• Published 10th Jun 2012
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The Dalek Invasion - the ghost

The Daleks have arrived in Ponyville. Can the mane six handle this new threat?

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I am in control now

Rainbow Dash walked through the monochrome fog full of wonder at lay beyond the veil. Her feet clip-clopped on the dark pavement of Silent Hill to an unknown destination that would no doubt lead to a revelation that would change her life forever. She had fought nords, nerds and hords of creatures to get here and was prepared for whatever awaited her.

But instead of arriving at that ultra important conclusion, she just kinda walked.

And then walked...
And walked.
And walked.
And walked.
And walked
And walked
And flew.
And walked some more.

"Uggg this is so boring!" How long am I going to walk through this stupid fog!?" Needless to say she was fed up with this stupid town. How long had she been here? It seemed like more then a couple of years...
Then she had an idea that she should have thought of earlier.

"Duh, I'm a pegasis!" she exclaimed to the fog. "I can clear this fog in 10 seconds... err... round!"
Rainbow Dash took to the sky and began to flap her wings hard. Each beat of her wings creating a powerful gust that blew the fog of Silent Hill.

For a brief moment the fog cleared up just enough for Dashie to see a figure in the mist sitting at a desk. And then the spectral fog rolled back leaving just the silhouette.

"Huh? Is somepony there?" Dash called out through the fog. Her voice reached the figure whose head shot upright from the what he was working on. He seemed out of place. almost as if he didn't belong there.

"Oh, its you Rainbow Dash." He said. its been a while.

"Who are you supposed to be? And where's my epic revelation?"

The figure sighed. "I'm a fanfiction author."

"Ahahha, sucks to be you." Dash said before remembering to be polite. "Errr what are you working on anyway? Can I take a look?"

"I'm not sure anymore, you see I used to work on this story and update it daily. But then I got a girlfriend and had trouble in school and other things happened and I can't even remember where I was going with all this mess of a story. Silent Hill? Bad Wolf? Pinkie Pie may or may not be the Master? I had so many things going on and I can't even remember who this alicorn character was. I doubt anyone would want to read this now."

"Dude, don't worry, I write Daring Doo fanfiction all the time." She looked over the book which was titled 'The Dalek Invasion".

"Man this is bad, learn to spell dude!" she said with disgust. "Alicorns are totally uncool to put in a story! Everypony hates mary sues! Here let me fix it!" Rainbow dash grabbed the pen from the authors hand and crossed out all the parts about the yin-yang alicorn.

From in the fog you could hear her yell. "God damn it! I had a character! I am important! You can't do this to me I am the alpha and the omaga! Celestria mother! God damn it i'm important!" before being written out of existence with no one ever thinking about her again.

"Wow, this is mostly season 2 stuff in here, 3 seasons went by dude! You got to get updated!" She said making a ton of changes to the plot. "And take out my secret sad backstory it's really killing my vibes."


Meanwhile in Canterlot

Twilight sparkle had wings grow out of her back. And was sorta freaking the hell out.

"Huh? Where did thes-? omff!"

Starlight Glimmer was spawned into existence and landed on her back. Meanwhile Discord was laughing historically in the corner, not exactly helping.

"What the hay is going on!" Twilight questioned the universe.

"I Do Not Know." Zek said. "I Am Just As Confused As You."

"Zek, you're alive!" said Twilight. How? I saw you get killed by that Dalek!"

"I Am Alive." he stated

"Yes but how?" She insisted.

Zek was quiet for a second

"What is the situation." Zek inquired ignoring her.

"Well, as it stands Canterlot is being protected by shinning armors protection spell. And Fluttershy is nowhere to be found. We are terribly outnumbered, but at least we're safe thanks to the protection spell."


Back in Silent Hill
"Anything else that should be changed?" asked the writer, a little embarrassed at his mistakes.

"And Shinning Armor and Cadence moved to The Crystal empire." Dash said rewriting a bit.


Back in Canterlot
Suddenly the shield surrounding Canterlot crumbled.

"Well... We WERE being protected by shining armors protection spell. Now we are about to be invaded." She said with a panicked smile.


Back Silent Hill again x2
"Thanks for your help Dash, now I can get started on my story again! Still though its been so long. Do you think people will still want to read it?" asked the writer.

"It doesn't matter if people want to read it. You are finishing it up for your sake only. Its an expression of the show you love so much given form in writing. That's all that matters."

"You're right. Now its time to finally time to end this!" said the writer with newly found vigor.

He began to put his pen to paper to finally finish this overdue project. No doubt to finally resolve all the unanswered questions that remained unanswered.

Suddenly a harpoon, that's right I said harpoon like for fish, flew through the air and through his chest impaling him like a fish.

The writer coughed out the words "Caan, why!?" And slumped over dead.

"EMERGENCY TEMPORAL SHIFT" said the insane golden Dalek appearing before Rainbow Dash could react. He reached out with a plunger and grabbed the book that the writer had been writing in.


"VICTORY! VICTORY! VICTORY!" yelled the Dalek as he took control, of not only the fanfic, but the entirety of Equestria with it.

Author's Note:

Thanks for staying tuned

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