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The Manehattan Feather Busters.

Gilda and Spike reached an old broken down apartment building, it was 3 stories high with about every window broken.

"This is the place, you ready Spike?" Gilda turned to the dragon to see his reaction, normally people got nervous around the Feather Buster hideout, but Spike had a determined look on his face.

"Yeah." Spike looked at the building in slight disgust. 'Great.. such a filthy place..it will all be worth it.'

Gilda and Spike walked up into the steps and Spike noticed the song that was blasting from the inside, a song from Bowling for Hay, but couldn't remember the name.

Gilda yelled over the music. "Turn that stuff off! We got a potential here!"

The music died seconds later and Spike could hear doors swinging open and pegasi flying downstairs and earth ponies tripping over each other with curses flying around.

After all of the Feather Busters were present Gilda started talking. "This guy right here saved me from those wussies a few blocks down. He told me he heard of us from far away and wanted to join our family."

Most of them didn't say anything, but a few protested. "Look how lame he is Gilda!" "That guy doesn't look like he can even brawl!"

A pegasus stepped forward and spoke up. "Sure those scales of his could probably let him take a punch, but he doesn't look very strong, even for a dragon."

Gilda looked at Spike and nodded. "Well he really wants to join us... oh I know..." Gilda snickered. "Lets test him.. how does that sound guys?"

The large group agreed.

"I want to get back at those losers down the street for ganging up on me, so lets go over and start a brawl with them and see how Spike here holds his own." Gilda's voice grew intense with anticipation.

"Yeah, lets go get those losers!" The group cheered at the suggestion.

"Alright, lets go now! Watch each others backs and check what Spike does."

The whole gang poured out of the house all screaming and running and flying towards the direction Spike and Gilda had come from, Gilda grabbed Spike and allowed Spike to climb on her back to get him there faster. The other ponies in the streets were running from the rampaging gang, some stopping to break a window or two to find a decent glass shard to use for the brawl. Gilda sat Spike down on the street where the Feather Busters were shouting curses and threats at a house similar to the one they had come from, but with more color. A white coated unicorn emerged from the house with a furious look on his face.

"You Feather Bumpers want to fight?! You got one!" As he yelled this several unicorn and pegasi came from the house, some with an occasional pipe or a knife.

The two large crowds impacted each other with sounds of connecting pipes and screams of pain. Spike stayed back and started seeing the blood come from both sides, he smiled and started slowly walking over with murderous intent. A unicorn came at Spike swinging a bowie knife at Spike, Spike smiled even harder and grabbed his wrist and then twisting it and causing the bowie knife to begin free-fall. Spike caught the knife in mid-air and then twirled it around and drove it into the unicorn's neck and then kept walking forward to a group of ponies wrestling on the ground. Gilda was on her back defending herself from the rampaging unicorn that led the other group that was on top of her swinging his hooves.

"You're going down this time bit-" But was cut off, he turned his head around and saw Spike with his right claw dug into his side. He looked into Spikes eyes, Spike had rolled his eyes to the back of his head and had a smile that could rival the Cheshire cat. This scared the unicorn and he just fell asking for forgiveness and slid off of Spike's claw.

Spike just laughed and said in a low shaking with anticipation voice. "I love it when they beg..." He raised his claw and put his fingers together to make an arrow shape and brought it down in a scoop in the unicorns chest. The unicorn was quickly surrounded by his own blood.

Gilda watched with wide-eyes as Spike brought the claw to his face and then shook his hand at his side to rid himself of the mess.

The ponies of the other group saw their leader fall and all started sprinting and flying away. Some of Gilda's gang had grabbed a few of them before they could escape and had them pinned on the ground.

Gilda brushed herself off and asked a pony next to him. "Hey Stone Knuckle, how many do we have down?"

"We lost 2, Strong Hoof and High Chord."

Gilda got angry. "Alright, take what you caught and finish them, leave one up."

The Feather Busters did as they were told and it was about 5 ponies stomping on each of the prisoners. After they had finished the pushed a crying young colt forward at Gilda asking her to spare his life, normally Gilda let one go, but this was the one that had shouted her name before she was attacked earlier.

"Spike, show the rest of them what I saw." Gilda said coldly.

"My pleasure.." Spike arched his claw in an arrow at the ponies neck and then removed his claw and allowed the pony to drop to the ground to choke on his own blood.

"That guy is fucking insane.." "I don't wanna mess with him." Were the only words that some of the Feather Busters had spoken after witnessing Spike's fatal strike.

Gilda walked in front of her gang with a smile. "Thanks to Spike here, we finally drove those wussies from the neighborhood, I think hes more than deserving to join."

The gang shouted in approval of her statement.

Spike stepped forward at the cheers and raised his hands in the air to gain their attention. He smiled and said "Thank you for allowing me to join..but I have a question for you all...What if I said..... I could give you the world?" The street's lights glared in Spike's eyes, changing them from green to red for a moment.