• Published 10th Jun 2012
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The Dalek Invasion - the ghost

The Daleks have arrived in Ponyville. Can the mane six handle this new threat?

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Chapter Three- Engaging the Enemy

Chapter 3- Engaging the Enemy

Fluttershy’s round eyes stared into the Dalek’s eyestalk confused.

“Exterminate,” she repeated. “Um… Mr. Dalek what exactly does “exterminate” mean?”

Dalek Zek was dumbfounded. His death ray had misfired! He tried to fire again. No still nothing. The death ray must have been damaged in the crash.

“PRIMARY WEAPON MALFUNCTION! SWICHING TO MELEE WEAPON!” Dalek Zek shouted. Dalek manipulation arms, in emergency situations, could be used to suck the life of the target, if the Dalek can get a grip on the enemy. “YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!” The Dalek repeated over and over. Moving closer and closer to the pony.

The yellow pony frightened by the Dalek’s advance took off out the hole and down the hallway deeper and deeper into the ship.

“ELEVATE!” The Zek elevated his using his hoverbout and gave chase.

Fluttershy screamed, “Help me Rainbow Dash!” The airborne Dalek zoomed through the hallways forcing the pony towards a dead end. If the pink haired creature took a left now she would be cornered. She took the left.

Satisfied having caught his pray the Dalek descended to the ground continued at a leisurely pace after the life form.

“Oh no!” Zek heard from down the hall. “A dead end.” This gave the Dalek the sense of accomplishment. He would be able to corner and exterminate the creature without the use of his death ray.

At last the Dalek approached the helpless pony that was pressing herself against the wall.

“P-please Mr. Dalek. I think we’re having some sort of misunderstanding, please calm down and we can talk this out.” Said the yellow pony.

The Dalek approached her and placed his manipulator arm onto Fluttershy’s head.

“Daleks do not talk.” Said Zek. “Daleks Exterminate!”

“Sompony help me!” She said desperately

The Dalek paused for a second


Suddenly the Dalek felt a hard thump from behind. His shields did not block the hit, either they were damaged or they had been used up during the crash. The impact was enough to send him flying across the room. He felt himself lose consciousness.


“Thank you Applejack.” Fluttershy said for the fifth time.

“Ah shucks Fluttershy, I keep tellin ya anypony would have done the same. All I did was give that robot a good buck. You’re lucky I heard you is all.” Said Applejack “You on the other hoof Rainbow Dash, you were supposed to be protecting Fluttershy.”

“Yeah, yeah I know.” Said Rainbow Dash. “It’s not my fault I didn’t hear her. She should have yelled louder, but what I want to know is what the heck we’re gonna do this this thing.” She pointed her hoof to the Dalek which now had a new dent in it’s back, “I mean it’s cool and all, but it tried to hurt Fluttershy and I can’t forgive it for that.”

“Fluttershy can you please tell us exactly what happened.” said Twilight who had arrived with Applejack.

“Well… I found him underneath a pile of garbage. He was calling for help so I went to help him. When I freed him he started to yell something I didn’t understand. And then he attacked me.”

“Why that ungrateful little-” started Rainbow Dash, but Twilight cut her off.

“Hm… I see. Well I think that this might be a misunderstanding.”

“How do you figure that Twi?” Said Applejack.

“Well. Think about it as if you were the robot-” started Twilight before she was interrupted by Pinkie Pie

“It’s not a robot Twilight, it is a Dalek. It’s completely different.”

“Pinkie how did you know it was called a Dalek?” said Fluttershy

“What?” Pinkie said.

“How did you know it called it’s self a Dalek if I never told you that?” Said Fluttershy. Pinkie Pie’s eyes shifted to the left and to the right before speaking.

“Oh, you know it just looks like that’s what it would be called.” Said Pinkie Pie suspiciously.

All four of the ponies give Pinkie Pie a hard look while she sweats.

“Regardless of Pinkie.” Continued Twilight. “Imagine you’re the Dalek. Your ship has crashed in some strange land; you’re alone with no friends. And then all of a sudden a strange alien is touching you. You’d be scared too.”

“Yeah but the Dalek attacked her.” Said Rainbow Dash

“Because it was scared. I suggest we take it back to Ponyville and show it our Ponyville hospitality.”

“But but.” Stammered Rainbow Dash.

“I agree with Twilight. The Dalek was probably just scared. Let’s take it back to Ponyville.” Said Fluttershy

“I’ll see what Rarity can do about these dents. I’m sure he’ll appreciate having the dents taken out. She can redo his paint job too.” Said Twilight making a quick assessment of the Dalek.

“Ooo, let’s throw the Dalek a party! They’ll be lots of games and balloons and food and… what do Daleks like to eat anyway? Well I guess we can find out by trail and error.” Said Pinkie Pie.

“NO WAY!” Rainbow Dash shouted. “Guys this thing tried to KILL Fluttershy and now we’re gonna roll out the red carpet? What if it tries to attack somepony again? Even if it was just scared, what if it get’s scared again and decides to kill somepony?”

“Rainbow Dash! I expected better from you”. Said Applejack. “We have to love and tolerate him even if he is an alien. If it makes you feel better, we’ll tie him up until we know he’s calmed down.” Applejack tied the Dalek to her back securely using he trusty rope. “There see? Let’s see him hurt somepony now.”

“Well I guess that works. But if he get’s free and destroys Ponyville I’m blaming you.”

“Alright it’s settled then. We’ll bring the Dalek back to Ponyville with us. When he wakes up we’ll explain all about Equestria. And if and only if, he’s friendly we’ll let him free.” Said Twilight.

Rainbow Dash groaned.

“I bet we’ll end up being good friends.” Said Twilight

“Um… guys.” said Pinkie Pie looking out the hatch. “I hate to ruin the good mood, but the Colts in Black have arrived.”

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