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I love to read stories and now I am writing some as well


An unknown alicorn returns to equestria. Shrouded in a cloak of mystery, and keeping to the shadows. Will the princesses find out that he has returned? Will the princesses remember him and his crimes of pastry theft or will the spell he once cast still hold? Will Equestria ever know his crimes? Was this possible Cookie thief wrongly accused?!

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I like how you make them speak German. Adds that the shadow children (thats what im gonna call all the shadow things) and Ember being from the past or whatever your theroy is. I can also recommend proof read before posting ;)

Can't wait for more chapters!!!

I like what I've read and I look forward to more

I must say, smeone must have read Ezn's Guide. Well done.

Thanks for the compliments I am working on Moar and hope to have it out soon:twilightsmile:
I try to proof read beforehand but I was rushed sorry:twilightsheepish:
Hope to get you guys and gals more soon

I like where this is going

I recognise the cloak thing but nothing else, although I read the books like 6 years ago :twilightsheepish:

Skwee!! :pinkiehappy: Oooo more more!
I like the bit of dirt at the start :ajsmug:
Keep up good work bro

6984780 Thanks :trollestia:
I will keep it coming.

I am sorry Ember, but my head is an auto grammar fixer and there's too many mistakes. But I do like the story very much.

7029465 it's OK so don't feel bad
I do try to catch them if you can point them out then I will fix them
Thanks again and have a great day.

Wow... not much else can be said (other than I'm very glad I read it!) :pinkiesmile:

7051275 glad to hear that :twilightsmile:

Keep it going! I'm liking it so far, even deserves to get ye a gold star

Damn just damn..... Awesome story. It also reminded me of this;

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Was this possible Cookie thief wrongly accused?!

The plot is that somebody stole some cookies... ...But it's not an e rated comedy random story. I don't get it.

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Shhhhh (Haven't gotten to it yet):twilightsheepish:he he he...

"Make deals, not war." - Swindle
I vote for uneasy peace.:moustache:

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