and Big Macintosh went into the house.

AppleBloom started walking out of Sweet Apple Orchards and decided to go into Ponyville to see if anything had happened today. AppleBloom was walking on the dirt road when she heard somepony trotting towards her direction. AppleBloom squinted ahead and saw Twilight heading straight for her.

Twilight had stopped in front of AppleBloom and had a soft smile on her face. "Hi AppleBloom! Just the pony I was going to go see."

AppleBloom was confused. 'Why did she wana see me..OH!' It suddenly dawned on AppleBloom that Spike was no longer here and that would effect twilight.


"Yes. I have some bad news for you AppleBloom, Spike was summoned to Canterlot to be a temporary ambassador to speak to the dragons...." Twilight swallowed a light sob. "He was really needed and he doesn't know when hes going to be back, I'm sorry sweetie."

"Ah'm sure he's guna be fine twiligh.." It pained AppleBloom to speak about Spike. "Ah was just on a walk, wana join me?"

Twilight cleared her eyes of any stray tears. "That sounds nice."

As they were silently walking AppleBloom was thinking to herself. 'The agency sure is good at cover-ups..'

They had walked for about an hour talking about what they had liked best about Spike and planning on what to do when he returned. AppleBloom could hardly stand even thinking about Spike but she didn't want twilight to know the truth so she kept herself strong.

"It's getting late AppleBloom, we should head home now, need me to walk you home?" Twilight offered.

"No, Ah'm good Twiligh'."

They waved each other off after a soft "Good night." from each of them.


AppleBloom was back in Sweet Apple Orchards and her bow started shaking and she tapped the tip of it and the mini-screen popped out in front of her.

"Agent AppleBloom."


"We have some of your missions specifics. We believe Spike escaped and is now hiding in a target area of 3 large cities. You are being placed in Manehattan along with 2 other agents, they will not always be with you because we are trying to find Spike as discreetly as possible. Do you have any relatives in Manehattan?"

AppleBloom thought for a second. "Well, ah got a cousin that lives in Manehattan, ah could ask if ah could stay with him for a bit."


"Is agent Gummy and Dawn Cruise the ones assigned to track down Spike with me?"

"No, this is out of their specialization. You will be accompanied by a few other agents on this mission."

"Alrigh, Ah'll call you on ma cousins answer."

"Very good. Eye Patch, out." The screen retracted back into AppleBloom's bow.

'Man ah'm tired.. time to get to bed..' AppleBloom walked into the house and saw Granny Smith asleep in her rocking chair in the living room. AppleBloom walked up the stairs and entered her room. AppleBloom stared at her bed for a moment, but then turned to her mirror and moved in several different directions to see if the copy of her would talk again. To AppleBloom's relief it didn't, she crawled in the bed and instantly started snoring.

Authors Note: I know I said this would come out in December, but being without writing is REALLY boring. So ignore the 'Coming in December stuff' because I have too much fun writing!


Gilda the Griffon.

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Spike drove into the large and heavily populated city known as Manehattan with alot on his mind. 'Such a glorious city.' Spike's eyes shone at the neon lights of the shops that inhabited the buildings. 'Let's see.. what to do....' Spike thought as he pulled over to the side. Spike exited the heavily armored vehicle with a few stares. A pony walked up behind Spike and tapped his shoulder while pointing his hoof at the passenger seat.

"Hey pal, that guy alright?"

Spike slowly turned to the pony with a plan starting to develop in his mind. "Who? Oh, yeah hes fine we just came back from a party."

The pony was confused. "In an armored transport vehicle?"

"Why yes my good sir, as you can see not all cops are boring, we enjoy a good time. Does that stallion not look like he just came back from partying his tail off?" Spike said coolly while pointing at the dead driver.

The pony could only see from a distance, but to him it looked like he was taking a light nap, and from the color in his face he could tell that he was..what.. maybe drunk? The pony couldn't tell but returned to the dragon. "Yeah, he looks like someone who can party." The pony extended his hoof that almost made spike jump but all it really ended up being was a bro-hoof.

Spike smiled and returned the gesture. "Catch ya later?"

"Yeah, nothing cooler than a cop that can party!" The pony turned around and started to walk off but was stopped by Spike's voice.

"Pardon me, but before you go can you point to the most gang-infested neighborhood?"

The pony looked confused and rubbed the back of his head. "Well uh.. I guess that would be that way about a few miles till you see a few broken down buildings with kids in the streets." He pointed to the right of himself.

"Thanks, later." Spike walked back to the vehicle and started it up and drove in the direction the pony gave him.

(10 minuets of driving later)

'broken down buildings? Kids in the streets? This must be the place, Spike parked the vehicle and saw some of the kids running while screaming.

"Cops!" A group of them said while retreating, leaving a Griffon that they had cornered against a wall. Spike exited the vehicle and walked over the the exhausted Griffon.

"You alright there?" Spike noticed punch marks in her coat of feathers.

"Yeah, thanks, those losers caught me without my friends and the cowards ganged up on me." The Griffon said brushing herself off.

"What's your name?" Spike asked stepping a bit closer.

"Sorry, I'm thankful you saved me and all, but I don't talk to cops. Besides, what do you care?"

"Oh, my dear, I am no cop. In fact im rather...hostile.. to them, I come from a town a long way from this city, names' Spike."

"Spike, huh? I can dig that, I'm Gilda."

"I'm guessing from how much you hate cops... you're in a gang right?"

"Yeah, I'm the leader of the Manehattan Feather Busters." Gilda said while taking pride in it.

Spike thought for a moment. "Yes, I've heard of you, which is why I left my old boring village to be with some real people like you Gilda, could I join?"

Gilda looked surprised. "Well, you seem cool enough, but its not just my call dude. Let me take you back to our hideout and we'll see what the guys think of you. Thank cool?"

"Yeah, lets go." Spike and Gilda walked off into the streets of Manehattan. 'Time for another.. experiment...' Spike snickered to himself in silence.

AppleBloom's Conscious,

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AppleBloom woke up with her sister AppleJack on her bed, hugging her. AppleJack felt her movement and woke up as well.

“Applejack?” AppleBloom looked up at her sister.

“Mornin’ little sis.” AppleJack started stroking her mane.

“Why are ya’ in my bed?”

“You were havin’ one of yer nightmares again and you were cryin’ in yer sleep. Ah heard ya’ from my room so ah came to sleep with ya’ to maybe make you feel better.”

AppleBloom looked at her pillow; it was soaked with her tears. ‘Ah don’t remember even having a dream last night, how could ah have been crying?’

“Okay, ah’m not lettin’ you work for the rest of the week, yer too troubled right now, so just take a break.”

“But ah’m fine AppleJack!”

“No, yer not. Please AppleBloom just take a rest, ah really hate to see you like this.” AppleJack started crying herself.

“Alrigh’ ah won’t work… ah guess ah could use a break..”

AppleJack continued to stroke her little sisters mane for a few moments, then she got off and left AppleBloom with a light kiss on her forehead.

AppleBloom got up from her bed and walked over to her mirror to check her eyes, they were really puffy and bloodshot. 'I guess I should hurry and write to Caramel..I bet a change of scenery would do me good.'

"Yeah, probably would." The image returned.

AppleBloom's eye twitched. "How are you talking to me?"

"Ah already told you that ah don't know what your talkin' about."

"Honestly, just tell me, am ah crazy?"

The image had a stern look. "No, you could call me your conscious. Ah'm only here to help and give advice."

"Well you haven't been very helpful, you made fun of the way ah looked yesterday."

"I was just teasing you, besides you could use my help, Spike really left you in a mess."

AppleBloom cringed at Spike's name. "Yeah.. ah never knew he would be so evil.. and ah loved him."

"And you still do, what do you plan to do when you catch Spike?"

"Turn him into the agency..Ah really don't see how ah can talk to you like this, its really weird."

"Trust me, you'll get used to it."

"Your going to keep talkin' to me?"

"Well I am inside your mind.. not like im going anywhere."

"Could you at least keep yer talking to a minimum?"

"Sure thing, I am only here to help, now go write to Caramel." The image shimmered back to just a reflection of AppleBloom. 'Ah don't feel any different.. maybe she is just here to help.' AppleBloom left her room to go down stairs to breakfast.

The breakfast had gone quietly and ended when AppleJack and Big Macintosh went outside to work. AppleBloom moved to the living room and sat on the couch closest to the door and noticed Granny Smith already asleep, she grabbed a piece of paper and pencil and started writing on the coffee table in front of the couch.

Dear Caramel, I am writing you a letter asking if I could maybe come and stay with you for a spell. I have been troubled lately and I think living in the big city might help me out.

Your cousin, AppleBloom

AppleBloom sealed the letter inside of an envelope and walked out the door to go mail it. AppleBloom trotted towards the mailbox but noticed the mail courier already arriving.

The mail courier was flying in an odd fashion but landed rather clumsily next to AppleBloom's mailbox.

"Hi Ditzy, ah got a letter for you to send." AppleBloom handed Ditzy the letter and she put it in her bag.

"Muffins?" Ditzy smiled hopefully.

AppleBloom was confused. "No, we have apples though Ditzy."

Ditzy frowned for a moment, but the smile returned with a new hope. "Apple muffins?"

"No sorry, Ditzy."

"Okay. Tell your sister I said hi!" Ditzy flew off to make her other deliveries.

AppleBloom walked back to her house to start devising an excuse to leave to Manehattan.

AN: Sorry I thought this chapter would be a bit more entertaining, but couldn't think of much for it. Don't worry the story should pick up in the next few chapters!


The Manehattan Feather Busters.

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Gilda and Spike reached an old broken down apartment building, it was 3 stories high with about every window broken.

"This is the place, you ready Spike?" Gilda turned to the dragon to see his reaction, normally people got nervous around the Feather Buster hideout, but Spike had a determined look on his face.

"Yeah." Spike looked at the building in slight disgust. 'Great.. such a filthy will all be worth it.'

Gilda and Spike walked up into the steps and Spike noticed the song that was blasting from the inside, a song from Bowling for Hay, but couldn't remember the name.

Gilda yelled over the music. "Turn that stuff off! We got a potential here!"

The music died seconds later and Spike could hear doors swinging open and pegasi flying downstairs and earth ponies tripping over each other with curses flying around.

After all of the Feather Busters were present Gilda started talking. "This guy right here saved me from those wussies a few blocks down. He told me he heard of us from far away and wanted to join our family."

Most of them didn't say anything, but a few protested. "Look how lame he is Gilda!" "That guy doesn't look like he can even brawl!"

A pegasus stepped forward and spoke up. "Sure those scales of his could probably let him take a punch, but he doesn't look very strong, even for a dragon."

Gilda looked at Spike and nodded. "Well he really wants to join us... oh I know..." Gilda snickered. "Lets test him.. how does that sound guys?"

The large group agreed.

"I want to get back at those losers down the street for ganging up on me, so lets go over and start a brawl with them and see how Spike here holds his own." Gilda's voice grew intense with anticipation.

"Yeah, lets go get those losers!" The group cheered at the suggestion.

"Alright, lets go now! Watch each others backs and check what Spike does."

The whole gang poured out of the house all screaming and running and flying towards the direction Spike and Gilda had come from, Gilda grabbed Spike and allowed Spike to climb on her back to get him there faster. The other ponies in the streets were running from the rampaging gang, some stopping to break a window or two to find a decent glass shard to use for the brawl. Gilda sat Spike down on the street where the Feather Busters were shouting curses and threats at a house similar to the one they had come from, but with more color. A white coated unicorn emerged from the house with a furious look on his face.

"You Feather Bumpers want to fight?! You got one!" As he yelled this several unicorn and pegasi came from the house, some with an occasional pipe or a knife.

The two large crowds impacted each other with sounds of connecting pipes and screams of pain. Spike stayed back and started seeing the blood come from both sides, he smiled and started slowly walking over with murderous intent. A unicorn came at Spike swinging a bowie knife at Spike, Spike smiled even harder and grabbed his wrist and then twisting it and causing the bowie knife to begin free-fall. Spike caught the knife in mid-air and then twirled it around and drove it into the unicorn's neck and then kept walking forward to a group of ponies wrestling on the ground. Gilda was on her back defending herself from the rampaging unicorn that led the other group that was on top of her swinging his hooves.

"You're going down this time bit-" But was cut off, he turned his head around and saw Spike with his right claw dug into his side. He looked into Spikes eyes, Spike had rolled his eyes to the back of his head and had a smile that could rival the Cheshire cat. This scared the unicorn and he just fell asking for forgiveness and slid off of Spike's claw.

Spike just laughed and said in a low shaking with anticipation voice. "I love it when they beg..." He raised his claw and put his fingers together to make an arrow shape and brought it down in a scoop in the unicorns chest. The unicorn was quickly surrounded by his own blood.

Gilda watched with wide-eyes as Spike brought the claw to his face and then shook his hand at his side to rid himself of the mess.

The ponies of the other group saw their leader fall and all started sprinting and flying away. Some of Gilda's gang had grabbed a few of them before they could escape and had them pinned on the ground.

Gilda brushed herself off and asked a pony next to him. "Hey Stone Knuckle, how many do we have down?"

"We lost 2, Strong Hoof and High Chord."

Gilda got angry. "Alright, take what you caught and finish them, leave one up."

The Feather Busters did as they were told and it was about 5 ponies stomping on each of the prisoners. After they had finished the pushed a crying young colt forward at Gilda asking her to spare his life, normally Gilda let one go, but this was the one that had shouted her name before she was attacked earlier.

"Spike, show the rest of them what I saw." Gilda said coldly.

"My pleasure.." Spike arched his claw in an arrow at the ponies neck and then removed his claw and allowed the pony to drop to the ground to choke on his own blood.

"That guy is fucking insane.." "I don't wanna mess with him." Were the only words that some of the Feather Busters had spoken after witnessing Spike's fatal strike.

Gilda walked in front of her gang with a smile. "Thanks to Spike here, we finally drove those wussies from the neighborhood, I think hes more than deserving to join."

The gang shouted in approval of her statement.

Spike stepped forward at the cheers and raised his hands in the air to gain their attention. He smiled and said "Thank you for allowing me to join..but I have a question for you all...What if I said..... I could give you the world?" The street's lights glared in Spike's eyes, changing them from green to red for a moment.

Welcome to Manehattan!

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AppleBloom woke up to a knock at her window, she saw Derpy floating outside. She went over to open the window and saw Derpy with a letter, she took the letter from Derpy and thanked her.

"Uh..thanks for the letter Ditzy." She said still confused about receiving a letter through the window.

Derpy waved bye and flew off as AppleBloom shut the window.

AppleBloom opened the letter and read.

Dear AppleBloom,
Hi, I would be happy to have you stay at Manehattan with me, it gets a little lonely living on my own. Hope to see you soon.
love Caramel.

AppleBloom was happy to receive the letter, it allowed her to continue the chase after Spike. She tapped the tip of her bow and a screen popped out.

Eye Patch was on the screen, but his back was turned doing some paperwork.


Eye Patch jumped and turned around. "Oh hello agent AppleBloom. I was just filling out some paperwork on Spike's escape.. Whats the word?"

"My cousin said that it was fine, any more news on Spike?"

Eye Patch shook his head. "No, hes gone almost dead cold. We're not even sure if hes in the area we pointed out anymore, but we are still sending you to be sure."

AppleBloom was disappointed by the news and just said. "Okay."

"When will you be ready to go?"

"As soon as you need me."

"Tell your family that you are leaving for awhile, when you do I'll send Dawn Cruise to take you to Manehattan."

"Yes sir."

Eye Patch looked at AppleBloom's neck. "Still wearing that necklace?"

AppleBloom had forgotten all about it, she was wearing it the whole time. "Yeah.. ah guess so."

"Alright. Eye Patch, out." The screen retracted back into AppleBloom's bow.

AppleBloom walked over to her mirror and saw the necklace still danging from her neck. She put her hooves behind her head to remove it, but couldn't bring herself to take it off. She put her hooves back down and stared at the mirror. The image had returned with a smile.

"Hello again."


"Still wearing the proposal necklace?"

"Yeah, ah still can't talk to you very well though, makes me think im going crazy."

"What's so crazy about talking to yourself?"

"Well it's not natural.. nopony else does it."

The image laughed. "Of course they do, but these little talks are personnel, they keep it to themselves."


"Of course, why would I lie to you?"

"Okay, that makes me feel a might better."

"Good to hear it! Now head downstairs and tell your family you need a vacation."

"Alright. Well ah guess ah'll see you later then."

The image smiled contently. "I knew you would warm up to me, later!" The image wavered and became AppleBloom's reflection again.

AppleBloom looked at her necklace again in the mirror, admiring it, but admiration turned to tears as she remembered Spike's proposal. She quickly dried her eyes and left her room, heading for the dining room. She saw the Apple Family eating pieces of toast with apple spread.

AppleJack noticed AppleBloom first. "Mornin' AppleBloom, want some breakfast?"

AppleBloom was sad about what she was about to tell her family. "Sorry, ah'm not hungry.... and ah got somthing to tell you."

The Apple Family looked at AppleBloom in confusion.

"Ah sent a letter to Caramel asking if ah could stay with him, he said yes, and ah wanted to tell you ah'm leavin' for awhile. I really need to get away from the farm, it's gettin' to me."

They had mixed reactions. Granny Smith was sad, Big Macintosh looked confused and AppleJack had a straight face. AppleJack stood up.

"You sure about this AppleBloom?"

AppleBloom looked down. "Yeah ah'm sure."

"Well, we support any decision ya' make AppleBloom, aint that right Big Mac?"

"Eeeyup." He said his eyes turning a bit soft.

"Ah'll be back, Ah just need a small bit of time from the farm!" AppleBloom assured her siblings.

"When do ya' plan on leavin'?" AppleJack asked sitting back down.

"Well, ah planned on leavin' right after ah told ya. Ah really need to get away as soon as possible.." AppleBloom said as she walked over to give Granny Smith a hug, Big Macintosh and AppleJack came to join the hug.

"You be careful out there AppleBloom." Big Macintosh said during the hug.

The family stayed in the group-hug for several moments, all not wishing to part from AppleBloom.

"Ah better get goin' if ah want to make it to Manehatten by tonight...ah'll write to you guys." AppleBloom got away from the hug and started heading for the door. "Bye."

"Bye!" The Apple Family smiled as they waved her off from the living room.

AppleBloom left the house, happy that her family loved her so much. She exited Sweet Apple Acres and tapped her bow. The screen didn't pop out, but she recognized Dawn Cruise's engine from a distance.

Dawn Cruise stopped in a screeching halt on the road that AppleBloom was waiting next to.

"It's a pleasure to meet with you again Agent 816."

"Hello, Dawn Cruise." AppleBloom said as she hopped in the passenger seat and looked to her right to maybe see Gummy, instead she saw a pink pony playing with the steering wheel.

"Hi AppleBloom!" Pinkie said while imitating car sounds.

AppleBloom hadn't seen Pinkie Pie since she had been undercover as Spike's assistant. "Hi Pinkie!"

"So I heard your going after Spikie, are you sure you can do it?"

"Yeah, ah'm sure, ah want to be the one to bring Spike back in..." AppleBloom looked down, but then returned with a hopeful smile. "Are you one of the agents that are going to help me in Manehatten?"

"Silly Filly, I'm a mole. I normally don't even get to meet other agents to keep my presence in the agency low so I can infiltrate enemy bad guy places. Dawn Cruise and I are great friends though, we love to chat, don't we donny?" Pinkie Pie said while smiling.

"Yes we do, Ms.Pie." Dawn Cruise had replied.

Pinkie giggled. "Are you all set AppleBloom?"

"Yeah lets go!"

Pinkie's mane went flat. "Then you have 3 seconds to put on your seat belt!"


"Three!" Pinkie said while revving Dawn's engine.

AppleBloom became wide-eyed struggling to fasten her seat belt.


AppleBloom became frantic in trying to plug in the seat belt, constantly fumbling with the lock.

"One!" Pinkie stomped Dawn's pedal and Dawn started speeding off at break-neck speed.

"Dear Celestia!!" AppleBloom yelled into the wind as the car started speeding for Manehatten.


(1 Hour Later.)

Dawn Cruise slowly reached a stop inside of a large city. He opened his passenger door for AppleBloom.

"Agent AppleBloom? Are you alright?"

AppleBloom's eye was twitching, her mane was a mess and she was shaking from the ride. She snapped out of her trance and threw herself out of the car still shaking and kissing the ground.

"Sweet ground... let's never part again." AppleBloom said in between her praises to the ground.

Pinkie giggled at AppleBloom. "Goodbye Agent 816! Lets go Dawn, we're going to miss our chess match finals!" Pinkie closed the door and sped off again in Dawn Cruise.

AppleBloom looked up into the city lights and buildings in amazement. She took a moment to take in the sites and heard music coming from around her. She started looking for the apartment where Caramel was living and soon found it. 'Lets see... ' she thought while looking at the elevator buttons. AppleBloom poked a button that had a '3' on it and the elevator went upwards. AppleBloom exited the elevator and quickly found Caramel's apartment, apartment number 21. She knocked on the door and it was quickly answered by a light brown coated colt that had a smile on his face.

"Hi AppleBloom! You got here fast.. come in!" Caramel opened his door and extended his hoof out to his apartment. It was a simple, but very nice apartment. "I have to go to work, you had great timing, make yourself at home! Be back later." Caramel quickly ran out the door shutting it behind him.

AppleBloom collapsed on his house, actually feeling revived. 'Ah guess ah'm in the big city now...and it feels great!' She smiled to herself. 'I wonder what they have to do in the big city?' AppleBloom yawned. 'It's only noon still, ah'll just have a nap before I go explore the city." AppleBloom went to sleep on Caramel's couch, dreaming about all of the wonderful sights of the city.

Spike Located.

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Apple Bloom woke up to something shaking her head, it was her bow so she tapped it and the mini-screen popped out.

"Agent Apple Bloom." Eye Patch said plainly.

Apple Bloom stretched before she replied. "Sir."

"We have created a temporary base inside of Manehatten, now we are positive he is here. You are to report to the temporary base as soon as possible."

Apple Bloom saw the background look slightly different.

Eye Patch pressed a button and the screen showed a map of where Apple Bloom was, and where her destination is.

"Ah see where it is, ah'll be right there." Apple Bloom was hoping to see the sights of the city, but her job was too important.

"See you soon. Eye Patch, out." The screen retracted, and Apple Bloom got up to stretch her joints.

Apple Bloom left the apartment and started on her way towards the base, luckily it wasn't far away. She arrived at the base after a few minuets of walking, the building was seemingly normal. Apple Bloom went up the small set of stairs and rang the doorbell, the stairs under her instantly folded and she fell down a slide screaming in surprise. Apple Bloom had fallen into a chair in front of a large desk in a room that was well-lit, she was still dazed about what had just happened.

A chair was turned behind the desk, it slowly turned and Eye Patch was sitting calmly. "Sorry about the drop, we need to make sure only agents know where this place is."

"That's alrigh, ah don't see why ah'm not used to it anyway." Apple Bloom said while fixing her mane. She looked around at the room, it was blank mostly, but behind Eye Patch, she saw that the wall was covered with small bronze stars with dates under them. "What are those.."

"Stars?" Eye Patch took a deep breath. "Those stars are fallen agents." Eye Patch looked down, a small tear dropped on the desk, but when he looked back up his face was the same as it always had been.

"They don't have names, sir."

Eye Patch hesitated but replied. "I remember each day an agent died, I honor them by placing a star on the walls of my offices, and adding the date they were born." Eye Patch turned to look at them for a moment, but returned to face Apple Bloom. "Well, we think we know where Spike is."

Apple Bloom planted her hooves on the desk and leaned forward from her chair. "You do?!"

Eye Patch stood up and read some of the papers he had on his desk. "Yes, he joined a local gang, and in under 12 hours he united every gang in Manehatten. How he did this, is unknown, they call him a prophet. We are sending you to the area where we think Spike is, and if possible, you are to suppress him in any way possible. He is still highly dangerous and must be brought in, is this understood?

Apple Bloom stood up. "Yes sir, ah'll leave as soon as possible."

Eye Patch motioned her to sit back down. "The area is well guarded, he organized them for the defensive, he knows we are coming after him. I am sending a strike team to stay behind you from a distance for your disposal if you manage to find him, you are to also wear this bracelet." Eye Patch retrieved a thin bracelet from his desk. "It will monitor your vitals, they will move in if something happens, or when you give them the order." Eye Patch tossed the bracelet to Apple Bloom, and she caught it and immediately put it on her hoof. "This is not a time for compassion agent." Eye Patch had a slightly angry stare in his eye. "I will not lose any more agents to this criminal."

Apple Bloom nodded to show that she understood.

Eye Patch brought out a map of Manehatten and he went over Spike's possible positions and when what would happen if she were to spot him. After they had finished discussing the course of action Apple Bloom stood up.

"Ah'll do my best sir." Apple Bloom stood backwards and a small tube and sucked her up and she found herself in the alleyway next to the bases building.

Apple Bloom started walking towards the direction to the part of Manehatten Eye Patch had pointed out. She walked for an hour before the building started changing from nice, and well kept to broken down and boarded up. Apple Bloom talked into her bracelet.

"Hello, is the strike team in position?"

The bracelet buzzed and replied. "Yes, we are in light pursuit of your trail, continue."

Apple Bloom looked at the neighborhood, it looked very unforgiving. Apple Bloom continued onward, but was slightly confused because the buildings started to look cleaner and had ponies working on them. She stopped when she saw a large building that had been repainted and the window glasses were repaired. 'This must be where Spike is...' She started walking towards the building.


Spike was watching his little empire starting to grow while starring out of his balcony at the top floor of his new home. Spike turned to Gilda who was behind him.

"Tell the Jones Street Ponies that once they are done with north-side construction that they must help the Hoofball Furies with the east, they are working slowly." Spike said calmly.

Gilda bowed her head slightly. She had to much respect not to, Spike had united all of the gangs and organized them into an actual power in a short time. She turned to leave the room to deliver the orders.

Spike turned back to stare out into the city, his eyes were drawn to looking at a pony a few blocks down and his breath was sucked away from him. 'Apple Bloom...'


Apple Bloom kept walking towards the building that was only a few blocks ahead, her heart racing knowing that Spike had to be there. Apple Bloom froze in her place after a few ponies had appeared from a corner in front of her.

"She doesn't have any colors..."

"Guess shes not one of us." The pony turned to look at Apple Bloom from his friend beside him. "You're trespassing little girly, grab her."

A pony behind Apple Bloom threw her into the dead end alleyway before she could react.

Apple Bloom braced herself and prepared for a fight.

One pony swung a hoof at Apple Bloom, but she grabbed it and threw him down into the wall next to her. Apple Bloom was struck in the back of the head in her blind spot after tossing the first pony into the wall. She stumbled away from the blow and was hit again twice in the sides of her head and she fell to the ground. The 4 ponies surrounded her, and then were joined by the one she threw, they each held either a pipe, a knife, or just used their hooves. "Kill her." said the pony that was thrown against the wall.

Apple Bloom could hardly keep her consciousness. She saw the ponies closing in on her and she tried to talk into her bracelet, but couldn't make a sound through the pain.

The 5 ponies were almost upon her but they turned after a yell came from behind them.


The 5 ponies back away from Apple Bloom and Spike went forward to look at her.

Apple Bloom looked up and saw Spike, but she passed out from the blows to her head before she could do anything.

"What did you idiots do?" Spike raised his voice, and one of the ponies walked forward.

"She was deep in our turf.. and like you told us to do was to get rid of anyone not wearing colors."

Spike dug his right claw deep into the ponies throat and then let him fall.

Before the ponies could react to Spike's action, they could hear some people warning from down the street. "Cops!" It was Apple Bloom's strike team coming to rescue her. The ponies ran away.

Spike looked at Apple Bloom. 'I can't get away if i carry her..Damn it.' Spike leaned down and kissed Apple Bloom's forehead and scattered off out of the alleyway.

Moments after Spike left, the team went to Apple Bloom's unconscious body.

"We need to get her back quick, she took dangerous blows to the head."

"Alright, pick her up and lets get back before more of those kids come along, we don't need any unnecessary deaths." The team medic picked up Apple Bloom and laid her on his back, and they hurried out of the neighborhood back to the base.


Spike was back at the top room of his room and looked out of his balcony after he saw the team retrieve Apple Bloom and scurry away. He banged his head on the railing and cause it to rattle uncontrollably, a small bead of blood crept down his face from his forehead. 'Apple Bloom...'


Apple Bloom was brought back into the base and was laid on a hospital bed, she was being examined by a doctor.

The doctor turned to Eye Patch. "She has a minor concussion, she shouldn't experience any memory loss and should be up and running again in the morning. But we did find something odd in her system.. she seems to have a small dose of mercury in her.. and we think it could have twisted her mind slightly. We found the source, she was wearing a necklace that had a small amount in it, not enough to harm her physically, but mercury is a strange element..we removed the necklace and the mercury should soon fade away eventually."

Eye Patch nodded and exited the infirmary, only feeling one thing, hatred.

A New Life.

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Apple Bloom woke up and saw that she was in a hospital bed. She looked around the room and saw that nopony was around. She got up out of the bed to stand, but almost fell, she regained her composure and left the infirmary and started walking towards Eye Patch's office to see what had happened. Apple Bloom was outside of Eye Patches office, she had stopped because she heard voices inside, Radio Buzz and Eye Patch were talking.


Eye Patch was searching through his desk with Radio Buzz entering the room.

"Sir?" Radio Buzz asked, curious about his actions.

Eye Patch retrieved a slightly withered Desert Eagle, and a Combat knife from his desk.

"Where are you going, sir?"

Eye Patch walked up to Radio Buzz after attaching a knife sheath to his upper right hoof and holstering his handgun on his shoulder. Eye Patch put his hooves on Radio Buzzes shoulders. "If I don't come back, there's a sealed letter in the top right drawer of my desk. Grab it, and give it to my wife." Eye Patch let go off him and started for the door.

Eye Patch opened the door and then started galloping away.


Apple Bloom hid behind the door as it swung open. She saw Eye Patch gallop away, and she knew what he was going to do. Apple Bloom started galloping after him. Eye Patch disappeared after going up some stairs, but Apple Bloom kept trailing him, knowing his destination.

Apple Bloom was running through the streets of Manehatten, trailing only a few blocks after Eye Patch.


Eye Patch was running through the streets of Manehatten, only a few blocks ahead was his target. The building where Spike was in sight, he veered right into a dead end alleyway and started running towards the wall at the end of the alleyway. He jumped up and started gliding up the wall for a moment until he lost his momentum, he turned around and pushed off of the wall and jumped into the fire escape stairs and started climbing them to the roof of the building. Eye Patch reached the roof and started galloping again towards the next building, jumping over the gap that separated them and landed in a roll on the other side, he did this for two blocks. The next building was twice the size of the one he was on, so he took a moment to observe the building's structure. He entered a gallop again and ran at the building and pushed his hooves down at an angle at the large building wall, slowly sliding down, he kicked away from the building and repeated the landing and jump every few seconds until he reached the ground. Eye Patch was in a closed off alleyway and he searched the side of the building for a vent opening, he found it hidden by a few trash cans. Eye Patch pried open the vent opening and started crawling inside them.


Spike was looking out of his window with 8 other ponies in the room behind him. They were in Spike's penthouse at the top of the building.

"Hey boss, you told us that some agency is coming after us, what does that mean?" Said one of the ponies.

Spike turned around to face them. "They aren't after you, they are after me." Spike shivered. "Can you turn up the heater? It's cold in here."

One of the ponies went to the thermostat and cranked it up.

"Don't worry boss, we wont let some cops take you out." The pony said reassuringly

Spike turned back to his window next to his desk, which was riddled with plans and papers covered with equations. Spike knew that the agency knew his position, but didn't care. 'There's no way they can get to me without detection..' Spike walked to his desk and sat down and continued to work on a map of the city.


Eye Patch had been crawling in the vents, slowly heading upwards to the top of the building, for a few minuets now. Eye Patch felt the vents heat up as he neared the top of the building. He wiped his forehead from the sweat. 'Now I know what a TV dinner feels like..' He stopped crawling when he heard talking below him.

"Don't worry boss, we don't let some cops take you out."

Eye Patch peered through the vents and saw a room filled with some ponies, and he shifted his gaze to the end of the room, and saw Spike. Eye Patch instantly lost his temper at the sight of Spike, he kicked downward on the vents causing them to fall. He rolled out of the vent that fell behind the ponies that were frightened.

"What the hay?! Get him!" Yelled one of the ponies.

Eye Patch pulled out his handgun and held it with both hooves to the best accuracy. He shot each pony in the chest or the head, making sure not to waste a bullet. All eight ponies fell to the ground a few feet away from Eye Patch.

Spike just kept a straight face as he saw his bodyguards fall.

Eye Patch aimed his gun at Spike.

Spike walked from behind the desk to a few feet in front of Eye Patch, smiling. "Nice of you to drop in for a visit, agent."

Eye Patch couldn't hear him, he was too angry that he almost lost another agent to this dragon. Eye Patch pulled the trigger of the gun that was aimed right at Spike's head, the gun made a click noise. 'Fuck.' He had used all of his ammunition on Spike's bodyguards.

Spike started laughing hysterically while pointing at Eye Patch. "You should have brought another bullet, one eye!"

Eye Patch threw his handgun down and unsheathed his combat knife, and then entered a stance, showing that he was ready to fight.

Spike flexed his claws outward. "Do you expect to come out of here alive, old man?"

Eye Patch stared at Spike with intense hatred. "I don't." Eye Patch ran at Spike in a powerful thrust with his knife.

Spike deflected the knife with his claws and then tried to retaliate with a lunge of his claws, but Eye Patch parried backwards. Eye patch tried again, this time slashing his knife at Spikes shoulder, hoping to disarm a claw. Spike brought up his claw and grabbed Eye patches hoof and pulled him in to stab him, eye patch veered left to dodge but was cut in the shoulder and dropped his knife. Eye patch rolled away and stared at Spike.

Spike laughed at his successful disarm and the injury he caused Eye Patch. "How does it feel to be a dying stallion?!"

Eye Patch cursed between his clenched teeth while holding his shoulder. "Bullshit!"

Spike ran at Eye Patch swinging his claws in a frenzied state. Eye Patch dodged Spike's strikes and grabbed the back of Spike's right claw. He twisted the claw and caused Spike to lean backwards in pain, he then grabbed Spike's head and brought it downward on the floor.

Spike couldn't move, the hard floor hitting the back of his head stunned him.

Eye Patch picked up Spike and flung him past his desk into a wall where Spike's head struck a shelf. Eye Patched jumped behind the desk and picked Spike up again and banged his head on his desk several times and then let Spike fall to the ground. Eye Patch kicked Spike and he slid across the floor.

Spike tried to get up, but his legs were shaking from the fear of the rampaging stallion.

Eye Patch slowly walked over and grabbed Spikes arm and dragged him along the floor towards his balcony. Eye Patch picked up Spike and threw him through the glass door that separated the balcony from the penthouse, the glass shattered and covered the ground. Eye Patch picked up Spike again by his throat and brought him over the edge with rain starting to fall.

Spike looked down at the 50 foot drop to the hard cement through the heavy pouring rain while being choked by Eye Patch, Spike dug his claws into his hooves, but Eye Patch ignored the pain.

Eye Patch had sheer hatred for the dragon, he tightened his grip on his throat as he dangled over the edge.

Spike choked as he talked. "Well it looks like its..huhk.. game over." Spike started forcibly laughing past Eye Patch's hooves.

Eye Patch tightened his grip even more, causing Spike's face to turn red. "I'm tired of listening to your laughing."

Spike smiled like he was the Cheshire cat. "Drop me agent.. Now!"

Eye Patch started slowly loosening his grip.

Spike swung forward and kicked Eye Patch in the nose, it made him stumble backwards and Spike landed on the balcony. Spike slowly walked towards where Eye Patch was stunned and his eyes were watering up. "You shouldn't hesitate..." Spike was over Eye Patch, he arched his claw into an arrow.

Eye Patch was still dazed, but he heard through the buzzing in his head. "You shouldn't hesitate..." Eye Patch looked down. 'No hesitation? Got it.'

Spike brought his claw downward at Eye Patch, but he stopped halfway when blood was pouring from his mouth. Spike slowly looked downward and saw Eye Patches hoof holding a glass shard in his stomach.

"What..." Spike looked with wide eyes at the glass shard. He sat down and crossed his legs with his hands on his thighs, he knew he was dead.

Eye Patch looked over at Spike.

"Looks like I underestimated you agents, eh one eye?"

"You psychopath.."

Spike lightly chuckled. "Yeah yeah.. I know."


Apple Bloom finally reached the top of the building after sneaking past several gangsters and busted through the door. She looked at the dead bodies of the ponies and looked around the room where it was obvious a fight had taken place, she looked at the broken glass door and hurried over to it. Apple Bloom saw Spike sitting on the ground, bleeding in the rain with a glass shard in his stomach.

Spike looked up and saw Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom ran to Spike's side. "Spike?" Apple Bloom was crying at the sight of Spike dying.

"Apple Bloom..." Spike reached his claw up to Apple Bloom's face, lightly stroking her mane.

Apple Bloom yelled at Spike with tears running down her face. "Why Spike?! Why did you have to do all of this? You know I loved you!... and you betrayed me."

Spike dropped his claw and stared at her. "I'm sorry Apple Bloom...I would love to make it up to you. but its too late" Spike coughed, and he started tearing up as well, something he had never done before. "Apple Bloom, I want you to know.. I never wanted to hurt you, I love you Apple Bloom." Spike closed his eyes, but was still breathing.

Apple Bloom bent down to Spike, and kissed him. Spike had tears streaming down his face as he kissed Apple Bloom for the last time.

Spike's head slowly started to drift backwards. Spike stopped breathing and his head drooped back, but Apple Bloom held the kiss.

Eye patch recovered from Spike's blow and saw Apple Bloom had stopped kissing Spike, and was letting out all of her tears on Spike's lifeless body in the heavy pouring rain. Eye Patch decided it was best to just wait outside of the room.

Apple Bloom had her head buried in Spike's chest. "S-Spike.. I loved you...p-please.." She spoke through her sobs and her thoat was being strained through each word. Apple Bloom cried over Spike's body for several minuets before a hoof appeared on her shoulder. She turned around to see who it was, she saw Dr. Hooves.

Apple Bloom wiped her eyes. "Doctor?"

"Apple Bloom..Come inside away from the rain."

Apple Bloom clutched Spike's body. "No! I wont leave him!"

Dr. Hooves sighed. "Apple Bloom...What would you be willing to give up for Spike back?"

Apple Bloom brought her full attention to Dr. Hooves. "Everything..."

"Then come with me."

Apple Bloom followed Dr. Hooves inside the penthouse where Eye Patch was waiting.

Dr. Hooves turned to Apple Bloom. "There is a time warp quality that I can access.. I can take you to an alternate universe where you can be with Spike again."

Apple Bloom got up and shook Dr. Hooves by his shoulders with tears in her eyes. "How?!"

Dr. Hooves spoke up. "I found another universe, right now you, the other you, is about to die in a hospital and Spike, a normal Spike, is traumatized without an Apple Bloom."


"The other universe where things exist only slightly different, you are about to die. If you were to go to that universe, that sane Spike would get an Apple Bloom, and the Spike here would also get an Apple Bloom to be rested with."

Apple Bloom didn't know what to say.

Eye Patch stepped forward. "Apple Bloom, this is your call. Live here without Spike, or go away from the agency to live with Spike."

Apple Bloom thought about it for several minuets, staring at the dead Spike at the balcony and then staring at Eye Patch and Dr. Hooves.


"Dammit! We lost her!" The doctor pounded his hooves on the hospital bed where a pale Apple Bloom was lying.

The doctors slowly left the room, exhausted from their efforts to revive Apple Bloom and they didn't bother to remove the wires attached to her.

A small blue bubble appeared in the room and it grew and popped to where Apple Bloom and Dr. Hooves were standing in the center of the infirmary.

"Are we in Ponyvile?"

"Yes, over there." He pointed at the lifeless Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom choked at the sight of her own lifeless body. "So what now?"

Dr. Hooves went over and slowly unhooked the other Apple Bloom from the wires. "Get in the bed."

Apple Bloom did as she was told and looked up at Dr. Hooves.

Dr. Hooves extended his hoof at Apple Bloom. "It's been nice knowing you, agent Apple Bloom."

They shook hooves, and then Dr. Hooves started attaching the wires after he turned off the monitor.

"Won't they ask why ah'm awake and well?"

"They wont, the machine will go off in a few minuets. Could you sit up for a moment?"

Apple Bloom leaned forward, but fell back again after Dr. Hooves dealt a heavy blow to the back of her head. He then exchanged the bows between the Apple Blooms.

Dr. Hooves picked up the other Apple Bloom and saluted Agent Apple Bloom as a blue bubble surrounded him and he was off.


The doctor walked up to Spike. "I'm sorry son, but Apple Bloom's vitals have gone blank."

Spike looked up from the waiting room chair. "What! No..." Spike started crying in his hands and the doctor put a hoof on his shoulder.

A nurse appeared from the doorway that led into the patient rooms. "Doctor! That philly's machine is back online and she has a slight heart beat!"

"What!?" Both the doctor and Spike said together.

The doctor and Spike rushed to Apple Bloom's room and saw the monitor showing that she was alive. The doctor examined Apple Bloom. "This is a miracle... She died but now shes back.. thank Celestia.." The doctor was surprised to see Apple Bloom's eyes open.

"Ugh.. what?"

"Apple Bloom!" Spike leaned over the bed and hugged Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom couldn't believe that Spike was alive. "S-Spike?" she jumped out of the bed and tackled him in an even stronger hug. "Spike I can't believe it!" They embraced in a kiss, Apple Bloom couldn't tell the difference.

The doctor couldn't believe it either and was writing down the event on his clipboard.



Dr. Hooves and Eye Patch attended Spike's and Apple Bloom's funeral along with Twilight and the Apple Family. They were told that Apple Bloom died of a gang attack in Manehatten, the Apple Family took it hard, but they eventually accepted it as her time. Twilight was told that Spike was 'A messenger killed' when he delivered a letter and a rouge dragon drove a talon into his stomach out of anger, Twilight didn't get over Spike's death for a month but her friends helped her return to a normal state and she tried to not think about it much. Both Twilight and the Apple Family, knew that Spike and Apple Bloom loved each other so they had them buried in a large casket, hand and hoof intertwined.

Dr. Hooves and Eye Patch returned to a base near Ponyvile and entered Eye Patches office. Eye Patch hung a star for Apple Bloom behind his desk, right behind his chair. Eye Patch had a tear come from his eye as he looked at the star, not knowing Apple Bloom as just an agent, but as good friend.

Dr. Hooves put a hoof on Eye Patch's shoulder. "Hey, I know a good coffee shop in Ponyville that opened up a few days ago, shouldn't be packed it wasn't popular when it first opened up."

"That sounds good."

The two went to the coffee shop in Ponyvile and sat down to enjoy the drink.

"So Hooves, tell me about that alternate universe."

"It's very similar to this one, but it's without cars and major technology like cars and long distance communicators."

Eye Patch raised an eyebrow. "Are they backwards?"

Dr. Hooves gave his head a shake. "No, they just don't see much of a need for that type of stuff, they are generally very intelligent ponies."

"How odd... do you think Apple Bloom is doing alright?"

Dr. Hooves smiled. "I'm certain she is, sir."


Apple Bloom got to know the new Spike, and found out that not only was he similar to the Spike she knew, but he was also more compassionate and had interesting hobbies that made her fall in love with Spike even more than before. Spike proposed to Apple Bloom a year after the hospital incident and they were old enough to be married. They both lived a happy life and Apple Bloom became a famous author on writing spy books, and they had 3 children and lived the rest of their days together in comfort, and in deep love for each other.

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