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The Dalek Invasion - the ghost

The Daleks have arrived in Ponyville. Can the mane six handle this new threat?

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Chapter 34: Falling Dash, Rising Zek

Chapter 35: Falling Rainbow, Rising Zek
…I'm sick of hurting, 
Sick of thinking it's all I do
I break those around me, those spared are very few…

Zek woke up at the amusement park entrance. His head throbbed. He had the strangest dream that he had been doing a talk show with Pinkie Pie, the Pyramid Head Pony and Caan. Was that what ponies dreamed about? Pretty weird if you asked him. He hoped never to have to experience a dream again.

Zek remembered what He needed to get to the Silent Hill Historical Society and to do that he had to go through the amusement park.
Zek set out to navigate the amusement park. He met a few of the mismatched monsters, but with his new slingshot he got from the library he was able to take care of them easily. All he would have to do was hide and with a few good hits to the head the monsters would fall.

Zek studied the amusement park. It was getting dark, near sunset. The park was disserted of course were a few humans dressed in bunny consumes around the park. They were, of course, all dead so he couldn’t ask them for directions. There was a merry-go-round in the center of the area. He found himself thinking about Pinkie Pie. Would she like it here? It was a little creepy, but Pinkie Pie would find a way to make it seem fun. She would “Giggle at the Ghosties” as she put it. Zek shivered.

He didn’t like when Pinkie Pie laughed. Caan or Pinkie Pie whomever it might be, Zek found laugher creepy, because he just didn’t understand the function of it. Laugher was completely useless. A weak pony trait. But enough thinking about that. He looked for the path to move through to the next area. Oh, of course it’s blocked by a piece of the roller coaster that had fallen from above. Well no matter, he could always go over the merry-go-round.

The sign on he marry-go-round read Happy Carousel and had a quote underneath it.

“Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.”
Mark Twain

He stepped onto the Carousel. Immediately he noticed something was wrong. The ponies on the ride were real. They were real ponies impaled on large metal poles instead of plastic ones. If he looked closely he would notice that he recognized a few of them…

Just ignore it Zek keep walking.
Suddenly the marry-go-round started to spin. It accelerated so violently that it knocked Zek off his hooves.

“Hey who turned on the ride?” Asked Zek. No one answered him.

He slowly regained his balance. He looked around and his heart froze. At the other end of the ride was one of the pyramid ponies. This one’s head was shaped like the head of an ax. In his hooves he held an automatic weapon.

“How exactly do you plan on firing that? You have no hands.” Said Zek.

The Ax Head appeared to examine his hoof as it morphed into a hand. He took aim.
Zek dived behind one of the impaled ponies as the sound of machine gun fire rattled off.
The bullets plunged into the ponies flesh. It let out a scream. The impaled ponies were still alive! The pony gasped for breath as more bullets ripped it apart. And then it gasped no more. Zek cowered behind the impaled pony as he made his counter attack plan. The Pyramid Pony would have to reload eventually and when he did Zek would hit him with the slingshot.

He picked up the biggest piece of concrete that he could find (about the size of a human head) and loaded into his slingshot. Sure enough, the machine gun fire stopped and he heard the pyramid pony reloading. Now or never.
Zek stood up and fired his slingshot. The rock hurtled at high speed towards the Ax Headed Pony. It bounced off without him even noticing. The Pyramid Pony had finished reloading. Zek ducked back behind the pony as bullets sprayed at him. So much for that plan. Now what? He had no weapon that would work against the monster. Should he just sit here and wait for it to kill him?

Just then there was a bright flash of light…
And suddenly Rainbow Dash and Caan were in fount of him.

“Great where am I now?” Said Rainbow Dash.

“EMERGENCY TEMPORAL SHIFT.” Yelled Caan. And in another flash of light Caan was gone again

“Darn it I lost him!” Said Rainbow Dash.

Zek couldn’t believe his eyes. Rainbow Dash’s rainbow mane was in direct contrast to the dark in gloomy amusement park. Did Caan really just temporal shift randomly into Silent Hill? Well it was Caan… Zek remembered the pyramid pony.

“RAINBOW WATCH OUT for the—“ Zek looked around the carousel the pony with the ax shaped head was gone. The marry-go-round had returned to normal as well. There were still ponies with poles in them, but they were made of plastic.

“Who’s there? Asked Rainbow Dash she saw Zek. “So its Caan huh? I have you now you little...” Rainbow Dash stopped recognition slowly coming to her. “Zek is that you? You’re alive! We all thought you were dead! How did you get out of the dungeon?” Rainbow Dash went and gave Zek a hug. Zek being uncomfortable with these things called “hugs” withdrew as quickly breaking out of the embrace.

“I don’t understand.” Said Zek confused. How did you recognize me with me as a pony?”

“Wha? What are talking about?” Said Rainbow Dash. Really Rainbow Dash? , thought Zek, I knew you where thick but…

“Look carefully at me Rainbow Dash do you see anything different?” Asked Zek.
Rainbow stared at Zek and looked him over very carefully inspecting every single inch of him before she finally answered.

“Did you… get your armor waxed?” Guessed Dash.

Rainbow Dash gave Zek a weird look. “You mean you’re metaphorically a pony?”

“No I am a literal pony.” Said Zek.

“Is… is that a joke?” Said Dash.

“No.” Said Zek.
Rainbow Dash was starting to crack up a little bit. “Yeah and I’m a Dalek. Stop fooling around Zek.” Said Rainbow Dash

“I never fool around.” Said Zek.

“Well I’m sorry to tell you this, but you’re not a pony.” Said Dash

“I am.” Said Zek.

“Are not.” Said Rainbow Dash

“I am.”

“Are not.”

“I am.”

“Are not.”

“I am.”

“I am.”

“Are n— I’m not falling for that one nice try.” Said Zek.

“Aww darn. But seriously you aren’t a pony Zek, you’re just a Dalek not a pony.”

“No look I’m a pony, just look at my hooves.” Zek held out one of his hooves to Rainbow Dash who examined it.

“This is just your plunger arm thingy.” Said Dash. “Not a hoof.”

“But the—” Zek realized this conversation was going nowhere fast. “Never mind that what were you doing with Caan?”

“I was fighting him.” Said Rainbow.

“YOU were fighting Caan?” Said Zek surprised.

“Still am.” Said Dash

"Good luck with that. That Dalek is near undefeatable.” Said Zek

“Tell me about it. I’ve been fighting him for what has to be days.”

“Days?” Questioned Zek curious.

“Yeah he kept hopping from dimension to dimension. We started in someplace with Nords, and then we went somewhere in space, and then someplace with these weird human’s called Jedi. some weird place where ponies couldn't talk. And then lastly we went some place called Aperture Science. There was this crazy robot lady. She was really mad at Caan for something. I think he rejected her on a date or something stupid like that. Any way I got this portal gun.” She showed Zek the device strapped to her back.

“Portal gun?” Asked Zek.

“Yeah it’s kinda overrated, because it can only put portals down on white surfaces.” Said Dash. Anyway Caan has been toying with me this entire time. I haven’t even got a good hit in at all. Do you know if he has any weakness?”

This made Zek think. Does Caan have a weakness? He thought back to his memories of Zek in the short time he knew him. And then he figured out Caan’s weakness.

“Well…” Zek felt guilty about giving out information on how to beat his comrade, but this was Rainbow Dash his frie……… associate.

“Well what?” Asked Dash

“Well there was this one time…” Said Zek recalling the memory.

Earlier while the Daleks were marching to Canterlot:
The Daleks were passing through the flower field crushing the flowers as they passed. Zek was inspecting the troops when he saw something strange. Dalek Caan face down in the dirt. The rest of the Daleks had run over him without even thinking about it. Zek went over to investigate.

“Caan. Please explain your behavior.” Commended Zek.

“Oh hi Zek, I was just making sure no one ran over this flower right here.” Zek could see the flower underneath Caan. It was a rose.

“Why, it is just a flower. It has no value.” Said Zek.

“Not just any flower,” Said Caan. “This is the flower Shining Armor shining armor gives the princess on hearts and hooves day. “

“Yeah so?” Said Zek. “Can’t he get another flower?”

“Yeah. But he’ll pick that other flower and then there will be a bee in it. The bee will sting the princess causing am allergic reaction. She’ll have to go to the hospital where she’ll contract a deadly disease and die. The Changeling Queen will imitate her again. She’ll use her influence to rule all of Equestria. All if Shining Armor doesn’t pick this flower, now if you excuse me while I get back to protecting this flower.”

“Alright then do what you want.” Said Zek.

“You have to try to throw off the timeline.” Said Zek figuring out Caan’s weakness.

“What?” Said Dash.

“Caan can see the future and would rather die then let the timeline be ruined.” Said Zek. “All you have to do is try to do something that you know will completely ruin the future. He will be forced to stop you and that’s when you get him.”

“Ok, but how do I know what will do that?” Said Dash.
“…You could try killing someone important that would do it, like Celestia.” Said Zek.

“Zek that’s evil!” Objected Rainbow.

“Well, you asked a Dalek for a strategy what did you expect?” Zek said in his defense.

“Great so that’s useless.” Said Dash. “Where are we anyway? Is this some sort of pony torture device?” She said looking at the carousel her eyes wide at the impaled plastic ponies.

“No it’s a ride for little kids.”

“What kind of sick fouls would want to ride this?” Said Rainbow Dash.

“You should have seen it before…” Said Zek.
Rainbow Dash went up to one of the impaled plastic ponies and was fascinated by it. Zek could tell from the look in her eye.

“So now it is my turn to ask questions?” Said Zek.

“Yeah go ahead.” Said Dash.

“What happened after I—?“
Zek stopped talking when he saw out of the corner of his eye something that turned his blood cold. The ax headed pony was sneaking up behind Rainbow Dash. It had a knife in its hand. The ax head put his hoof up to his helmet as if to tell Zek to be quite.


“What monster?” Said Dash.

Dash looked Zek. He sure was acting strangely. First he said that pony, and now he said that there was a monster behind her.

“Ha ha.” said Dash. Stop messing around.

Dash was a little scared now. What if Zek wasn’t joking? What if there really was a monster? Dash turned around.

And saw Pinkie Pie smiling right in her face.

“Hi!” Said Pinkie Pie with a smile.

“Ahh!” Said Rainbow. “Pinkie Pie what are you doing here?”

“Well I just came by to see how you were doing silly.” Said Pinkie. “So what are you doing?” Dash was going to ask how Pinkie Pie got here, but then he realized it was Pinkie Pie and her answer would make even less sense

“Don’t worry Zek it’s just Pinkie Pie.” Said Dash.

“Dash back away slowly, we will make a run for it.” Said Zek.

“Huh? But Zek this is Pinkie Pie. Your friend remember?” Said Rainbow.
Zek was quite for a second.

“Dash you have to run now!” Said Zek firmly Eye fixed on Pinkie as if she was some sort of poisonous snake

“No there’s no reason to. Zek it’s Pinkie Pie.”

“Dash I’ll come back for you, I promise when it’s safe. I’ll find you.” Zek said he moved at his full speed off the merry-go-round.

“What got into him?” Asked Rainbow Dash.

“Beats me. I think he’s just being a party pooper. He’ll come around” Said Pinkie. “By the way I have a surprise for you! Your gonna love it!”

“Really? What kind of surprise?” Asked Dash

“If I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise now would it?” Said Pinkie

“I guess your right.” Admitted Dash.

“Follow me!” Said Pinkie Pie skipping with excitement.
Rainbow Dash followed the pink pony through the amusement park. There was something unsettling about the park, but Rainbow Dash couldn’t quite put her hoof on it.

“Pinkie, how much further?” Asked Dash.

“Just a little bit further Dashie.” Said Pinkie Pie. They passed the entrance to the roller coaster, the hunted house and the mirror maze before they arrive at the front gate of the park. Next to the gate was a square hole in the ground.

“Your surprise is down there.” Said Pinkie Pie.

“Why down there?” Said Dash.

“It fell down there when you dropped it.” Said Pinkie.

“Huh? I don’t remember dropping anything in here.” Said Dash.
She went to look over the edge. It seemed bottomless. Suddenly she was pushed from behind.

“SURPRISE!” Yelled Pinkie she pushed Dash over the edge. Rainbow Dash tried to fly but her body had become heavy. She tumbled into the abyss with no end in sight.

“Sorry Dashie,” Said Pinkie Pie in her typical hyper voice. “But this is a private party between me and Zek. You have your own party to go to.” The Pyramid Head turned around to find Zek staring at her.

“Y-you killed her? Said Zek in shock. He killed her. The pyramid pony had killed one of his friends. “THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! SHE IS MY FRIEND! YOU MUST BE EXTERMINATED! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!” Cried Zek

Not caring that his chances for a successful attack where near zero. The Zek charged the ax headed pony with the wooden plank in his mouth and with rage in his heart.
Meanwhile Rainbow Dash tumbled further and further into the abyss. She thought she heard a voice of sompony that she used to know…

Queen harmony’s silent hill notebook Caan’s Silent Hill log of adventure.
Entry: ???? The strange ax headed pony confronted Zek on the marry-go-round, but before he could harm Zek Rainbow Dash appeared. I have no idea what she was doing here. I have no idea how she even got here. I mean I brought Zek here mentally to prevent his suicide, but Rainbow Dash is here physically. How did she get here?

Entry: ???? The Pyramid Head has pushed Rainbow down the well. I…

Caan’s log 1: star date: f2
Harmony should be more careful where she leaves this.

Round and round goes the date.
As Zek and Rainbow meet their fate.
And Zek begins to soar so high.
As the Rainbow begins to fall from the sky,
When Rainbow meets her old friend.
Whose life she has to end.
If Zek becomes good then Rainbow will become bad.
And the world will balance its self out, or else go mad.

Entry: ????
It appears as though someone has stolen my journal and he has written a poem in it. I will have to be more careful not to leave it unguarded. They will not take it again. Anyway it seems that Dash can see that Zek is a Dalek. The reason why she saw Dash as Pinkie Pie is because.

Caan’s log: Star date: 42
I hate Silent Hill, because time is messed up around this town. There are so many different endings to everything. I brought dash in here in hope that he gets in contact with her true self. But first she’ll have to meet an old friend and deal with her. It also appears that I have become a unicorn…
…Probably just my imagination.
Entry ???
I’ll teach you to take my journal!

Caan’s log: star date: R2D2.
Good luck with that Harmony I’m clever. ☺

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