• Published 10th Jun 2012
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The Dalek Invasion - the ghost

The Daleks have arrived in Ponyville. Can the mane six handle this new threat?

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Chapter 9: The Doctor vs Zek

Chapter 9 The Doctor vs. Zek

Zek was finished destroying the Element of Kindness. He had not noticed Fluttershy's affection for him nor did he care about such things. What he was worrying about was this “Pinkie Pie”. She knew what the interior of a Dalek looked like. What else could she know? About the Daleks? About the invasion? About Zek’s mission? Zek knew one thing for sure she was an obstacle that had to be exterminated.

"Bring me to the pony known as Pinkie Pie." Demanded Zek.

“But it's 9:00 Mr. Zek.” Said Fluttershy. “I always go to bed at 9:30. Please don't be mad. It's just that I have to get up early to feed the chickens.”

Zek, though upset about the delay, had no choice, but to wait. After all he couldn't find his way back to Ponyville from the cottage. He decided to engage in sleep mode.


The Dalek was dreaming about the Time War again.


"Wait" said Zek. "TARDISes are indestructible. Turn off all power. Let them think we are dead. Then when they exit, they will be EXTERMINATED.”

"I obey,” said Lez. The Dalek ship went completely dark. The Time Lords floated in space a little bit and then the doors of the TARDIS opened and the unlucky Time Lords came out to take a look at the seemingly dead ship.

They were immediately exterminated.

Time Lords have the weakness of curiosity.

Fast-forward a few years. Zek and the rest of the Dalek fleet were giving air support to Dalek forces on the ground Galifray. That's when it appeared. The blue box near the surface of the planet. The Doctor had arrived. Zek had done battle with The Doctor before, but he had lost the rest of his crew when he had. Thus, his new crew was excited to have the chance to exterminate him. "WE WILL HAVE THE GLORY OF EXTERMINATING THE ONCOMING STORM!" Yelled his crew in a choir. The entire fleet quickly flew in to destroy the Doctor. Zek smelled a rat.

"We will not engage. It is a trap." It was too late to stop the rest of the fleet though. They flew in after the fake TARDIS. Bringing them in range of the exploding planet of Galifray. The real TARDIS was far away. The Eighth Doctor pressed the button that ended both the Time Lords and the Daleks. The exploding planet had destroyed them both. All of them, but Zek's crew and the Doctor. The Doctor placed a time lock to prevent anyone from altering the events of the time war.


"He will destroy the rest us if we rush" argued Zek calmly. "We must have a plan," Just then an alarm sounded. "ENEMY TARTIS HAS LANDED IN THE SHIP. IT IS THE DOCTOR!"

Zek thought about it for a moment.

"Fetch me an transporter capture gun,” Said Zek. The transporter gun can shoot a beam that can transport objects to the ship's prison. His crew scrambled to attach the transporter to Zek's death ray. It is impossible to tell the difference between the two.

Zek and his troops moved down the hallway as calmly as they could. Until they arrived at the police box. They took position around the TARDIS. Just then the doors opened.

"Hello again Zek," Said The Doctor. He looked as if he was holding back tears. Not surprising he had just murdered his entire race. His companion was closely behind him. A girl with black hair.

“Now you may be wondering why you should let me live.” Said the Doctor. “Well I’ll tell you why. It’s because-“

Zek fired a beam that hit the Doctor’s companion. She disappeared in a flash of light.

“Rule number one,” said Zek. “Never let the Doctor finish talking.”

The Doctor was in shock “You killed her. How dare you you’ll regret-“

“I doubt it,” Zek interrupted the Doctor. “Besides that was a transporter beam. She’s safe inside the ship’s prison. Rule number two, always have a bargaining chip when dealing with the Doctor. Now if you destroy this ship your companion will be destroyed.” Zek knew he had the Doctor beat.

The Doctor looked solemn.

“But it doesn’t matter!” He yelled, “I have the explosives all ready set on a timer! I set them earlier knowing that you would avoid the explosion All you’ve done is doom her! Please you have to release her!” this caused “Zek to panic a little”

“YOU WILL DISARM THE BOMBS!” Shouted the Zek “OR YOUR FRIEND WILL DIE.” Zek said desperation

I can’t, it’s impossible there is only enough time to disarm the one in the main reactor. That was what I was going to tell you before you interrupted me.” If I disarm that bomb you will lose the power in you ship but will keep hull integrity. You would be trapped in space in the time lock so you wouldn’t be able to escape with a temporal shift, but you would survive. I don’t want to make this a genocide.”

“WE WILL NOT ACCEPT THESE TERMS,” said Vice Commander Lez. “THE GIRL WILL DIE AND SO WILL YOU!” Lez got ready to fire. “EXTERMINATE!” The Doctor retreated into the TARTIS right before the blast got to him.

Zek couldn’t believe it The Doctor had defeated him. Even if he killed the companion Zek and his ship would be destroyed.

“Release his companion and let her return to the TARDIS.” Said Zek.

“BUT ZEK-“ Said Lez

“THAT IS AN ORDER!” Zek shouted at him.

“I obey,” said Lez resentfully. He took the rest of the Daleks with him to go release the companion.

“What are you up to Zek? Daleks don’t just release their prisoners.”

“The battle is over. There is no point in keeping a prisoner. Thus her life will be spared.”

“I don’t believe that for a second. Your up to something,” said the Doctor.

Zek was silent.

Finely Lez returned with the prisoner.

“Release her,” said Zek. Grudgingly Lez obeyed.

“Doctor!” the dark hair companion yelled running to the doctor.

“Get inside the TARTIS.” said the Doctor. She did.

“I don’t get it what are you trying to do?” Asked The Doctor.

“Preventing unnecessary loses.” Said Zek.

The Doctor thought about it for a second and then started to disarm the bomb in the main reactor.

“You know, I’ve never met a Dalek quite like you before Zek.” Said The Doctor. “Every time I think I have you, you anticipate my next move. The way your mind thinks is not like a Dalek at all. It’s almost like your human… no it couldn’t be. Are you… a divergent?”


The Doctor looked deep into Zek. “I can feel the good in you Zek!”


“If only I could show you that that having emotions isn’t a bad thing I could help you.”


“I need to remove the hate in your heart, but how could I do that?” The Doctor thought about it a second. A smile crept across his face. “I know a place that nobody not even a Dalek would be able to hate.” After he finished disarming the bomb he ran into the TARDIS before Zek fired at him. He flipped some switches in the TARDIS and the whole Dalek ship entered the time vortex. TARDIS was moving the Dalek ship.

“I’m sure that even if you turn out to be a problem in Equestria they should be able to handle it themselves. Just one Dalek space ship is no problem for Celestia's army. It’s not like I’m sending an entire Dalek fleet to Equestria. I think I’ll join you. This war has changed me. I don’t want to be a Time Lord anymore.” He pulled out a watch with symbols on it. “I rather forget about the Time War and settle down in Ponyville. It’s time for The Doctor to stop running and settle down.”

Just then the rest of the bombs went off. Ripping the Dalek ship outer hull. A piece of shrapnel lodged itself into one of the Doctors hearts. He fell over in pain as Time Lord blood leaked from his veins. He started to regenerate. He staggered into his TARTIS and took off. Zek was busy doing damage control.


Fluttershy was watching Zek sleep. He hadn't even come inside her house before he went to sleep and it was such a cold day. She had to do something about it. She went into her house and grabbed her only blanket. She ran back down to Zek and tried to cover him with the blankets. However, every time she put it on him it would slide down his side. Eventually she ended up tying it around him. She stood back to admire her work. Zek looked so cute with the blanket on!

She wanted to kiss him.

She gulped. No that was wrong. She shouldn't take advantage of the situation. Besides he's an alien and she was a pony. It didn't matter that he was “her type”.

He was scary, but that made things more exiting. Besides she thought, he had to be a good person if he got through the kindness force field even if he didn’t know it.

It was too tempting. She moved in slowly toward the sleeping Dalek. One kiss won't hurt anything. She leaned in to give him a kiss.

She stopped when she saw Angle Bunny shaking his head at her.

" Um... I was just about to go to bed." Said Fluttershy embarrassed. Her cheeks turned red as she went inside.

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