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Luna is trapped in her dreams and unable to wake. Only Twilight Sparkle can venture into the Princess of the Night's mind and bring her back, before the land of Equestria is trapped in dreams forever. A short fun one chapter story.

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The inception is real. This story is a work of art. It adds perfect foreshadowing while keeping it subtle. The plot twist at the end was brilliant and added a bit more to it. What if Luna's trapped them in millions of dreams already? What if they're not even ponies. What if they'rs not even alive anymore, their bodies already accepting death. All of them cursed to forever wander through dreams only to find there is no end. Oh my, I seem to be rambling. Anyway, good story.


Most excellent work yet :rainbowdetermined2:

so there are three options: 1) pony is awake or not real, 2) pony is dreaming, 3) pony is visiting a dream.

A few grammar mistakes here and there, but nothing major.
Well done though, a few dream layers that kept piling up. A pleasant read altogether :twilightsmile:

it could be infinite???? insatity commenses

I'll just pretend Twilight had the teats to kiss Woona anyway so I can put this story on my TwiLuna shelf ^^.

The ending felt a bit rushed, the twist didn't really add much plot-wise, but still an enjoyable story overall.

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