• Published 21st Feb 2016
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Futa Ponies on Male You! - MBronyM

In this, there'll be many different stories, starring YOU! Well, you'll be fucked by the mares of Equestria who've been given something extra~ Can you handle them?

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Comments ( 26 )

i'd love to see two stallions show (you) how the studs of ponyville have a good time XD.

Sombra. Queen sombra.

by all the gods this IS my fetish!!!! :pinkiehappy:

I wonder what the princesses would be

...Why do I want this to end with Twilight giving his dick an enhancement as an apology before they ALL try for a second chance at him?

When's the next update? I would hate for this story to end like some others have. :ajsleepy:

Oh pleeeeeeeeeease don't give up on this story. I'm loving every second of it. And it just won't be complete for me til it gets to my fave of the main 6. (1guess who):pinkiesad2:

So, is a certain yellow destroyer ever going to grace us with her presence?

This wait is unbearable D:

I demand Fluttershy's cock become an inch longer for every week of waiting. x3

Methinks fluttershy's size may be an issue

I really can't wait for the fluttershy chapter

Hey! How about princess celestial with her 16-17 inch royal scepter?

7878170 tbh, I'd rather a chapter that's basically Mane 6 banging the MC all at once xD

pleeeeaaase continue

Goddang, it's already been over a year >~<

Are we not gonna get Fluttershy

i think the author left us hanging

Will you please ever continue this? :fluttercry:

would you continue this on commission?

Why all the good stories dying young :fluttershbad:

The Fluttershy chapter is missing. *TRIGGERED*

the guy hasn't been online in almost a year, this is dead my dude.

When is the Fluttershy chapter coming?

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