• Published 10th Jun 2012
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The Dalek Invasion - the ghost

The Daleks have arrived in Ponyville. Can the mane six handle this new threat?

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Chapter Five: The Elements of Harmony

Chapter 5- The Six Elements

Twilight and Rarity walked into the basement of Carousel Boutique. The room is dark and full of boxes. The Dalek was waiting.

“I will not tell you anything Time Lords, I would rather die first, so kill me already!” Said the Dalek.

Rarity and Twilight look at each other in confusion.

“What’s a Time Lord?” asked Twilight

“You mean your are not Time Lords?” said the Dalek

“No, we’re not. We’re ponies. Could you tell us what a Time Lord is?” asked Twilight.

“Time Lords are an evil species that the Daleks have been at war against for centuries. They are intent on exterminating everything that is not a Time Lord.”

“What do they look like?” Asked Twilight.

“Most of them walk on two legs and only have hair on their cranium, but they may take other forms.” Said the Dalek

“Sounds absolutely revolting” Rarity remarked.

“Well don’t worry there are no Time Lords in Equestria.” Said Twilight.

“Then I must apologize then, for my behavior before. Is that pony I attacked all right? I thought that she was a Time Lord.” The Dalek said.

“It’s completely understandable. Anypony in your position would do the same. Said Twilight. Let’s untie him.”

“Oh where are our manners.” Said Rarity. While Twilight untied him. “My name is Rarity and this is my friend Twilight. And your name is?”

“Dalek Zek.”

“Nice to meet you Zek” Said Rarity


They were buying into it! Zek couldn’t believe how easily it was to trick these simplistic life forms. They where so naive! Let’s see how far he can push this trust.

“My ship detected six sources of power before it crashed.” Zek lied. “We came to investigate and suddenly the propulsion cut out.”

“Six power sources huh? Oh you must mean the Elements of Harmony!” Said Twilight.

“I would like to take a look at these ‘Elements of Harmony’ myself.” Said Dalek Zek.

“Ummm, I’m not sure that we can do that.” Said Twilight.

Oh no they’re on to me. Thought Zek

“It’s just that Princess Celestia has stepped up security on the elements since Discord stole them. So they’re being stored separate.” Explained Twilight.

“Where are they being stored now?” said Zek in is robotic voice.

“Well one of them is right in this building.” Said Twilight. Zek was exited to hear that one of them was close by. But was confused as to why this was a problem.

“Well what is the problem then?” Asked Zek.

“Well I’ll show you.” Said Rarity “Follow me. She led Zek and Twilight deeper into the basement of the dress shop. Until finally they reached an arch with what looked like a force field blocking the way. Above the arch was a picture of Rarity’s cutie mark.

“Well here it is.” said Rarity walking through the force field as though it was not existent. This is where we keep my element; the Element of Generosity. When Zek tried to go through it was as if he was trying to walk through a brick wall.


“Well, that’s because you must not be generous. You can only go through if you have proved yourself to the Element of Generosity. Sorry, but I’m afraid we can’t show you this element.” Said Rarity.

This will be a problem thought Zek. I have no cutting tools, and no weapons that can penetrate the force field. If I’m going to get the elements he would have to play by their rules.

“If you like.” Said Twilight “I can show you my modal elements I made. They look almost like the real thing. I also have this book-”

“No need, I will prove the Daleks to be the most generous species in the universe and then I will examine the elements myself.” Said Zek

“Ok then.” Said Twilight.

“I only have one question.” Asked Zek is his Robotic voice

“Oh what is it?” asked Rarity

“What is Generosity?” Asked Zek

The two ponies facehooved and let out sighs.

After explaining the meaning of generosity, giving things without gaining anything, they then began to tell him to tell Zek about the other five elements.

“Each Element is represented by a pony. Generosity is represented by Rarity. I myself represent the element of magic.” Said Twilight. “There are four others. Loyalty, Laughter, Kindness, and Honesty are the others. In order to see them you have too prove yourself to the elements.” Zek did not know what any these elements where besides for loyalty.

The three of them began to walk out the basement. Just then Zek caught a glimpse of his reflection in the mirror as he passed. He back backtracked and stared into the mirror for about five seconds before bursting into a fit.


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