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The Dalek Invasion - the ghost

The Daleks have arrived in Ponyville. Can the mane six handle this new threat?

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Chapter 32: Rainbow V.S. Caan Round Two: Nords and The Secret of Harmony

Chapter 32: Rainbow Dash V.S. Caan round two; Nords.

Celestia led Fluttershy deeper and deeper into the depths of the caverns, the only light was Celestia herself.

“We’re almost there my little pony.” Celestia reassured Fluttershy.

Fluttershy nodded not wanting to say anything like normal.

Celestia was nervous. She hadn’t been so close to the eye of harmony for a long long time. Not since…

“Fluttershy, I don’t know the Doctor has planed for you down here, but you must heed this warning.” Said Celestia. “No mater what: don’t look directly into the Eye of Harmony.”

“W-why not?” Fluttershy stammered.

Celestia was hesitant answering this question.

“A long time ago. All three of us royal sisters—“

“Wait a minute there are three of you? I thought it was just you and your little sister Luna!” Said Fluttershy.

“Yes, there were three of us.” Said Celestia sadly, “Luna who is the youngest, me the middle child, and… Harmony who was the oldest. She was very kind but also very stubborn.”

Celestia look far away as if visiting a fond memory. And then she continued her story.

“There is a tradition, among alicorn who have recently become the ruling generation, to stare into the eye of harmony for a full second. Luna and myself looked into the Eye of Harmony for only a second and gained the powers to raise the sun and the moon. It changed us physically too. Look at my hair; see how it dances with the power of the sun? It used to be normal pink hair before I looked into the eye. Our sister Harmony however, being the most curious and stubborn, looked into the eye for a full ten seconds before she looked way. She became the most powerful alicorn in the history of Equestria. She had the power to make ponies lose their will to fight. It was the power to bring peace to anypony’s heart.

“That sounds like a wonderful power.” Said Fluttershy. “It could solve so many wars.”

“Yes it could have, if Harmony hadn’t become mad with power. She became a dictator and did unspeakable evils to ponies. As well as the rest of the world.”

“What kind of evil?” Asked Fluttershy.

“Unspeakable evil. She made ponies into doormats, metaphorically not physically. Nopony not even me or Luna had the will to oppose her. They were peaceful years, however every pony was just shadow of their trueselfs. They had no ambition to do anything important. They had no individuality. We called these ‘The G3 years’.”

“Why?” asked Fluttershy.

“I don’t know, we just do.”

“What happened then?” Asked Fluttershy interested in the story.

“A traveler called the Doctor appeared. He arrived in a box identical to the one the Eye of Harmony is held in.”

“And he fought with Harmony and killed her?” Guessed Fluttershy.

“No.” said Celestia. “Harmony had overpowered the Doctor, but not before he pulled out a mirror showing Harmony the evil that she had become. She was distraught with anger at herself. She realized that too much of anything, even too much harmony could be a bad thing, So much so that she sealed herself into six magical objects that are now known collectively as the Elements of Harmony. She made her powers still accessible to use in times of need, but never again should a single pony wield all that power.

That is why I cannot take the title of queen, because my sister, the rightful Queen of Equestria still lives within the Elements of Harmony. When she created the Elements she also created a being known as Discord to counter balance the Harmony she had created. Long story short, when we get to the eye don’t look directly into it. If it turned my sister insane, who knows what it could do to a non alicorn like yourself…”


Rainbow Dash squared off against Caan. She didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t surprise him and his temporal shifts made up for the lack of speed. The only weakness Dash could see was that he enjoyed talking.

“So why didn’t you kill the Wonderbolts?” Dash asked Caan.

“Why? Well that’s easy. The future isn’t set in stone. Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect?”

“The Fluttershy effect? Is that like being shy around other ponies?” Joked Dash. She had never heard of the Butterfly Effect.

“The butterfly effect is when a small change is made and it makes a huge change to the future. In this case if spitfire dies. KABOOM. It’s fallout Equestia.”

Rainbow dash still looked confused.

“Here’s another example. If you lose this battle you’ll force Pinkie Pie to open the watch to save Eqestria. The result? Well, let’s just say that we’ll be eating rainbow color cupcakes. Heh eh he he he heh.” Caan broke into an insane chuckle.

Rainbow Dash was just confused by that last example. How were rainbow cupcakes, although tasty, significant to anything?

“Well I guess I’ll won’t be eating rainbow cupcakes then because I’m going to beat you.”

“Not as you are now.” Said Caan. “Only the cool eyed killer Dash has any chance of beating me. And according to you, you’ll never be her. so therefor you will never beat me.”

“We’ll see about that.” Said Dash. She rushed directly at Caan, which probably not the smartest move, but the only thing that she could think of. She expected Caan to temporal shift but he did not. He waited until Rainbow Dash got to him and then grabbed her out of mid-flight.

“Let’s have some fun.” said Caan. “EMERGENCY FUN SHIFT!”

The Jarl of Whiterun was having a wonderful day. No dragon attack. No assassination attempts, no rebel invasion or were there any imperial invasion. The Dragonborn didn’t even go on any killing sprees. It was a great day in the land of Skyrim.

“The gods have blessed us with great fortune today Proventus.” The Jarl said to his attendant.

“Yes, indeed sir.” Said Proventus.

“I wish to celebrate tonight with a celebration. Gather the staff, gather the guards, gather all of Whiterun’s nobles and we will have a feast!”

“Right away.”

Latter that day the guests had started to arrive to Dragonsreach. Almost everyone (who was important) had arrived. The Companions had their own table. The Battle-Born Clan and the Graymane Clan had the two end tables far apart from each other. the king had his own table. The nobles also had their own table and the royal family had their own table. There was a table for the commoners as well. Unfortunately there was an empty seat left out for the Dragon Born. The guards had been unable to find him.

“Greetings friends family and other guests.” Said the Jarl. “I would like to welcome all of you to this banquet in honor of the Dragonborn’s victory over Aldowin. The dragon born is a hero among m—“

“Hero?” Said one of the market sales women. “He steals sweet rolls from my stall all the time!”

“He stole my weapons!” Said the blacksmith.

“He stole the cloths off my back! Said one of the Battle Born Clan.”

“He stole my hands!” Said Lyra.
Everyone stared at Lyra.


“Now now settle down.” Said the Jarl “The Dragonborn may have his flaws but deep down he is a hero to us all.

“Yeah he’s a hero alright.” Someone yelled across the hall. “Even though he has no fashion sense!”

Everyone laughed at this. They all remembered the time he Dragonborn had run through town wearing nothing but his underwear and an iron helm.

“Can we eat now?” Asked Farkus of the Companions.

“Fine, yes you may eat.” Said the Jarl giving up on his speech.
The guest began to dig in.

The food that was set out on the table looked delicious. All sorts of exotic food and wines in the dining hall. The guards where eating up in the rafters. Including one new recruit guard in particular.

“Hey, I dare you to drop this meat pie onto Vikus”. Said one of the elder guards to the new recruit.

“No way he’ll bash my head in.” Said the recruit.

“Come on it’ll all be in good fun.” Said the elder guard.
How had his life come to this? Thought the recruit guard. One day he had been a great adventurer and the next day he had “The Accident.” Ever since then his days of adventure had been over and he had to become a guard. It was a good paying job, but he wished he could go on at least one more adventure.

“Alright I’ll throw the pie but if anyone asks I’ll blame you.”

“Fine by me.”

The guard took very careful aim at Vilkus of the Companions. And he let loose the meat pie. The pie flew as if in slow motion towards the back of Vilkus head. It was right on target.

Just then there was a flash of light and a cyan pony with a rainbow mane, as well as what seemed to be a trash can flew out the light. The Rainbow maned pony’s muzzle intercepted the meat pie, preventing it from hitting Vikus. The pony’s momentum rolled her across the table knocking over the food and wine. The trashcan slid behind her.

“Ha ha ha timed that perfectly. Skyrim’s Whiterun. A perfect place for a battle.” Said Caan. “I even stopped the pie from hitting Vikus!”

Rainbow Dash licked the meat pie off her face before spiting it out.

“Blaahh. This pie is disgusting, what in the world is in it?” Said Dash in disgust. The entire party had gone silent and was staring at Rainbow Dash in disbelief was that pony talking?

“Uhh, I hate to ask but what exactly are you guys?” Asked Dash.
The Jarl was the first to recover from the sudden shock of having a Dalek and a Pegasus drop randomly into his palace.

“I think a better question would be who are you and what are you doing!” Said the Jarl angrily. “You are interrupting my dinner party!

“Oh sorry bout that. You see I was trying to fight this—.”

“You spilled my soup!” Said Farkus. He swung with his fist at the pony. Rainbow sidestepped it and gave Farkus a good kick knocking him off his feet.

“No one disrespects the Companions like that.” Yelled his brother Vilkus. “Companions to arms!” The Companions drew their weapons.

“Oh, you got to be kidding me.” Said Dash. “I don’t want to fight you I want to fight Caan! The Companions didn’t listen they were charging at Dash. She kicked one of them, and then another, but their where too many for her to handle on her own. She flew into the rafters dodging arrows as she flew.

"She's a Pegasus." Said Farengar. "A real pegasus." He was too shock to fire any spells.

The pleasant evening bad turned into an all out the brawl and not only against the intruders. They Graymanes and the battle borns were also fighting with each other. One of the guest swung his sword at Caan. The sword connected with Caan but just bounced off him. Caan punched the guest in the face knocking him. Out. He then proceeded to take is iron helmet and iron sword.

“I’ll be taking these.” Said Caan trying to adjust the helmet. He picked up the sword and gave it a swing.
A guard swung his mace at Caan but he blocked it with his sword and sliced the guard across the chest.

“This will work.”

Rainbow dash dodged while at the same time she looked for Caan. There he is! She pulled out her knife and flew at Caan. Caan turned to face Rainbow Dash and yelled.

“FUS RO DAH.” He said in his robotic voice.
Rainbow Dash, as well as several tables full of food, were sent flying through the room. The fighting stopped for a second.

“That was… a shout.” Said the Jarl. “Could that trashcan possibly be Dragonborn?”

The guests all stared at Caan in wonder.

“He has the ability to speak with the voice of a dragon.” Said one of the guest.

“Oh please.” said Rainbow Dash. “Anypony can speak Dragon. I took a year of it when I was in high school. It doesn’t give you any powers. Watch.

"YOL!” Shouted Dash. To Dash’s surprise fire flew out of her mouth towards Caan. The flames didn’t hurt Caan. But it did catch Dragonskeep on fire.

"Oops" Said Dash.

“Somebody put out that flame.” Yelled the Jarl.

Everyone else was less worried about the fire. They where more interested in Caan and Rainbow.

“Two Dragonborns?” whispered one the guest.
There was silence

“By the gods! There are three dragonborns now!”

“Everyone run!”

“It is the end of times!”

The crowed ran out of the burning building. Leaving only the Jarl who was furiously trying to put out the fire. Rainbow Dash and Caan squared off in the building.

“Fire burning everything, how appropriate, just like it will be everywhere soon.

“In Equestria?”


“That too.” Caan said.
Caan paused for a second.

“TheBadWolfiscomingyouknow.” He said suddenly.

“What?” Said Rainbow Dash taken by surprise at the statement.

Caan took advantage of the surprise. He rushed her with her sword. Dash blocked with her knife. Caan assaulted Dash with a barrage of sword strikes. It was all Dash could do to block the assault especially with a limiting weapon like a dagger.
While all this was happening, the Skyrim Guard who had thrown the pie, who was until no was watching the fight from a safe distance, made a decision. He decided that he could not let this battle continue in the presence of the Jarl. The guard also decided that he was going to help the Rainbow one, after all she was a woman, and the guard felt bad for throwing a pie in her face. He also noticed that the trashcan looking thing had a weakness. There was no way he could turn and defend himself while fighting the rainbow mare. Especially with that short plunger shaped arm of his. The guard slowly crept up behind the Dalek.

Meanwhile Rainbow Dash was trying (and failing) to ward off Caan’s attack. At this point Caan was not using the sword to swing at Dash like a human would do, but was instead trying using like a saw blade. Spinning it around and around with no sign of slowing down. Dash had no choice but to keep backing up towards the wall. At last the Dalek had her cornered. It looked like Caan had her beat.

“Darn it.” Said Dash.

It was at this time that he guard made his choice to attack. He swung is iron sword down at Caan’s Eyestalk.
Caan who knew the attack coming turned to stop it with his sword. Dash saw her opportunity to strike and did so. She lunged with her magical knife. Caan turned around just in time to block it. But the Skyrim guard jumped on him. Preventing anymore movement.

Caan knowing full well that if he didn’t get out of there he would be killed yelled. “EMERGENCY TEMPORTAL SHIFT!”
He dragged with him both Rainbow Dash and the rookie Whiterun Guard with him to what ever whatever world they were going to next.

The Jarl just sighed at his ruined burning a hall.

the Dragonborn walked in saw the hall was on fire and put it out with his ice shout.

"So what did i miss?" He asked

" Oh nothing, just the reason Nords don't throw house parties.

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