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The Dalek Invasion - the ghost

The Daleks have arrived in Ponyville. Can the mane six handle this new threat?

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Yellow God

Yellow God

Queen Harmony tried to send Zek a memory while he was sleeping but Xuchilbara saw it coming and encoded it.

Zek dreamed…


The Eighth RG9jdG9y was tied up to a chair. No he wasn’t tied up he was bound to the chair. It was dark in the room so he couldn’t see who had tied him up, but from the looks of it he was in a Dalek spaceship. In some sort of laboratory. The only light that he could see came from himself. He was in the middle of his cmVnZW5lcmF0aW9uIGN5Y2xlLiAgDQo= .

“RG9jdG9y how nice of you to join us. And in the middle of your regeneration cycle too.” Said a familiar voice, “What an interesting opportunity to study VGltZSBMb3JkIHJlZ2VuZXJhdGlvbi7igJ0gICANCiANCg== .”

“Davros.” Said the RG9jdG9y recognizing his robo-voice anywhere. “What are you up to? Why haven’t you killed me yet? You have the opportunity. So do it.”

“What would be the point RG9jdG9y ? The Daleks have already lost the time war it won’t solve anything.”

“Then what will you do with me?”

“We need a weapon RG9jdG9y. Something that not even the RG9jdG9y will be able to stop.”

The RG9jdG9y remained silent.

“Do you know there is a theory about VGltZSBMb3JkIHJlZ2VuZXJhdGlvbg== ? That there are ways to manipulate what they will cmVnZW5lcmF0ZQ== into?”

“Yeah so what?”

“And you also gave us this VGltZSBMb3JkDQo= technology. A Chameleon Arch. And a fobs watch to match.”

The RG9jdG9y was starting catch on.

“You wouldn’t dare. The paradoxes created by that would threaten the whole universe.” Said The RG9jdG9y.

“I can confirm that there will be no paradoxes created by this.” Said Dalek. Zek recognized as Caan.

“You heard him, no paradoxes will occur.”

A black Dalek shell was brought over to the chair where the RG9jdG9y was restrained. Zek recognized it immediately as his own. It was open-ended up revealing no Dalek inside.

And then he started to cmVnZW5lcmF0ZQ== .


And then Zek woke up sweating.

His first thought was trying to reclaim the dream he just had, he couldn’t remember exactly what happened in it, but he felt like it was important…His second thought was that he was in terrible pain.

He looked down in hope.

“Darn, still have legs.” He said. He had been hoping this, turning into to a pony thing, had all had been a dream.

He was on the floor of the historical society. He looked back to his hind leg. It was still not there. Good riddance to bad rubbish. but in it's place someone sompony or something had replaced his leg with what appeared to be some sort of peg leg. Although it would make it harder for him to walk he preferred this over his old leg. Organic legs were unnatural and inferior to technology. He preferred to have no legs thank you very much. He also noticed that his cutie mark looked a little faded.

He made an inspection of the room. Paintings of various things, a bed of roses, the sea, some humanoid with a red pyramid for a head. Not exactly Zek’s taste in artwork. He scanned the room looking for anything that might be of use to him.

There were also a document containing the history of Silent Hill

A History of Silent Hill

Silent Hill, located in the Northeast of the United States, has its origin in the late 1600s when settlers came to the town. In the early 1700s though a mysterious epidemic broke out and the town was abandoned.

It wasn't until 1810 that the town was resettled as a penal colony, and the Silent Hill prison as well as Brookhaven Hospital were constructed. This was the time when the town actually was named ''Silent Hill''.

Around 1840 - about 20 years after Maine became a state - the prison was closed and due to the discovering of a coal field and the opening of the Wiltse coal mines, the town was revitalized. 
The Silent Hill Historical Society was then constructed on the former prison site. Holding many paintings including Allen Smith's famous ''Waterfront Landscape'', the Historical Society conveys a sense of the town's history. 

One year after the outbreak of the civil war, the Toluca Prison Camp was constructed for POWs, in 1866 it was converted into Toluca Prison. One of the most famous citizen of Silent Hill was Patrick Chester, a soldier who fought in the civil war. A stone statue was built and placed in Rosewater Park as a memorial for him. 

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Wiltse coal mine was closed. Ever since then the town has drawn more and more people into this area, and so today Silent Hill is a popular vacation resort, know for its beauty and peacefulness.

Zek rolled his eyes at this.

The Lakeside Amusement Park was constructed, and not far from it, right at the shore of the atmospheric Toluca Lake, the Lakeview Hotel was built. 

It is said that the whole area is sacred ground where native Americans conducted mysterious rituals. Before settlers came from Europe, Silent Hill was considered to be a holy place, and was referred to as ''The Place of the Silenced Spirits''. However, the natives where driven away by the European settlers and were forced to abandon the area. 

Rumors: Since the late 1900s people started disappearing all over the town, and strange events happened occasionally, like the mayor of Silent Hill dies suddenly, and one after another staff member of a development group dies accidental deaths. It is said that an occult group, calling themselves ''The Order'', is situated in the town and has its origin in the old religion of the natives.

Please visit our website at http://www.visitsilenthill.com/index2.html

A cult huh? Zek thought. Thats interesting, perhaps they have something to do with all this. Zek looked through the rest of the articles until he found the creation story of the cult that read as follows:


In the beginning, people
 had nothing. 
Their bodies ached, and their
hearts held nothing but hatred. 
They fought endlessly, 
but death never came. 
They despaired, stuck in 
the eternal quagmire.


A man offered a serpent to the
sun and prayed for salvation. 
A woman offered a reed to the
sun and asked for joy. 
Feeling pity for the sadness that
had overrun the earth, God was 
born from those two people.


God made time and divided
 it into day and night. 
 God outlined the road to
 salvation and gave people joy. 
And God took endless time
away from the people.


God created beings to lead people 
in obedience to Her. 
The red god, Xuchilbara; 
 the yellow god, Lobsel Vith and 
many other gods and angels. Finally, 
God set out to create Paradise; 
where people would be happy
 just by being there.


But there God's strength ran out, 
and She collapsed. 
All the world's people grieved this
unfortunate event, yet God
 breathed her last. 
She returned to the dust, 
promising to come again.


So God hasn't been lost. 
We must offer our prayers and
not forget our faith. 
We wait in hope for the day when
the path to Paradise will be opened.

This was all nonsense to Zek. However the name Lobsel Vith sounded familiar to him. Where had he heard that name before? He looked around the display cases for more information about Lobsel Virth. At last he found what he was looking for. It was a children’s story written in green ink. Zek began to read it.

The Legend of The Yellow God

Long ago, long before the town of Silent hill was founded, God lived here with her two offspring:

The oldest name was the red god Xuchilbara.

He was the god of punishment,

He took great pleasure in the pain of others.

Humans would bring their sinners to be judged before him.

He killed those who deserved it,

Although he sometimes killed just for the fun of it,

Slowly making them truly regret their crime.

The youngest name was the yellow god Lobsel Vith.

She was not as fierce as her brother.

In fact she was just the opposite.

She was kind and gentle.

If her brother was the punisher she was the forgiver.

Her gaze could pacify all who looked into them.

She loved being with nature.

They worked together for executions.

Lobsel Vith would calm down the sinners with her gaze taking away all fear of death,

Causing them to accept their fate

Xuchilbara would execute them,

And God would judge them.

Then one day God grew ill,

And she called the two together,

In order to chose her successor,

Xuchilbara grew exited,

He expected since he was the oldest he would be granted the title of god,

But he was wrong,

God decided that Xuchibara was too unreasonable and stubborn to become God,

So she chose Lobsel Vith as her successor,

And then she died.

Leaving all of her powers with Lobsel Vith.

Xuchilbara was disappointed, but he hid it well.

For he truly did love his younger sister very much.

He congratulated her on becoming God.

Lobsel was reluctant to accept the responsibility,

But at her brother’s insistence she accepted.

So Lobsel Vith became God.

There was only one problem.

At executions God was supposed to decide who would be punished.

However Lobsel who hated killing made a decree.

“No more humans are to be killed while I remain God.”

This upset Xuchibara, but as always he remained respectful.

However as years past he began to grow restless.

His blade grew thirsty for blood.

And his sister did nothing that would allow it to satisfy its need.

All she would do is play in the woods her animal friends.

She named them all individually and loved them like dear friends

Especially a rabbit she named “Angel” who was her favorite.

Seeing the animals gave Xuchibara an idea to satisfy his need for blood.

He built a shed out in the middle of the forest.

He told Lobselthat no matter what happened she could not look inside the shed.

She agreed to her brother’s strange request.

ThenXuchibara began taking animals one by one into the shed.

He would torture and slaughter them.

Twisting their bodies into his twisted yet beautiful art.

It satisfied his need to kill and no humans had to die.

However, soon Lobsel began to notice that her animal friends were going missing.

She looked high and low, but couldn’t find them anywhere.

The only place that she hadn’t looked was in Xuchibara’s shed.

She asked him if she could take a look inside it.

He responded: “Lobsel my dear. You made a promise to stay out of my shed.

Lobsel reluctantly agreed.

One day there was one animal left.

Her favorite Angel Rabbit.

And then Xuchibara took her.

Lobsel looked everywhere for her, but was unable to find her.

She only had one last place to look.

She flew up to the door of the shed and slowly opened the door.

Just in time to seeXuchibara lop of Angel's head.

The heavens shook under the rage of Lobsel Virth ?bad wolf?

She thrashedXuchibarawho was thousands of times weaker then her,

But she didn’t stop there,

She levels cities and mountains destroying everything in her path.

It seemed as though the world was coming to an end.

But then she saw a small human child quivering afraid for his life.

And that made her stop and think

Lobsel Vith ]fluttered back to the shed.

She resurrected her animal friends with her God powers.

Seeing the damage that she had caused as God.

Snd knowing that when she would eventually become angry again.

She revoked her power scattering it across all time and space. She confined herself to one body and settled down to live a normal mortal life in a land far far away from Silent Hill.

This left only Xuchibara who lives in this town to this day.

Still waiting in hope that someday his sister will forgive him and come back.

But she never did.

And the world became fog.

Well that was an…interesting story…i wonder why someone crossed out Lobsel Virth?

now what? Zek looked around the room. There had to be something here. All those messages telling him to come to this place couldn’t be for no reason.

Zek began limping around the room stumbling at times in search of any secrets the room contained. But he found none. Then when he was about to give up he heard the sound of something crumbling. He turned around to see that the wall had collapsed. Zek leaned his head through the hole and peered in.

His heart sank. For down that hole was a old enemy that Zek thought the daleks had long conquered. But without his leg he was not sure he could defeat it.

An endless staircase that seemed to go on forever. Reluctantly Zek began to descend into the depths.

Caans log entry: ????

Ooo so much secret stuff. First one to figure out the coded words wins a free answer from me. Anything you want. Choose wisely.

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