• Published 10th Jun 2012
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The Dalek Invasion - the ghost

The Daleks have arrived in Ponyville. Can the mane six handle this new threat?

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Chapter Six- Generosity of a Dalek?

Chapter six: Generosity of a Dalek?

Zek was going berserk.

"THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE, COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!" Said Zek the lights atop of his head flashing madly.

"I thought you would like the change from that boring black armor look." Said Rarity in her defense.

Zek's armor was now a combination of a bright pink main body with purple secondary parts. It was also bedazzled in a multitude of different gemstones. Zek was so mad he was shaking.

"YOU HAVE DISGRACED THE DALEKS." Shouted Zek. "YOU MUST BE EXTE-” Started Zek before he caught his self. He didn't want to blow his cover. "-EXCUSED. You will be excused if you remove these decoration."

"Well alright but I'm afraid we are all out of black paint."

"What colors do you have?" asked Zek.

"Well, I have some purple, some red, some orange, some green and some yellow.” Said Rarity. Zek thought it over.

"Purple." said the Dalek. It wasn't a fashion choice. Zek wanted to be as dark as possible to match his original color, after all Daleks have no sense of elegance. Every Dalek class is identified by their color pattern. How would he explain this to the Dalek Supreme?

"Alright violet it is then," said Rarity. "You know, I really thought you would like the pink." Zek wondered if she knew how close she was to dying right now.

Rarity got to work painting.


Typical male behavior thought Rarity. A little pink and they freak out. Still Rarity was interested in the Dalek. She could tell that whoever had designed his armor must have been a fashion genius. The way it's simple and yet stylish.

"If you don't mind me asking, who designed your armor?" Asked Rarity. The Dalek faced her.

"A scientist named Davros." said the Dalek still sounding annoyed.

"What was he like?" Asked Rarity. Zek took a while before answering.

"Overconfident." Answered Zek. Rarity waited for him to say more, however the Dalek didn't feel like talking.

Rarity continued to paint him in the awkward silence.

She had finally finished.

"I have always had trouble designing for colts." Said Rarity. They are just not impressed by my work no matter how much time they put in.

Surprisingly Zek responded, "The male sex tends to enjoy the feeling of power and control. Create outfits that help enforce qualities."

"That's a good idea,” said Rarity. "Now what to model it off of?" Rarity gave Zek a look.

After a brief pause Dalek Zek volunteered.

"Why not model it off of me? Dalek battle armor is the epitome of power and superiority."

"O no no no. You would have to stand there for hours why I take measurements." Said Rarity

"I do not mind. I can always sleep some more." Said Dalek Zek.

"Oh how generous of you!" I'll start right now." She got work measuring the Dalek...

Zek entered sleep mode.


The Dalek dreamed of how he earned his name. Any Dalek to survive a battle against the Oncoming Storm, according to the decree of the Emperor, would receive a name. This was not many. Before this decree the only Daleks with names were in the Cult of Skaro. The naming had caused a want among Daleks to be able to earn the right to be named. The emperor used the promise of a name to inspire Daleks to fight against the Doctor. When the Doctor crippled the radiation generators in the Dalek nursery all the Daleks, in the nursery, that day were killed, except for two. Daleks Lez and Dalek Zek. Thus they received their names.

Zek was awoken by the sound of the door to the store closing.

"Oh good morning Zek, I was just about to go to bed. I've been working on the blueprint for the suit all night. Twilight brought by the model elements just in case you wanted to look at them. Well good night," Rarity fell asleep exhausted.

These ponies were far too trusting. Just another reason Daleks are superior. Zek levitated himself down into Rarity's basement. He continued until he reached the arch that the force field had previously blocked. This time he was able to slide right through it.

It hadn't been easy to be generous. It had gone against his every instinct. After all he could have killed her at anytime and despite the instinct to kill her he had been generous with her life. What more could she have asked for?

Zek finally saw it the element of Generosity. A necklace with Rarity's cutie mark. Smaller then he imagined. How could this puny thing possibly stop the Daleks? He used his manipulator arm to pick it up and crush it. The then vacuumed the remainder into storage and replaced real element with the false one that Twilight shown him earlier. One element down five more remain.

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