• Published 10th Jun 2012
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The Dalek Invasion - the ghost

The Daleks have arrived in Ponyville. Can the mane six handle this new threat?

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Chapter Four: Memories of Dalek Zek

Chapter Four – Memories of Dalek Zek

The colt stood in front of princess Celestia. Black suit, black-tie, black pants, black everything. In his hoof was a report. “For you my princess.” Said the colt in black, handing her the message.

CIB- (Colts In Black) Report:

The unidentified flying object that crashed down in the forest appeared to be of Dalek origin though no Daleks were found alive. The ship seems to have received damage, in addition to the damage from the crash, from some sort of battle. Also investigators saw five ponies fleeing the scene of the crash with what appeared to be a container strapped to one of their backs. When investigators tried to approach the ponies disappeared in a flash of purple light, presumably teleportation magic. The whereabouts of these ponies is unknown. The only other eyewitness a zebra named Zacora. Her memory has been modified.

Princess Celestia looked over the report with a concerned look on her face. Daleks in Equestria. They hadn’t been seen here for thousands of years. Princess Luna picked up on her sister’s distress.

“What is the matter our sister. Thou seems to be in distress.”

“Daleks.” Answered Celestia.

“Oh, what of them?” said Luna

“A Dalek ship has crash-landed in the Everfree Forest.” Celestia said

“I see but sister what does this mean? We defeated the Daleks once 2,700 years ago using the Elements of Harmony. Surly they will not try again.”

“But what if they do sister?” Celestia “Many good ponies lost their lives trying to fight the Daleks.”

“Then we will do battle with them again and we will triumph using the Elements.” Said Luna.

“I hope your right.” Said Celestia with a sigh.


Against popular belief, Daleks do in fact dream while they sleep. However they are not very creative when they dream. Mostly it’s just memories. Memories of their battles, for example or days back at the training center. Today Zek dreamed of both. Commanding his Dalek space ship against the Time Lords. Exterminating whatever obstacles prevented the expansion against the glorious Dalek Empire. None stood in his way. Until he met The Doctor. The Doctor and Zek had fought each other many times during the time war. They fought each other many times they could never seem to gain the advantage over each other and their battles ended in stalemates. Records indicated that it was the eight regeneration of The Doctor.

“You know, I’ve never met a Dalek quite like you before Zek.” Said The Doctor. “Every time I think I have you, you anticipate my next move. The way your mind thinks is not like a Dalek at all. It’s almost as if...”

It was The Doctor, who had sent the fleet crashing and forced Zek to use an emergency temporal shift in order to escape the Time War. Which had landed him here.

Now Zek’s dreams reached further back into his past. Back to the days when he was a young Dalek. Back to the days when he was training to become a solder. He had snuck into the drill instructors office to overhear them examine his field test reports. His score would determine what rank he would be in the Dalek army. He peaked into the room where they were talking about him.

“Dalek Zek’s tactical and combat skills are some of the highest in his class. “ Said the instructor Dalek to the other. “His scores would be enough to possibly promote him to supreme Dalek class. However there is a slight fault.”

“What is the fault?“ said the other Dalek

“When shooting at the non-living targets, Zek destroyed all of the targets in record time.” Reported the first instructor. "However when live targets were introduced Zek’s reaction time was below average. Look at these test results.”

“That is still passable.” Said the second Dalek examining the results.

“We must consider the possibility that Zek might be a divergent”

“Surely not, just because he’s reaction time is slightly below average when aiming at live targets? It is possible that it was a fluke. And besides divergent are so rare in Dalek society, one in a billion.”

“A Dalek that develops weak emotions will not be tolerated.” Said the first instructor. “They will be exterminated.”

“I suggest we have Zek take the test again. In order to confirm that Zek is divergent.” Said the second. “If he fails he will be EXTERMINATED.”

“I concur.” Said the first Dalek

Dalek Zek had heard enough. How dare they accuse him of being divergent! He was functioning perfectly fine. The delay had been because he had never fired at a rabbit before. He told himself. He would show them. He would show them all that he was not divergent. “I WILL SUCCEED IN THE NAME OF THE DALEKS, I WILL, NOT, FAIL!”


Just then a radio transmission from the Dalek supreme, awoke him from his dream. The communicator had been installed in all captains’ head in order to make it easier to coordinate ships while in deep space. “DALEK ZEK YOU WILL RESPOND.”

“This is Captain Zek, I hear you.”

“Zek.” Said the Dalek Supreme. “We have picked up your distress signal. And come to your assistance. Where is the rest of your crew?”

“They have abandoned the ship. Using a temporal shift.”

“You have done well to escape the Time War before The Doctor used the time lock. However the surviving Dalek fleet has need for minerals found in Equestria. We wish to invade the planet, but we have detected a problem.”

“What is the problem?”

“History shows the inhabitance of Equestria have six weapons known collectively as the ‘Elements of Harmony.’ Our scans have shown that they indeed still have these objects. Your mission is to destroy the elements before the fleet arrives in order for the invasion to be a success.”

“I obey”

“Do not fail Zek.” The transmission cut off.

Dalek Zek thought about what he had to do. Somehow he had to convince the primitive life forms to untie him and show him the location of all the ‘Elements of Harmony’ so that he could destroy them. All without the use of his death ray. He thought it over for a long time before he came up with a solution.


It had been three days since the Dalek had been brought to Carousel Boutique. Rarity had agreed to keep the Dalek in the basement of her shop when she had seen the Dalek’s dents and damage to his paint job. Twilight had come to visit her. They were having tea.

“How nice of you to of you to come by Twilight. Said Rarity. “The Dalek hasn’t moved from the basement since you last came. I’m worried it’s starving to death. What’s new with you.” Said Rarity taking a sip of tea.

“The Colts in Black came to my house yesterday.” Said Twilight. Rarity spit up some of her tea in surprise.

“Oh no darling, you don’t think they know you took the Dalek out of the ship do you?” Twilight wiped the tea off her face “Sorry about that.” apologized Rarity.

“It’s fine” said Twilight. “No I don’t think they know. They’ve been going to every house in ponyville.”

“Well they haven’t been here yet.” Said Rarity. “I should hide the Dalek better before they come.”

“Actually they’ve probably already have. You probably wouldn’t remember them visiting. They erase your memory when they visit.”

Rarity spit tea in Twilight’s face again. “Sorry continue.” Said Rarity. Twilight wiped the tea off her face again.

“No problem, anyway the only reason I remember them is because I’m the princesses student and that gives me the right to know what’s going on. They told me-”

Suddenly Twilight was interrupted by a robotic voice. “I will speak to my kidnappers now.” Twilight spit her tea into Rarity’s face

“You did that on purpose didn’t you?” said Rarity.

“Maybe.” Said Twilight with a smile.

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