• Published 10th Jun 2012
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The Dalek Invasion - the ghost

The Daleks have arrived in Ponyville. Can the mane six handle this new threat?

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Chapter Seven- Race

Chapter 7: Race Rainbow Dash vs. Zek

"Hey Rarity is the Alien awake yet?" Yelled Rainbow Dash.

"Yeah he's in the basement," Said Rarity sleepily. Rainbow Dash rushed down to the basement just in time to see Zek coming out of the element room.

“Hey what are you doing in the element room? Stealing the element I bet!" Dash rushed in to take a look.

"The element is undisturbed,” said the Dalek. "Be careful who you accuse of stealing." Warned the Dalek. Rainbow Dash saw that the element was in place and felt like an idiot.

"I still haven't forgot what you did to Fluttershy ya know." Said Dash just, because Fluttershy had forgiven him doesn’t mean Rainbow Dash did. Dash didn’t understand why Fluttershy came to visit Zek everyday while he was a sleep. That pony was far too nice.

"I thought she was a T-" the Dalek started to say

"I'm not buying that 'I thought she was evil alien' nonsense." Said Rainbow Dash. "I'm on to you.”

Just then Twilight walked into the room.

"Oh there you are Rainbow. I was just about to go get you. Zek this is Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash this is Zek. Zek is doing research on the Elements of Harmony. Dash would you mind bringing Zek to see your element?”

"No way, this guy attacked Fluttershy. Besides he's way lame. He's slow, he looks like a garbage can, and he doesn’t even have any laser guns."

"You have no way of knowing that." Said Zek.

"If you had lasers you would have used them on Fluttershy, you would have killed Fluttershy. Which brings me back to my first point. He tried to kill Fluttershy! Anyway he can't come to my house, because he can't fly.”

"Never underestimate the Daleks.” Said Zek moving outside.

"Oh come on! You can't fly, you don't even have wings.” Said Rainbow Dash. The Daleks engaged his hoverbout. He's metal body raised into the air slowly. Rainbow Dash looked at the Dalek, mouth wide open.

"Wow." Said Twilight "That technology is years in advance of anything in Equestria.”

"You will take me to the element now.” Said Zek.

Rainbow Dash looked at the Dalek for a few seconds before starting to smile “Sure, I’ll take you to the element, but only if you beat be in a race."

"Daleks do not participate in childish games," Said Zek flying away slowly.

"What's the matter afraid you'll lose?" Challenged Dash. Zek stopped in his tracks. The Dalek turned its eyestalk to face Rainbow Dash.


"Alright then see that cloud over in the distance? That's the end point. Win and I'll take you to the element. If I win... You have to dye your armor pink again and keep it that way.” Zek thought about it for a second.

"I accept." Said Zek.

"Alright on your mark get set go!” Said Rainbow Dash quickly not giving the Zek time to react. “See you at the finish line tin can.” Rainbow Dash sped off into distance with a head start the Dalek in pursuit.

There's no way that peace of metal can beat me, thought Rainbow Dash as she started cruising high above the Everfree Forest. Then she heard what sounded like an engine. She turned her head in time to see Zek fly by. Rainbow Dash couldn’t believe it. That piece of metal was actually fast! She wouldn’t let him win that easily though. She started to speed up.


"Dalek hover technology is running at maximum capacity. Dalek Zek is moving at mock three. Enemy pony is falling behind.” Reported Zek's onboard computer. Perfect Zek was leaving her in the dust. The win was a good as his.

Zek heard a loud boom behind him followed by a bright light. Rainbow Dash flew past Zek at alarming speed. Zek could not keep up with her. She would win! Zek would not allow this. Zek flew downward into the Everfree Forest. When he was out of sight he yelled.



Rainbow Dash arrived at her cloud house first.

"Hahaha, I sure showed him! Nopony beats Rainbow Dash!” She said out of breath. She wouldn't gloat too much though. He had given her a good fight. She went inside her house...

...And found the Dalek making some tea.

"Would you care for some tea?” Asked Zek

"How in the world did you beat me? I was way ahead of you!”

I saved time by flying closer to the planets surface. I passed you in the trees."

"Oh I see. It's like hugging the inner lane when you’re running on a track. The world is round therefor it works." Said Rainbow Dash

"Affirmative." Said Zek. "Although your performance was admiral you had to travel further."

"I'll have to remember that trick,” said Rainbow Dash. "Well a bets a bet. The Element is upstairs.” Rainbow Dash watched the Dalek fly up the stairs. He had a newfound respect for the little guy...

But she still didn't trust him.


Zek made it up the cloud stairs. When he had used the temporal shift he had arrived a few hours before he had left Rarity’s house and thus had time to make the tea. He never landed because she knew if he did he would fall through the floor. In the middle of the room on a pillar was the Element of Loyalty. It looked like a rainbow lightning bolt. It was protected by a force field of loyalty.

“I am loyal only to the Daleks,” Said Zek. He passed through unharmed by the defense. He took the element in his manipulator arm "A pity. This is a Element a Dalek can respect," He crushed it, sucked up the pieces and replaced it with the false element.

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