• Published 10th Jun 2012
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The Dalek Invasion - the ghost

The Daleks have arrived in Ponyville. Can the mane six handle this new threat?

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Bringing Sexy Back

Bringing Sexy Back

While Zek and Rainbow Dash struggle in Silent Hill the invasion of Equestria continues…

Outside of Canterlot’s magic barrier dalek base camp


“Not much longer now,” cough “Have you located Zek’s…ship?” Said Lez.


“Send ten Daleks.” Commanded Lez.


Lez turned to the Dalek and shot it with a death ray causing it to explode.

Lez turned to face another Dalek.

“Send ten Daleks, if you feel up to it.” Said Lez.

“I OBEY!” Said the Dalek gathering the troops to stage Ace 51.

Lez turned to face the woods.

…He thought he saw the stripes of a zebra pass through the forest, but it could be his imagination...


Deep under ground in Acre 51, the colts in black’s secret headquarters, a scientist worked diligently on reverse engineering Zek’s battleship.

The scientist pony had studied almost every square inch of Zek’s ship multiple times. He studied it, dissected it, and looked through almost every square centimeter of the ship. His efforts had left him with one conclusion.

Nothing about the ship made sense at all.

It wasn’t that he didn’t understand the technology. Which he didn’t, but if that were the problem it would at least be a normal one. But that wasn’t the problem. The problem is that the ship’s insides were completely bonkers.

The scientist had compared the Dalek ship to the one that crashed a thousand years ago. At first they looked the same. But on closer inspection he noticed something strange.

Some of the equipment on the bridge was so advanced that it would take a genius to figure them out, but other this were not even connected. That’s right not connected to anything. There were wires that led to dead ends, levers that didn’t trigger anything. There was also a circuit labeled “Chameleon Circuit DO NOT TOUCH.”

When carbon dating different parts of the ship he found that while some of the technology was brand new other parts were thousands of years old.

It was almost as somepony had tried to make the ship look more like a Dalek ship.

Besides that there was one other thing that bothered him. When taking measurements of the ship he came to a realization. The inside of the ship was exactly ¼ of a meter bigger than the outside of the ship.

It perplexed him. He measured it again with a more accurate tool and but this time it was 3/5 of a meter bigger on the inside. It had gotten even bigger. It was infuriating. It made him want to pull his mane out. Perhaps it was a conversion error? While the scientist struggled to figure out his error, a gray pegasus walked into the hanger.

The top-secret hanger.

“Hey what’s up?” Said the cross-eyed pegasus. “My names Derpy Hooves, what’s your name?”

“How did you get in here? This is government facility!” Said the scientist.

Derpy acted like she didn’t hear anything.

“I’m looking for something. Have you seen a blue box around here? I’m supposed to pick it up for a friend of mine.”

The scientist gawked at the pony. She breaks into a top-secret military base and casually asked the lead scientist if he’s seen a blue box.

“Well there’s no box here. Now get out before I have to thrown you out.” Said the scientist sternly

“How you going to do that if all the guards are knocked out?”

“Wait, huh?” The scientist looked around. Sure enough all the guards were unconscious.

“H-how did you manage that?” Asked the scientist nervously eyeing Derpy nervously.

“I didn’t do it. They were like that when I got here. I swear.” Said Derpy defensively.

Just then there was the sound of an angry mechanical voice coming from the entrance to the hanger bay.

“SPREAD OUT. SEEK OUT. AND DESTROY ALL PONIES. CAPTURE THE BASE.” Said the leader of about ten Daleks who stood at the doorway blocking all chances of Derpy and the scientist’s escape.

“We’re trapped!” Said the scientist sweet pouring down his face.

“Quickly onto the ship!” Said Derpy. Derpy and the scientist made a dash to the ship’s entrance. Half way to the door the Daleks saw them.

“EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!” The cried as they fired their death rays. The death rays came close to hitting them, one of them even brushed so close to the scientist ear that he felt a tingling sensation in his ear, but they managed to dodge them. They jumped into Zek’s spaceship.

“Close the door! Close the door!” Cried the Scientist. Derpy put her hoof down on a button that caused the hatch door to close leaving the daleks to yell angry outside of the ship. The scientist collapsed onto the floor breathing deeply, but Derpy who was in the shape of her life from carrying heavy objects all around ponyville breathed normally.

When he recovered he said.

“Great now what? Now we’re stuck on a Dalek spaceship with no escape. They will cut through the door eventually. Now what genius?”

“Hmmmm, I donno let me check the checklist.” Derpy pulled out a list of things too do. “The Doctor gave me this list of things to do while he’s gone. Let’s see hm…save the scientist…check…board the spaceship…check. Sit down on the console.” Derpy went over to the main console and sat down like Lyra on the Chameleon Circuit causing a small crack to appear. “Check…say hello to Caan…” Derpy looked up from the list to see the golden Dalek in front of her.

Well that explained all he unconscious guards.

“Hello Caan. What are you doing here?”

The scientist saw Caan and ran like a baby into the halls of the ship.

“Oh hello Derpy, not much, just getting ready for round three with Rainbow Dash, picking up some of the latest dalek death rays, upgrading my over shields. That kind of stuff.”

“Why do you need to stalk up on weapons? Don’t you want Rainbow to win?” Said Derpy.

“A Dalek would never let his opponent win. She has to beat me fair and square at my best. The next round will either she will kill me or I will kill her” Said Caan.


Derpy shifted the weight on her plot causing the crack to get bigger.

The ship let out a creaking sound.

“I know, I know. You miss Zek don’t you?” Said Derpy. “Well don’t worry we’re going to pick him up.”

The ship let out a clanking noise as if responding to Derpy’s voice.

“What are you doing?” Said Caan and the scientist together.

“Oh I speak spaceship.” Said Derpy.


“I speak space ship.” She repeated.

If Caan could raise an eyebrow he would have.

“That is impossible.” Said Caan.

The ship let out a hiss.

“Um…the ship doesn’t seem to like you very much Mr. Caan.” Said Derpy.

“What about me?” Asked the scientist.

“She likes you because you’re smart like Zek...” That made the scientists ears perk up. “…But she says you should take more baths.” His ears went down.

Suddenly the Chameleon Circuit that Derpy was sitting on gave way letting out sparks.

The scientist could hear the sound of confused Daleks out side the door.


“Oops I guess I should lay off the muffins. Next thing on the list…fly the TARDIS to Silent Hill and pick up Zek. Ok sounds easy.” Derpy went out over to the main controls and pulled one of the levels. The ship let out its classic screeching sound as it attempted to lift off.

“Do you know have to fly this?” Asked the scientist.

“No idea.” Derpy pulled another lever. The TARTIS let out a screech sound of joy, happy to be back to normal, set out into the Time Vortex once more in hopes of finding her lost master.

“Alright sexy let’s go find the Doctor.”

The confused Daleks outside the TARDIS watched, as what had at first seemed to be a Daleks spaceship turn into a Blue Police Box and then disappear into time and space.


“Did you find the ship?” Asked Lez over the radio.


Lez felt all three of his daleks hearts skip a beat. He had to find Zek right now!

He turned to a dalek by his side.

“I WANT THAT SHIELD DOWN NOW!” He yelled before broke into a coughing fit.

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